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Adam Shereston visits Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary

It was not only the horses that benefited from Adams visit to Trallwm, as with all visits as much time was spent with the people as with the horses. One person at Trallwm had recently had an accident with a tractor, causing him to have severe headaches these abated almost as soon as Adam started working with him. He was also a lot calmer and more relaxed after being helped by Adam. The first evening Adam was there, all the resident humans talked to Adam.

There was a lot of positive reaction to his presence and a lot was gained by all in attendance. The first pony that Adam saw was wispa, a very timid pony with no physical problems but a lack of interaction with humans. Adam tried to gain the ponies trust and waited for wispa to make the first move in contact, which was achieved quite quickly. From what Lesley later told Adam, she was quite surprised to see the pony rolling and playing about in the stall. Wispa had been there 6 months and nobody had ever seen her roll, as she was always up against the wall watching nervously. Since Adams visit wispa has been a different pony. Actually understanding what people are about now. Lesley has said: "It's like we're speaking the same language now"
Next it was Cookie's turn. In Cookie Adam detected stomach problems and arthritis due to an accident. Adam also detected eye problems. When Adam communicates with a horse he actually feels what the horse is feeling, so his stomach started to twist, he picked the injury up with his hand changing temperature and his eyes started to vibrate which indicated the eye problems. It is now just over a week since Adams visit. Cookie has been seen thundering around with the cows and the swelling around her eye has almost gone.

Aero, also had a jaw problem created from being pulled through the sales. This was detected by Adam physically feeling this around his face. Verity said that Aero's jaw clicks! Also Adam felt through his connection to Aero, the she has an anxiety problem which is the cause of breathing problems producing a wheezing effect. This was reprogrammed using telepathy as anxiety is the trigger in her mind caused from past behaviour and programming. Aero already accepts Adam and Richard. Usually Aero would disappear to the end of the barn, but now will come to you. Aero is allowing herself to be led out everyday and has also allowed someone to lay across her back when not being held and give her big cuddles etc, this she certainly would not have even thought about allowing prior to Adams visit!

Irish had traumatic experiences and had all her dignity taken from her mainly due to the transportation. Held down and treated with little respect, would attack you before you attacked her. Adam had no problems at all with her and she gave her attention to him. This was quite a shock to all at Trallwm, Most people there thought that he may get trampled or bitten by Irish as she had done before with others that she knows well. Irish has been a lot calmer and more accepting of people since she was seen by Adam. She is accepting the role of people back into her life

Monty was quite unwell, his whole immune system was down causing all sorts of problems, Adam felt quite unwell and his whole features and colour changed whilst he worked with Monty. Adam worked again with Monty the next day and he felt a lot better and he gave a lot of helpful tips and additional information about how to work with Monty to speed his recovery also showing her how to detect problems. Since Adams visit Monty has improved so much that he has been cantering about in the field.

Amber, Adam felt, has had a very hard life. She has a lot of wear and tear in her joints. Some of them are in quite a mess. This was caused by her activities in younger days. Adam detected this through his hands but this is so typical in horses of her type and history. Amber has a habit of running backwards to get away from frightening or painful situations; she was happy to be where she was and will go forward if and when she can.

Whilst working with Rocky, Adam started to get a pulsating feeling behind his left ear which shot a pain towards his forehead. He asked Rocky if this is what he felt and he answered yes, also what would happen with this was that it would like short circuit Rockies brain and give like a epileptic fit, sometimes it was worse than others, he would also lose his sight and then panic kicking out. Sometimes when it happened it would completely knock him out and he would remember nothing. This information was given to the owners and it made a lot of sense.

Amelia, who can be a bit of a madam, was really quite calm and the main thing Adam picked up with her was that his jaw started to get very tight and she was telling Adam this is why she cannot take a bit. Lesley confirmed the bit problem and also said that Amelia reacted to him in a very strange but calm way. Since Amelia saw Adam, she is still the old grumpy madam she always was, biting Magan's bum etc, but it is as if she has matured or grown up and is more respectful .

All in all a lot was gained by all those who actually met and talked to Adam. Be they human or equine. Positive results have followed in the form of all the horses being more at ease around the people in their lives and in the case of injured or ailing horses and people, significant recovery has been made within ten days.

Report submitted by Maria Kelson
Without Adam Shereston and Lady Lesley Cooper this report would not have been possible thanks for your input.

You can learn more about Adam by visiting his website at and more about Trallwm Farm Animal Sanctuary at


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