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Foundation Training Conference

There will be a Foundation Training Conference on October 5th and October 6th 2001, at the Texas Pony Express facility in Hutchins, Texas. No participation fee is required but enrollment is limited. Eligibility and prequalification requirements are not based on previous accomplishments in the horse world.

Topics of discussion will include philosophical perceptions, aesthetic and technical aspects of Foundation Training, psychosis of restrictive environments, biofeedback and preconditioning, olfactory sensitivity, neurolinguistic programming, allowing versus demanding focus, cognitive reorganization, integration of hand, voice and body cues, differential levels of disapproval, suppressing Amygdala fear imprints, utilization of banishment, altering communication awareness/response, transitional modification, nose touch/release and numerous other related topics. Contrary to traditionally accepted training methods, Foundation Training is implemented in a completely unrestricted area, giving a refreshingly new and definitive meaning to the expression "Natural Horsemanship." Round pens, lariats and halters are regarded not only as unnecessary but actually counterproductive to establishing the initial human/equine relationship based on trust, understanding and communication.

The horse learns all the basic cues he will use when being ridden in addition to everyday ground interaction including leading without a lead line and free lunging without a lunge line. Foundation Training adovocates do not use whipping, hitting or striking at any time except in self-defense when working with a wild, abused or extremely aggressive horse. Even then, actually striking the horse is only used to a degree great enough to stop an attack and create an adequate peripheral of safety.

Foundation Training creates an environment that allows the horse to completely focus on his human teacher on an instinctive level without force while altering his awareness and basic mode of communication from body language to vocal. A June 23, 2001 interview on Rick Lamb's "The Horse Show" discussing Foundation Training can be heard at:

Lab and lecture sessions at this conference will be accredited for both Amateur and Professional Certification. For further details, contact Chuck Mintzlaff at or (972) 225-5800.

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