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The National Foaling Bank

Photography by Sandi Hall

Being able to breed from your favourite mare must be one of the most fascinating and rewarding achievements for someone with a real interest in horses. To watch the foal grow and develop in to an amazing horse like its mother creates a great sense of pride.

For any one who has bred, they will know the whole process is very rarely simple or passes with out at least some form of complication. It is when faced with a serious crisis when even your vet can not help you can turn to the experts at the National Foaling Bank for help.

N F B Objectives:

To provide an adoption service for orphan foals, by matching them to suitable foster mare, which has lost its own foal. The service also takes on nearly impossible cases of savaging mares, problem foaling mares (haemolytic, cancer, twinning…) and foals that need 24-hour nursing. They will also be happy to give advice, which is drawn from their 35 years of experience.

N F B People:

The founder of the NFB, Miss Johanna Vardon M.B.E has dedicated herself to the Trust. This is proven by their astounding statistics. Since being established in 1965 they have been responsible for 14183 cases and some 58,000 calls for help and advice.

N F B Costs:

As you can imagine this valuable service requires a great deal of financial support to ensure that it continues. However in terms of losing a foal the cost of membership is insignificant. This will ensure that 24 hours a day practical help is always available, furthermore any member can telephone at any time of the day or night.

Photography by Sandi Hall

For further enquiries contact:

Verdon Trust
National Foaling Bank
Meretown Stud
Shropshire TF10 8BX
Telephone: 01952 811234
Fax: 01952 811202

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