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Due to the cancellation of Indoor Brabant as a result of the foot-and-mouth disease crisis, the winner of the TNT Sires of the World is still not known. But in this case postponement has not led to cancellation; the final of TNT Sires of the World of the 2000/2001 season will take place on Saturday afternoon, 22 September, during the World Breeding Jumping Championship in Lanaken, Belgium. This competition will also be the first qualifier for the new season.

The gains of the competition are not only of interest for riders and owners. Zangersheide Studbook is putting up a generous breeders premium for those breeders responsible for the three most highly-placed horses. The Zangersheide Studbook Super Breeders Premium adds up to a total of prize money worth as much as 10,000 Euros. The breeder of the winner of the competition will receive 5,000 Euros, number two 3,000 Euros and the one who comes third will receive a premium of 2,000 Euros.

If the breeder is not present in Lanaken to receive the prize money personally then he or she no longer has the right to the prize money. The winning breeder will receive, as well, an impressive challenge trophy. The breeder who is actually entitled to the prize is not at all clear; the stallion with the most points in the classifications will be the winner. That means that even the stallion Caretano Z, who died before his time, could posthumously win the title of TNT Sires of the World.


This season, the TNT Sires of the World had a troublesome passage. After four qualifying rounds in Lanaken, Kiel, Amsterdam and Mechelen - each one high points of achievement in sport - the final was cancelled. The final competition that should have taken place during Indoor Brabant in Den Bosch could not take place due to foot-and-mouth disease. A new date was fixed for 22 September 2001; the competition will take place during World Breeding Jumping Championship in Lanaken, Belgium.

All stallions of eight years or older and that have been approved by a stud book and that can jump 1.40m or higher may take part in the competition in Lanaken. This counts too as the first qualifying round for the new season. What makes the halfway score unusual is that Jos Lansink's Caretano Z is still part of the list. In theory the talented stallion, who died far too young in June of this year, could win the title posthumously. He earned as many as 91 points in the qualifying rounds. This is an advance of 29 points on Millar, the number two in the classifications. Millar will also not take part in the final. Five months ago, during a concours in Spain, he was injured and has not yet trained long enough to do well at this level. Third place has been taken up by AK High Valley Z who has collected 54 points, followed by Lincoln with 44 points. Double points can be won in the final, which makes the battle an open field.

After this season, the rules of TNT Sires of the World will be adapted. In the conditions it will be included that only stallions that take part in the final will have a chance to win the title.

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