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Stable Lick


Described as “the most useful piece of stable equipment to be designed in years”, the new 5kg HORSLYX Stable Lick is being launched in the UK at Burghley horse trials (Aug 31 - Sept 3) in response to increasing consumer demand for a wall-mounted version of the very successful HORSLYX product. It is suitable for use in the stable or horsebox.

Originally launched in the familiar square 12kg tubs, which are used in both the field and stable and for which cost-effective refills are available, HORSLYX in 50kg round tubs with carrying handles became available last year due to demand from owners of larger groups of horses.

The HORSLYX Stable Lick (patent pending) attaches to the stable wall - or the horsebox - using a stainless steel fixing system which is both easy to use and robust. Its small size makes it especially attractive and convenient.

For HORSLX Product Manager Alison Jarman, the launch of the Stable Lick brings a new dimension to the flexibility and ease with which HORSLYX can be fed to all horses and ponies, irrespective of the management system used by their owners.

She said, “Our customers have regularly suggested that a wall mounted lick would be more suitable for use in the stable, as a 12kg tub on the floor can easily become contaminated with bedding and hay. So we set out to develop and test a horse-friendly bracket that would also permit owners to regulate consumption and allow easy removal and cleaning and after rigorous testing, we believe the new Stable Lick will fulfil all those requirements.”

“This is a completely new idea and means that the benefits of feeding HORSLYX can be enjoyed more easily by both stabled horses and by those travelling and competing - both situations where reduced forage intake, boredom and stress can sometimes be a difficulty.”

HORSLYX is manufactured to uncompromising standards and has several nutritionally unique features. It not only contains a high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package, it also has a high oil content and contains good quality protein. In addition, it is manufactured by a patented ‘cooking’ process, which does not require any chemicals, binders or fillers to harden the finished product. So, say manufacturers Caltech, BE AWARE THAT ALL LICKS ARE NOT THE SAME - HORSLYX IS BETTER NATURALLY!

Information about the new HORSLYX Stable Lick can be obtained from the Caltech Helpline on 01697 332592.

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