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Catskills Colin Syquia and White Russian Win $10,000 Open Jumper Welcome Stake at HITS Catskills III

ELLENVILLE, NY (July 18, 2001)-Colin Syquia, 27, of Forest Hills, New York, riding White Russian bested a field of 12 horses today, with the only double-clear performance of the class. Syquia took home $3,000 for owner, Alex Carl, who is a client at Raylyn Farm in Maryland. "I just started working for Raylyn about seven weeks ago," said Syquia. "I started showing him in the High Preliminary Intermediate at Lake Placid and then at this show we decided to move him up to the Open. This was his first day. He was just fabulous."

Anthony D'Ambrosio of Mt. Kisco, New York, designed the Table II.2.b. course in which riders who are clear in Round One stay in the ring and immediately ride a Jump-Off course. For Round One, D'Ambrosio built a 13-jump course that included a vertical-oxer double at Fence No, 3, a liverpool at No. 7, and an oxer-vertical-vertical triple combination at No. 8. Time Allowed was set at 90 seconds. The seven-obstacle Jump-Off required riders to re-jump the vertical at Fence No. 1, turn right and continue the line from the oxer at No. 2 to the double at No. 3, followed by a rollback to the vertical at No. 12, a turn left to the oxer at No. 10 and a gallop home to the vertical at No. 11. Time Allowed was set at 52 seconds.

The first two riders on the Round One course were members of the Sydney Olympics Team. Both jumped clear, but each incurred time faults and did not qualify for the Jump-Off. Todd Minikus of Loxahatchee, Florida, on Playboy incurred a one-quarter time fault and finished in second place for owner YZ Partners; and Nona Garson of Lebanon, New Jersey, rode Rhythmical clean over the jumps, but had a half-second time fault, earning the third place spot for the Kamine Family with whom she owns her horse.

Colin Syquia and White Russian went sixth in the order and were the first and only pair to go fault-free in Round One. They were the only duo to jump the Jump-Off round and Syquia went clear again in 42.794 seconds. The next six riders all had faults in Round One and did not qualify for the Jump-Off, giving Syquia the win.

White Russian is a 12 year-old, white, Russian-bred stallion that Lynne Little of Raylyn Farm purchased a year ago and sold to her client Alex Carl of Washington, DC, who has been competing him in the Adult Amateurs. According to Marilyn Little, "Colin keeps White Russian confident and ready to go for her."

Prior to Raylyn Farm, Syquia rode for Ronnie Beard and Wyndmont, Inc. for four-and-a-half years. Syquia attended Drew College in Manhattan where he graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Finance. "Working for the Littles has been great so far," said Syquia. "They have really nice horses. It's fun having a nice team atmosphere. We're sort of like a three-headed monster-me, Marilyn, and Lynne-we all fill in for each other. It's a strong barn."

Raylyn Farm brought 15 horses for Week III and will add five more for Week IV. Syquia said, "There are so many classes here. It's not just an event offering big money where you only bring your top horses. We've brought some babies to bring along because there are so may low classes for young horses and riders. It's very advantageous to bring your whole barn instead of having to split up. Tom Struzzieri has done a good job. The horses get a lot of seasoning here. It's great."

$10,000 Open Jumper Welcome Stake, July 18, 2001
HITS Catskills III, Ellenville, New York
Course Designer: Anthony D'Ambrosio

Pl#/Horse/Rider/Owner/Prize Money/Rd 1 Faults/J-O Faults & Time
1/ White Russian/Colin Syquia/Alex Carl/$3,000/0/0-42.794
2/Playboy/Todd Minikus/YZ Partners/$2,200/ ¼ /NA
3/Rhythmical/Nona Garson/Kamine Family & Nona Garson/$1,500 ½ /NA
4/Pandora/Todd Minikus/YZ Partners/$1,000/4/NA
5/Geez Loveez/Todd Minikus/Todd Minikus Ltd/$800/4/NA
6/Three Coins/Laura Chapot/Windsome Farms Ltd/$600/4/NA
7/Gardenio/Todd Minikus/YZ Partners/$500/4/NA
8/Edward Himself/Nona Garson/Kamine Family & Nona Garson/$400/4/NA

Number of horses who competed in this class: 12
Class Prize Money: $10,000

HITS Catskills I, May 23-27
HITS Catskills II, May 30-June 3
HITS Catskills III, July 18-22
HITS Catskills IV, July 25-29
HITS Catskills V, August 1-5
HITS Catskills VI, August 29-September 2
May 27 $100,000 EMO Grand Prix 1pm
June 3 $100,000 Nevele Grande Grand Prix 1pm
July 22 $100,000 Avis Grand Prix 1pm
July 29 $100,000 Cosequin® Grand Prix 1pm
August 5 $100,000 Nevele Grande Grand Prix 1pm
September 2 $100,000 Rio Vista Grand Prix 1pm
July 22 Taste of the Hudson Valley For Exhibitors Only 2pm-4pm
July 29 Kids Day 11am-1pm

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