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Naturally Paws Naturallypaws

Naturallypaws, the website which provides help and advice on caring naturally for pets, has now launched a brand new online store where you can order their carefully selected natural products and books.

Naturallypaws went online in December 2000, and is a good place to visit if your pet is injured or unwell, or you simply wish to boost your pet's health naturally. The website, which has recently undergone a revamp which makes browsing even easier, is dedicated to providing information on how we can naturally look after our pets in sickness and in health.

You can find advice on where to seek complementary treatments for your pet (many people now prefer to go this natural route), and the site has all sorts of useful tips and some wonderful case studies, which you may find really inspiring. Naturallypaws also has an A to Z of common pet ailments which contains invaluable advice, as well as some recommendations on how to prevent your animal becoming ill in the first place!

You'll also find directories of services and suppliers, book reviews, regular contributions from the Naturallypaws team of vets, product reviews and, of course, updated reports on complementary treatments available today.

Beverley Morel, the co-founder of Naturallypaws, spent three years researching and testing complementary treatments after her dog became paralysed. She realised that, although complementary help is available, it's not that easy to find, so she decided to launch the site to help people enable their pets to enjoy a better quality of life. Mary Frewing, the other co-founder of the site, spends many weekends pet-sitting for friends and family and is always ready to lend a hand with any sick or distressed animal.

Naturally Paws

This site's well worth a visit, whether you have a poorly pet or not, the stories and case studies in themselves are wonderful, and of course the site is committed to supporting worthwhile pet causes. The website address is:

(If you don't have access to the internet, just call 020 8295 5511 (don't forget to leave your name and address), and Naturallypaws will sent you a brochure).

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