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Young Animal Feeds Ltd.

Age-Old Equine Feeding Myth Dispelled

Researchers of a unique new product, combining a specific mix of ingredients that have a high inclusion of sugar beet pulp, have finally dispelled an age-old equine myth that soaking pulp is alwyays essential.

At long last it has been scientifically proven that sugar beet pulp can be included in a high horse diet without the inconvenience of soaking.

Researchers at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, following extensive trials, have announced this major breakthrough in horse feeding.

These trials, led by Dr. Meriel Moore-Colyer, who has a PhD in equine nutrition, were commissioned earlier in the year by Youngs Animal Feeds Ltd in readiness for the launch of a brand new product into the equine market place.

Dr. Moore-Colyer’s findings – which will be contained in a detailed scientific report – will make Young’s Molichop Shreddi a uniquely formulated product when it is launched this autumn.

It will be the first time in the UK that a manufacturer has developed a horse feed with a high inclusion of dry sugar beet pulp in a special way that enables the horse to enjoy the benefits without the risk of digestive upset. At the same time backed up by scientific evidence on the bag.

‘Spock’, regularly used by the students on the HND equine studies course currently wearing a nappy during an in vivo digestability trial.

"Horse owners have always balked at feeding dry sugar beet pulp. It’s been drummed into them from pony club days that sugar beet pulp should be soaked", said Dr. Moore-Colyer.

"It needed to be scientifically proven that you can feed dry sugar beet pulp at a 30% concentration which is why the trials went ahead. Youngs want to make accurate recommendations to horse owners.

"It’s definitely a novel feed", said Dr. Moore-Colyer, a lecturer at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, which has a Home Office licence for an eight loose box research unit on the campus.

"It’s unlike anything else on the market and I think it will be extremely useful for feeding to all horses whether they are working or resting. It’s a completely new departure – a new way for horse owners to think of feeding their animals.

"I see this feed as taking the science to the individual horse owner. This is a trial that every single new feed should be subject to before put on the market and it is to the credit of Youngs Animal Feeds that they have been prepared to do this.

"Molichop Shreddi is an exciting development and the intake by the trial horses has been very good. All warm blood and thoroughbred horses really like Shreddi.

"It was fed to them as a sole diet and they flourised and kept excellent condition throughout the 12 week trial. Two percent of their live weight has been fed in dry matter each day for the entire period of the trial.

"The fibre energy and nutrient content have met the requirements – none of the horses has been given an additional feed during the trial", she added.

Mr. Peter Dollin, a director of Youngs Animal Feeds, of Congleton, Cheshire, an established market leader, said the trials supported their own evidence that reasonable levels of sugar beet shreds when combined with the right ingredients in the optimum balance, could be safely included in a feed without the need for prior soaking.

"Horse feeders have had it drummed into them that sugar beet must be soaked. The minute you mention sugar beet and no soaking it is not believed.

"The combination of ingredients in the formulation enables the Shreddi sugar beet diet to be easily – and safely – fed to horses", he added.

For further information contact Mr. Peter Dollin on 01782 791209.


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