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Iceland’s dream team of clinicians to the US
Gaited horse training masters.

The Icelandic horse has a rapidly growing number of admirers in the USA.This incredible strong and powerful surefooted breed has been purebred for over 1100 years, ridden and used by the Vikings, known for extreme versatile and smooth gaits. – A horse bred for use- .The Icelandic horse is wonderfully flexible in the body and comes 4 and 5 gaited.

For the first time in the US Iceland’s dream team of clinicians are doing events to introduce in a professional manner the Icelandic horse and Icelandic horsemanship.

The event called ; “The Great Icelandic Horse Fair” will start at the Colorado Center For Equestrian Learning October 4-7th at The Home Ranch in Clark , CO.

The dream team coming all the way from Iceland with top quality horses features Iceland’s most famous and respected horsemen and scholars, will start the event with a demonstration show at the rodeo grounds in Steamboat Springs, CO. october 3th. From CO the dream team will take of to California to do another event.

The dream team are:

Benni Lindal, training master, designer of Benni’s Harmony riding tack, maker of the remarkable videotape, Starting young horses. Former team coach for some European teams competing in the World Championship.

Eyjolfur Isolfsson, training master, head riding teacher at Holar College, author of numerous books, articles and teaching material. Icelandic champion in Gaited Freestyle Dressage and record holder of the highest tolt score ever in a tolt competition. A highly respected scholar giving clinics to riding instructors all over Europe.

Reynir Adalsteinsson, training master, headmaster of the Icelandic Ridingschool, 5 time World Champion, one of Iceland’s most successful riders ever. Author of numerous articles, books and training videotapes. A natural horseman if there ever was one.

Eysteinn Leifsson, trainer, riding teacher and exporter. One of Iceland’s most promising young trainers.

Dr. Agust Sigurdsson, the National horse breeding adviser, breeder of the year 2000 in Iceland at the breeding farm Kirkjubaer. A highly respected scientist in the field of horse breeding.

The Great Icelandic Horse Fair is organized by B&B at in association with the Colorado Center For Equestrian Learning. For all information contact B&B at:

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