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BHS Stage 1, 2, 3 and PTT Results
From 1 January 2002 the BHS will no longer be giving out results on the day
of the exam. After this date candidates will be free to leave as soon as
they have completed their final section and in future there will be neither
results nor a de-brief at the end of the exam. Candidates taking several
exams consecutively will be given their results in an envelope at the end of
the exam. Examiners will not be available for a discussion or de-briefing.
Unfortunately this change has become necessary after an escalation in
abusive behaviour towards examiners. All candidates applying for an exam
in 2002 will be required to send in a stamped addressed envelope. Results
will be posted directly after the exam by the Chief Examiner. Any
candidate who has not submitted a stamped addressed envelope will have their
results returned to the offices at Stoneleigh, who will then forward them by
2nd class post, which could result in a delay before candidates receive
their results

BHS Stage 4 Re-sit Exam
Any candidate who takes the Stage 4 Care and Riding (either together or as
separate exams) from January 2002 onwards and fails a maximum of two
sections in the RIDING will be eligible to apply to re-sit those sections
only. The modular re-take will be available for the Stage 4 "Riding"
section only. It is hoped to run a Stage 4 modular re-sit exam in October

BHS Equitation & Teaching - Re-sit Exam
The BHS is also going to allow this re-sit opportunity for E&T candidates.
To qualify candidates must have taken the E&T exam between January 2000 and
September 2001 and failed not more than two sections.

A candidate will be entitled to 2 attempts at retaking sections of their E&T
in this way. If they fail on both attempts they will have to re-apply to
take the whole E&T exam again.

We hope to run this modular re-sit exam later in 2002 but it will depend on
the number of applications received. The BHS will inform all candidates that
are already eligible to do the re-sits.

BHS Stable Manager's Exam 2002
The current lecture subjects will continue for 2002;
- Diversification within the equestrian business
- Staff motivation
- Equine therapy and rehabilitation

Dates for the 2002 Stable Manager exams are currently being finalised.

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