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Free ‘n’ Easy Saddle Company
Saddle Fitting Clinic goes South

Free n Easy Saddles There are still a few places remaining on a Saddle Fitting Clinic at Oaklands College Riding Centre in St Albans on Friday 10 November 2000 at 7.30pm. The Clinic is organised by Free ‘n’ Easy who have spent the last 5 years searching for a perfect saddle and found the answer in a unique, innovative flat panel construction which results in the only saddle in the world which is fully adjustable across the width and length of the horse’s back - as well as in the location of the stirrup bar. It is this which both ensures maximum freedom of action for the horse and encourages a natural, correct and balanced position for the rider.

The Classical Riding Club’s Sylvia Loch is one trainer who has used a Free ‘n’ Easy saddle with considerable success. She explains: “Correct saddle fitting is always crucial to the performance of the horse so visitors should find the saddle clinic interesting whatever their personal choice of saddle or discipline.”

Spectators at the St Albans clinic – Free ‘n’ Easy’s first in the South - will have the opportunity to see the saddles in action on horses working on the flat and over jumps; as well as to witness how Free ‘n’ Easy can help riders/owners with concerns about the fit of their current saddle. Admission is £5 per person. For further details and bookings contact: Kate Skirrow on 01727-737728 or 07768-834592

Free ‘n’ Easy Saddles are currently available in GP, dressage and endurance riding versions. Early Free ‘n’ Easy dressage versions have been further improved with leather panels concealing the special construction, and complementary dressage squares completing the elegant look of the saddle. For a brochure and to identify your local Free ‘n’ Easy saddle fitter, call 01833-640887 or visit the web site at

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