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ILPH Relief in racecourse horror

(Issued on behalf of the ILPH and Brooke Hospital for Animals)

Relief has come at last to the horses left to die at a Pakistani racecourse thanks to a joint operation by UK based charities the ILPH and Brooke Hospital for Animals.

Brooke dresser with drip attending debilitated animal

Brooke Hospital’s recently retired Chief Veterinary Officer, Colonel Anwar ul-Haq arrived at Karachi racecourse on Monday this week. His findings were sobering. Seventy horses have died and at least sixty of those remaining are seriously malnourished. Green fodder and barley have been purchased and is being distributed to the starving animals.

“We have to take great care in feeding malnourished animals, “ says Colonel ul-Haq. “If we give them too much fodder too quickly they are likely to get colic which could prove fatal.”

Comments Ian Kelly, International Manager at the ILPH, “Now the story has been verified I am extremely pleased that our prompt action will help alleviate the suffering of those horses still alive.”

Many cases of colic have been treated resulting from horses eating unsuitable things to satisfy their hunger. Worming treatments are also being given which will help the horses to digest their food properly. Wherever necessary wounds are being treated to avoid infection.

Scarcity if water combined with high temperatures have lead to several cases of dehydration. Those horses have been given fluids via drips in an effort to help them regain their strength.

Another victim of gross neglect

Editor’s note

Since KRC closed in March of the 600 horses housed there 380 remain with around 150 having been moved by there owners to other racecourses. Those remaining horses have had to endure temperatures of over 50·C with little access to any form of food and water. These horses are being helped by ILPH funding of £5,000 for feed and veterinary care and the Brooke Hospital for Animals, thanks to it’s large programme already established in Pakistan, has been able to assist with the logistics of the project.

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