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Aromatherapy for Your Horse
presented by
Catherine Bird ~ Author ~ A Healthy Horse the Natural Way (New Holland Publishers)

Catherine will be presenting her weekend clinic on aromatherapy and the use of essential oils at Homeway Farm, Glastonbury UK 12 and 13 October and Westminster MD USA 19 and 20 October.

For the UK clinic contact Lyn Palmer and for the US clinic Maggie Moyer or visit

This interesting weekend will begin with looking at how aromatherapy has developed to give the participant an understanding of the foundation behind the application of essential oils with horses. Essential oils can have an effect on the body on many levels. We will discuss how the scent molecule can trigger a cascade of reactions throughout the entire body within nanoseconds of the stimuli reaching the hypothalamus gland. This can help address behavioral problems or issues developed from past experience. The physical body may be addressed with applications that assist the essential oil constituents to access the body via the bloodstream where eventually they are excreted from the body in a safe and effective manner.

The role aromatherapy has to play with the life of the horse is varied and there are certain situations where aromatherapy will enhance the environment and others where competition rules may restrict the use of essential oils. The student will be made aware of the wonders and the limitations of this therapy in a sensible, commonsense approach. The student will also learn how to understand the horse’s reactions to each scent and in doing so understand the innate understanding the horse has of his own needs. Combining this with an understanding of the essential oils discussed will assist the student to develop a confidence in the art of aromatherapy. There is the complexity of chemical constituents, odour intensity and the perfumer’s note to be explored.

A number of essential oils will be discussed as to their properties and applications, most of which will be from Catherine’s book Horse Scents. However, there will be other essential oils so those who have read Catherine’s book will have more to add to their dispensary. Aromatherapy is the use of pure plant extracts - essential oils. It is important the student does not use fragrant oils. To help the student discern what is appropriate to use with their horse it is suggested they brings along any "scents’ they already have at home. (There is no need to purchase essential oils prior to the weekend).

This therapy is considered to be an adjunctive to veterinary medicine. Under no circumstances is it to replace the diagnosis and care of your veterinarian. By the end of the weekend you will have formulated a special blend to help you with your own horse and a confident working knowledge of essential oils and how any horse can benefit from their application. Each participant will receive a manual and a certificate.


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