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Foundation Training clinic

The tentative date for the Foundation Training clinic is the weekend of Friday, October 5thand Saturday the 6th. We will begin Friday evening at 6:30 PM. The evening presentation will consist of ademonstration with an interactive Q & A discussion afterwards.The second demonstration will beSaturday at 7:00 AM. A presentation will follow including both the aesthetic and technical aspects of Foundation Training at Smith's "North Room" until noon followed by lunch and a brief interactive session with the horses at our facility. Some of the topics discussed will be : Philosophical beliefs and perceptions, aesthetic and technical aspects of Foundation Training, avoiding all restriction, preconditioning for the first intercession, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive reorganization, integration of simultaneous hand, voice and body cues, the three levels of "No," banishment, altering equine communication awareness/ body language to verbal, allowing not forcing the horse to focus, the kiss/release and numerous other related topics. One of the greatest differences between Foundation Training and all other traditional training methods is that it uses NO restrictions of any kind such as round pens and lungelines. Another is that it never uses comfort/discomfort, restraint/release or any type of *physical punishment.

*Physically striking the horse is only needed as self defense to protect the human from an actual attack when working with a wild or aggressive horse. It is never used as punishment but only to a great enough degree to stop an attack as a preventive measure to prevent possible injury to the human.

Dallas has terrible congestion problems on Friday afternoons and evenings. It is advisable to come as early as possible on Friday.Friday morning is fine for those who desire though they may be put to work if they stop by too early.

Dallas/Fort WorthInternational Airport and Dallas Love Field are both available. Love Field is considerably closer and would therefore be much more convenient and save valuable time. There are fast food as well as sit down restaurants in Hutchins which is about a mile away. Our on site facilities are very limited.Smith's restaurant also has a private club/bar for those who desire alcoholic beverages. We do ask that alcoholic beverages not be brought to our facility.

There is also a hotel in Hutchins about a mile away. Gold Inn charges $35.00 per night for a single. It is not the El Ritz with room service but it is clean, well kept and comfortable. Their number is (972) 225-6161. More elaborate accomadations may be found in Dallas about 20 minutes away.

There are no fees for this first clinic though any size donation will not be sincerely appreciated. This clinic WILL be credited towards both amateur and professional certifications. Those attending the first clinic will be welcome to come back anytime for private sessions if desired as time permits. There are five levels to Amateur certification and three additional levels to Professional (Instructor) certification.

The Amateur certification is based on how well your performance progresses at home with your equine student. Email and telephone Q&A (support) conversations are entirely welcome. Videotaping of your progress is essential. On site visits to your facility can only be made on a twelve hour round trip basis. Cameras (still and video) are more than welcome for recording various portions of the clinic. There is no fee for this first clinic but a written critique is expected from each person attending.

This clinic enrollment will be limited to five individuals. The date and time is still tentative. PleaseRSVP before September 10, 2001. Any/all suggestions are entirely welcome.

(972) 225-5800

Chuck Mintzlaff (and kids)
Lady, Sundance, Able, Boss, Rebel & Combustion

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