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Equine Environmental Disease - Vita Royal's Critically Acclaimed Scientific Program Restores Health Naturally, Without Toxic Drugs

As featured in "Controlling EPM From The Inside Out" in the July, 1999 issue of the HORSE JOURNAL, our comprehensive program has now restored normal health to hundreds of horses across North America without the use of drugs.

A Diagnosis of Equine Environmental Disease Is Not a Death Sentence Any More!

Most of the horses we have dealt with are "relapses" or failures of drug treatments of all sorts. Veterinarians who call to inquire are just as frustrated as their clients, some of whom have spent $5,000 -$8,000 on treatments since 1995, and who still don't have a usable horse. Breeding is out of the question per recommendations of drug manufacturers.

The latest lament of veterinarians is that clients just don't want to hear a diagnosis of Environmental Disease, including EPM at all, and will seek an "opinion" from another veterinarian who diagnoses another condition, but still prescribes the same drugs and drug regimens - just not saying the label of EPM or other Environmental Illness.

Of course, these veterinarians are getting great gobs of business, since they don't mention EPM, or other Environmental Illnesses, and some may even go so far as to voice derogatory comments about the first (and truthful) veterinarian-to the effect that "he/she diagnoses everything as EPM r other Environmental Disease", or "Environmental Diseases like EPM are the most over diagnosed disease in the country."

Death Sentence, Or Great News?

If one truly understood the predisposing factors leading up to Environmental Disease and, most of all, understood the "thinking" upon which Vita-Royalîs Environmental Protection System program is based, the diagnosis of Environmental Disease should actually be "great news." This condition is totally preventable, easily controlled and dealt with, especially in the early stages.

We have shown that just restoring normal body chemistry in the face of constant exposure to environmental chemicals can elicit healing of most, if not all symptoms in most commonly affected horses. This usually takes place in a relatively short period of time. I have found through my years of research that these environmental culprits are indeed the real predisposing factors in all EPDS (Environmental Parasitic Disease Syndromes) cases like EPM and other Environmental Diseases.

Interestingly, many horse owners tell of behavior and performance problems that were resolved as well that have never been directly associated with Environmental Illness. Understanding this is all in the same line of thinking, the logic, so to speak. By understanding the logic of Vita Royal's program, it becomes quite clear why the whole drug approach itself, in the long run, will not work, no matter which drugs are used.

Environmental Illness from a New Perspective

Equine protozoal myelitis and other environmental illnesses are thought by most to be caused by a single organism, Sarcocystis neurona, and all current conventional protocols maintain this theory and direct their drug therapies toward these organisms. However, a more logical and complete view of this disease becomes apparent when we step back from the forest to observe the trees.

All living things exist in a Balance of Nature, and all compete with each other for living space and environment. All of Nature is a balance of power, if you will, and disease or rather dis-ease is encountered as a result of this balance of power becoming unbalanced within the living biochemical systems of all organisms.

Man-made chemicals in our environment such as solvents, herbicides and pesticides mimic hormones as well as lower basal metabolism. The resulting decrease in immune function disrupts the balance of power in horses, as well as other mammals. This then makes their bodies suitable hosts for opportunistic infections like protozoa and other parasites, to which they were formerly immune.

So in a nutshell, the poisoning of our planet and all of its living entities has created new opportunities for parasitic organisms of all species to inhabit new environments, and new hosts. So, in order to control this disease we must aim at the cause rather than the effects of the cause - in other words, the first domino in line rather than the last.

Treating this disease from the bottom, or last domino aims only at resulting opportunistic infecting organisms, no matter which or how many species are involved. This only addresses the symptom, not the fundamental cause of the symptom. Unfortunately, this is how much of our conventional, allopathic medicine operates with the use of pharmaceuticals shooting for this last domino.

Vita Royal's Environmental Protection System addresses the first or top domino; the cause of the cause, so to speak. Our extremely successful results reflect the truth in the theory that in restoring normal biochemistry, the opportunity is destroyed, and the opportunity for further infection is virtually eliminated with continued maintenance.

The SWAT Team and the Carpenters

As far as the use of the conventional drug therapies are concerned, I can say with confidence that, in the majority of cases, I think it is an unnecessary expense and probably not needed. Vita Royal's Environmental Protection System was developed in response to a need to help those horses who had not responded to long term drug therapy and/or repeated therapies, even using different drugs or combinations of drugs or drug dosages. In these cases, the debilitation progressed onward and the horses continued to decline, all at many thousands of dollars expense to the owner, who still did not have a horse with a functional and successful return to service.

This obviously shows either the lack of target organism(s) response and/or a buildup of immunity and/or lack of toxicity to the target organism or organisms-neither of which will be enhanced with a nutritional protocol such as this one. In other words, drug therapy itself will not be enhanced by the nutritional support of this program.

There are even several reasons to believe that this nutritional approach may INHIBIT the toxicity of the drugs toward target organisms. Stimulation and normalization of a lowered basal metabolism will shorten clearance time by the liver, making the body more effective in processing, breaking down, and eliminating the drugs. Lowered basal metabolism is the signature most always present in environmentally compromised individuals.

This means that the drugs would have less time in the body in their original state to do their job against the organisms - to whom immunity may already be a problem. Other toxic natural metabolites that may be adding to the situation and biochemical problem are also more quickly detoxified.

A good analogy of this whole syndrome is to think of the "bugs" as "bums on the street." Normally, if you keep your house in good repair and you live there, bums don't just invade your house to live there with you. They are not normally that aggressive, but just hang out anywhere there is the "opportunity", that word again. In the course of normal life, your house will suffer storm damage as well as the weathering of time, or aging. If you do not keep up with repairs, these damages will feed on one another: rodents will enter openings left by storms and weathering to cause even more damage, as will the elements now entering through broken windows or cracked roofs from fallen trees, etc. Sooner or later, your house will become uninhabitable to you, but not to "bums from the street" who soon spot the uninhabited house and rush to claim it.

Now, we have a new problem, and we have essentially two options. We can send in the police to shoot 'em up and kick 'em out, but that won't last for long. Its just too expensive to pay a police squad to guard a broken down old house. The same goes for sending progressively more severe firepower in, to shoot 'em up with bigger guns and better ammo. And with each shoot-'em-up episode, there are even more damages to the structure of the house, and more bills to the house owner, still paying taxes on a house he can't use.

The sensible answer to this problem is to either destroy the house totally, if it is not worth fixing, or rebuild and repair it if it is. Then one fact becomes clearly understood, that a team of good quality carpenters don't very well coexist with a SWAT team, both trying to do their jobs at the same time, in the same place! Just think about it. (SWAT teams don't clean up their messes, either!)

Generally, when the carpenters move in to begin repairs, the bums move out. They realize that their "opportunity" is gone, and they must look around for some other dilapidated house to move into. Soon, the repairs rebuild the house and you can move back in again. Hopefully, you will have learned your lesson on keeping things up so that this scenario won't have to be repeated.

Isn't this beginning to sound familiar? The house is the living body, be it human or horse, and the "bums on the street" are all those "opportunistic organisms," just watching and waiting for a debilitating factor to tear down the structure of the house, enough to provide an "opportunity" for them to enter. If enough of them are able to enter, we have an "infection."

So, as with the house, we have the same two choices: the SWAT teams or the carpenters. Personally, I prefer the carpenters and, from my experience, it's a lot harder work and longer time fixing after the SWAT teams have beaten the place up, than it is if they haven't. The SWAT teams, of course, represent the ever more high-powered and toxic antibiotics we use when the body can't do its job. Too bad the current thinking is focused on bigger and badder SWAT teams, rather than WHY the body can't do its job in the first place.

I believe that the buildup of toxic chemicals in the environment are constant "storms" that living bodies are battling every moment, with every breath, every bite of food and every drink of water. Because we choose not to acknowledge these "storms" for what they are, in no way changes the outcome. Reality is not dependent upon our perception of it!

Recognizing the forces IS the diagnosis, and we all have heard that the diagnosis is 90 percent of the cure. The true test of a hypothesis is the success of its application-"the proof is in the pudding." This has, and continues to be, demonstrated in the outstanding success of this program. So, who would you rather have in your house? The carpenters or the SWAT team?

© 2001 Linsey McLean For more information on this program contact:
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