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How Hoof Proof are your feet?

Every horse rider is exposed to a horse accidentally treading on their feet.

An accident can happen in a flash of a second, often resulting in, at best a bruise and at worst broken toes. There are all kinds of risks at the stables, nevertheless you often see people wearing flimsy trainers, rubber riding boots or soft leather boots.

Yet a properly constructed boot with toe protection especially designed for riding as well is as yard work, would eliminate most of the risks. Equitector riding boots was a pioneer in this field and in 1991 we launched our first truly safe riding boot.

All Equitector riding boots have an integral steel toe cap which cannot be felt nor seen. When wearing a pair of our boots, you would not know that you are wearing a steel toe capped boot, nor would any one else and they do not feel any heavier than any other style of boot.

The inbuilt protection is there just in case of the unforeseen.

But how strong are our boots?

Equitector has put a lot of research into the safety aspects and our first hand equestrian knowledge was essential.

Whilst the steel toe cap can withstand 1000 kilo or 100 joules of pressure is well in excess of the weight of any horse. But it is on soft ground where the rider is most at risk. In the event of an accident on soft ground, the whole of the forepart of the boot will sink into the ground and not just the steel toe cap. The compartment that protects the foot remains intact.

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Equitector boots are tough boots for a tough job.

Water proof, Rot proof, Hoof proof and Chill proof.


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