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The final of the TNT Sires of the World will take place during the FEI Breeding Jumping Championship at Domein Zangersheide on 22 September. The final was meant to take place in March but because Indoor Brabant was cancelled an alternative date had to be found. Even though postponed to September, the final will be none the less exciting; there is, however, an adapted formula.

Lanaken is by tradition the place where the first competition heats of TNT Sires of the World have taken place. In the beautiful grounds, the interest in the stallion section on the one hand by the riders and the stallion owners, and on the other hand by the sports fans and the breeders is huge. For this reason an adapted formula has been chosen. The final of last season has become the first heat of the new season as well. In principle, every stallion of eight years or older which has been approved by a stud book and which can jump a minimum level of 1.40m may take part in the final to earn his first points for the coming months. The competition is specially important for horses that are in a high position in the intermediate ranking of last year. The placement points in Lanaken count as double, whereby a huge jump in the ranking can be made with a good performance. After the competition it will be made known which stallion will be crowned this year with the title TNT Sire of the World.

Six months ago, it seemed that the competition outcome was pretty well decided. Jos Lansink's Caretano Z was leading in the intermediate ranking ever since the second qualifying round. In four heats he had earned as much as 91 points. Unfortunately this talented stallion died in June; he did not get the chance to collect his well-earned title. Because Caretano Z is out, this means that the lead position in the intermediate ranking has been taken up by the Belgian chestnut stallion, Millar. Millar, nephew of the legendary Big Ben, earned the majority of his 62 points during the first qualifying rounds in Lanaken. In conditions where the going was very heavy, his rider Kevin Gielen was the only one who notched up two faultless rounds. AK High Valley Z has been moved up to second place which was, just as Caretano Z, ridden by Jos Lansink. Albert Zoer's Lincoln is in third place.

All in all, TNT Sires of the World promises to be first class sport in Lanaken. This section will take place on Saturday afternoon on 22 September during FEI World Breeding Jumping Championship. For information concerning the competition, the scores to date and the participating stallions, please go to the internet site

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