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Federation Equestre Internationale News

30 August 2002

- Eventing in the Olympic programme
- World Single Driving Championship in Conty
- 2002 WEG security
- Samsung Nations Cup Final. Super League team selection
- date for national Jumping Championships
- IPEC Open European Dressage Championship

Eventing Recommended For Exclusion Of The Olympic Programme by the IOC Olympic Programme Commission

The FEI was informed of the conclusions of the Olympic Programme Commission report which was presented to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board on 28 August 2002 in Lausanne (SUI). The commission was in charge of reviewing the Olympic Programme and presented recommendations on the programme of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Three sports and five disciplines were recommended for exclusion of the Olympic programme, among which the equestrian discipline of Eventing, considering the costs for venue preparations and operations for Games OC and the issue of safety of athletes and horses.

Since the 2000 Olympic Games, the FEI has conducted a thorough study on the discipline of Eventing, consulting with a number of specialists inside and outside the sport. Important changes were made in the discipline format to improve safety both of the riders and horses and a global safety programme was put in place. The FEI worked with the IOC to significantly reduce the "Minimum Requirements for Olympic Games" and important changes to the format of the Olympic Eventing competition were adopted to lower the cost of staging the discipline for the OC.

The FEI organised several meetings with the OC of the 2004 Olympic Games (ATHOC) in order to review the budget of the infrastructure of the equestrian competitions.

The FEI expresses its surprise that changes are proposed for the 2008 Olympic Games, as Beijing was allocated the Games under the conditions that all sports and disciplines present in Athens were included.

Decisions on inclusion/exclusion of sports within the Olympic programme will be made during the 114th IOC Session in Mexico at the end of November. Changes regarding disciplines and events will be further discussed during future IOC Executive Board meetings.

The FEI will study in detail the Olympic Programme Commission's report and ask the IOC for further details. A comprehensive presentation will be submitted to the IOC Executive Board before the IOC session of Mexico.

The full Olympic Programme Commission's report can be found on
The FEI report on "The Future of Eventing" is available on, section reference, working docs, reports

World Single Driving Championship in Conty (Fra)

The second edition of the World Single Driving Championship started yesterday Thursday 29th August in Conty, France. After one competitor was eliminated at the 1st horses inspection, 54 teams from 18 countries will start. The dressage will take place on Thursday and Friday, the marathon on Saturday and the cones on Sunday. Titleholder Arja Mikkonen and SG Oberon (FIN) will participate.

For more information, visit

2002 World Equestrian Games
Security in place in Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera. Security for competitors and spectators alike is of paramount concern for the Organizing Committee (OC) of the World Equestrian Games at Jerez. Development of a Safety Plan started more than a year ago by forming a special Task Force. It includes members of the Town Hall of Jerez, National Police, Local Police, Sub-delegation of Government, Guardia Civil, Protección civil and the Organizing Committee.

All locations connected with the Games will be under special protection, beginning from 7. September. Only after the last horses have left the stables on 25. September the extra protection will be eased.

During daytime 150 agents, watchmen and assistants will be in charge of security. The permanent supervision over a 24 hour period will be performed by a team of 60 watchmen and assistants. For days with an extra heavy turnout of spectators safety measures are raised by adding more security forces. This includes the facilities of Garrapilos, where on Saturday, 14. September, the Cross Country competition for the Eventers will take place. Garrapilos being a military installation, safety is in experienced hands. The sport complex of Chapin will be enclosed by roughly 4000 meters of fence line. Altogether with the security measures described before, more than 1.000 agents from the Security National Department and local department look after the safety of spectators and competitors during the World Equestrian Games.


Samsung Nations Cup Series
Italy won the Final
Super League team selection

The Samsung Nations Cup World Final took place on 24 August in Donaueschingen (GER).

Second in the Samsung Nations Cup standings before the final, Italy won the Final with 4 points penalty, ahead of Belgium (12) and France (12). (ref.. Samsung Nations Cup release on FEI website)

Donaueschingen was the last Final of the Samsung Nations Cup Series in its present format. In conjunction with the Final, Samsung formally announced their support of the Super League to be launched in 2003. The eight events part of the Super League will be announced in the coming weeks.

For the initial year of the Super League the eight teams will be selected based on:

1) Their placing in the standings of the Nations Cup competitions from March to October 2002 (including CSIO Athens (GRE) and excluding 2002 Nations Cup Final). The same formula as the Nations Cup standings will apply, i.e. the points of the eight best results will be added 2) Their placing in the team competition at the 2002 World Equestrian Games (half the points of the standings)

The following table indicates the number o points given for the team placing at the World Equestrian Games and in the Nations Cup 2002 standings:
Placing 2002 WEG 2002 Nations Cup
1st 14 28
2nd 11 22
3rd 9 18
4th 7 14
5th 6 12
6th 5 10
7th 4 8
8th 3 6
9th 2 4
10th 1 2

The standings and results of all CSIO part of the Samsung Nations Cup Series are published on the FEI website

Date For National Jumping Championships

As of 2004, the 1st week-end of August will remain free of international jumping events in Western Europe, in order to facilitate the organisation of National Championships.

1st Open European Championship In Dressage For People With Disabilities

The first Open European Dressage Championship for people with disabilities will take place in Anadia, Portugal from 16 to 22 September 2002.

It will be run under IPEC (International Paralympic Equestrian Committee) rules. The Championships are divided into 4 Grades (level). The riders will perform a Warm-up competition and then the Individual Championship competition. In addition, each rider will ride a Freestyle to Music test in the same Grade as his or her Individual Test.

Samsung Electronics has supported sports marketing activities world-wide with a strong initiative in equestrian sports since 1988. In 1996 Samsung took the world-wide sponsorship of the Nations Cup. Samsung is a long time partner of equestrian sport and has been the patron of the International Jumping and Dressage competitions (now called Challenge) aimed at developing the sport on a worldwide basis since 1988. Samsung believes strongly in the values of sport, which promote deeper understanding and mutual exchange between people of the world.
Gandini Tessuti Alta Moda (Gandini High Fashion Fabrics) was founded in 1925 and is active in the creation and design of high-quality fabrics. In 2001 Gandini became the new sponsor of the FEI World Jumping Riders Rankings.
Best Communication & Management, BCM, is specialised in the organisation, management and sponsorship of equestrian events. BCM's services range from providing various facilities to organising the entire show. Beside its activities in event organisation, BCM is also the publisher of the official equestrian yearbook 'L'Année Hippique,' and of the monthly magazine 'Horse International'.Since 1998, BCM supports the World Cup Dressage and the World Dressage Rankings.
In 2001 Performance Sales International (PSI) granted its support to the FEI Jumping and Dressage Challenge. This series of approximately 100 competitions taking place in over 60 countries serves to develop dressage and show jumping in nations wishing to reach the highest competition level.
Since 1999, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Equestrian and Racing Federation produces the FEI Endurance Riders Rankings. The 2001 edition was won by Dato Kamruddin bin Abdul Ghani (MAS).
Thank you to the supporters of the Driving discipline: Finn Caspersen, supporter of the Four-in-Hand Top Driver Award, Van der Wiel Harness supporter of the Top Driver Award for Pairs, Kühnle who supports the Singles Top Driver Award. The US company Driving Essentials and the Canadian Freedman Harness support the North American Challenge
Since 2001, Waldfried Dressage Stables is supporting the Euro Future Cup, a Dressage Series aimed at encouraging the progress of Young Riders.
The FEI would like to take this opportunity to thank its faithful sponsors for their ongoing support.


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