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Bowmore Blair Castle Horse Trials The Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair

Blair Atholl, Perthshire
Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th August 2001

The Highland Pony Show Results

Stallion or Colt 2 years old and over

1st - Kestral of Fourmerk - Mr R. Alexander
2nd - Tully of Sma Glen - Mr & Mrs L. D.Kass

Brood Mare, 4 years old and over

1st - Chapelhill Opal - Beryl Ramsay
2nd - Moss-side Ardnamonadh - W & J Ralston
3rd - Midge of Achnacarry - Mrs Jean B. W. Connoll

Colt or Filly Foal, Produce of mare in Class 2 by a Licensed Highland Stallion

1st - Kincardine Gael - Mrs A. E. Barron
2nd - Bratach of Kirkcarrion - Ms A. Douglas
3rd - Filly Foal - K M & W J Taylor

Yeld Mare, 4 years old and over

1st Kylesku Megan - Mrs I Grigor
2nd Glenbanchor Canna - Mrs Sandra Yeaman
3rd Mhairi of Gaick - Ewan C. Ormiston

Gelding, 4 years old and over

1st - Prince of Woodside - Morven Campbell
2nd - Marcus O'The Glens
3rd Atholl Hamish - Clair Castle Estates Ltd.

Filly or Gelding, 3 years old

1st Verona of Mendick - Mr & Mrs J. Dykes
2nd Glenbanchor Rhona - Mrs S. Lesley-Melville
3rd Moss-side Holly Dhu - W & J Ralston

Filly or Gelding, 2 years old

1st - Glenbanchor Mingulay - Mrs S. Lesley-Melville
2nd - Highland Queen of Whitefield - Mr & Mrs A Ballantyne
3rd - Emma of Carlung - Mrs Susan Wardrop

Colt, Filly or Gelding, Yearling

1st - Xena of Craignetherty - K. Lawson & W. Sinclair
2nd - Rhalea of Dunrui - Michelle Milligan
3rd - Moss-side Jacobean Lady - W & J Ralston

Equilibra In-Hand Championship

Champion: Kylesku Megan
Reserve: Xena of Craignetherty

Working Highland Pony, 4 years old and over in Working Harness

1st - Atholl Tullibardine - Blair Castle Estates Ltd.
2nd - Burnside Fara - Mr & Mrs Ballantyne
3rd Libby of Croila - Carol Rafferty

Nursery Novice Highland Pony, 4 years old and over

1st - Dunedin May Rose - Anne Mitchell
2nd - Tara of Mendick - Mr & Mrs J, Dykes
3rd - Dunedin Victor - Miss A. M. Nisbet

Novice Highland Pony

1st - Kestral of Fourmerk - Mr R Alexander
2nd - Hunter of Sunnyneuk - Mrs A Bruce
3rd Ghillie of Netherbrae - Jane McNaught

Equilibra Novice Ridden Championship

Champion - Dunedin May Rose
Reserve - Tara of Mendick

Highland Pony, 4 years old and under, under 14.0hh

1st - Shastra of Meggernie - Mrs B.J. Malim
2nd Glentrowan Heatherene - Mrs Heather Turnbull
3rd - Lena of Croila - James Monaghan

Equilibra Ridden Championship

Champion: Shastra of Meggernie
Reserve: Holmedown Findlay

Working Hunter - Novice Class - Highland Pony

1st - Marcus O'The Glens - Mr & Mrs J Maxwell
2nd - Gordon Highlander of Armoury - Rebecca Chalmers
3rd - June of Invervack - Judy Fairburn

Working Hunter - Open Class - Highland Pony

1st - Aigas of Litigan - W D O Valentine
2nd - Gedloch Doran - Mrs Jame Isaac

Equilibra WHP Championship

Champion: - Aigas of Lititgan
Reserve: Marcus O'The Glens

For further details please visit the Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair website - click here

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