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The premier of the Miniature Horse Exclusive Sale will take place on Thursday 20 September. It is the first time in Europe that such an auction of miniature horses will take place. On the grounds of The Kossak Stud in Zuidoostbeemster in the Netherlands, 42 exclusive miniature horses will come under the hammer. Falabellas, Bergmanns, Appaloosas and American Miniature Horses of all ages, colours and sizes between 70 and 98 centimetres (27 and 38 inch) are being put up for auction.

Keeping a miniature horse is, at the present time, a trend throughout Europe. The whole thing began in Argentina where the families Falabella and Bergmann began to breed miniature horses under their names. What is unique about the miniature horse is that they are quiet but above all intelligent and very sweet. They differ from Shetlands and other small ponies by their refined build and charisma. Miniature horses are much used as a horse for children to ride and as a playmate or as a companion for international top horses. Olympic champions such as Anky van Grunsven's Gestion Bonfire and Jan Tops Top Gun both have a Falabella as companion. In America they are even used as guides for the blind. Above all, the rarity of the miniature horse gives it the status of a very exclusive domestic pet. These chic quadrupeds need only very little space and moreover are very easy to look after.

Fotographs by Sandra Nieuwendijk.

Everyone looking for something really special will have plenty of choice from the selection at the Miniature Horse Exclusive Sale. In the afternoon from 4 pm the enchanting little horses can be thoroughly viewed, admired and stroked. The auction, which begins at 8 pm, will not only be interesting for potential buyers of the horses but will also be a spectacle for the public with shows, music and extensive catering. Entrance is free.

Fotographs by Sandra Nieuwendijk.

For those potential buyers who are not able to be present at the auction, there is offered the possibility to bid by telephone. For more information or for receiving the deluxe catalogue please contact the Stichting Miniature Horse, telephone; 0031(0)20-4655446, fax; 0031(0)20-4651640, e-mail; or the internet site

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