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Equine Communication Services
Dan Franklin

A good turn out at Solihull Riding Club on Saturday evening saw Dan Franklin, Equine Communicator, demonstrate his talents with two different horses.

The first horse was an easily excitable mare and Dan played with her until she was ready to accept a rider, which she did with confidence. The horse then went on to be ridden during the interval in the second arena where the owner could see the level of performance the horse obtained.

The second horse had quite a history to it in as much that at the age of 3 years she was part broken, but would not accept a saddle, bridle or rider. Several trainers had previously worked with the horse with little success.

When the horse first came into the round pen it was easy to see how frightened and tense she was. After playing with the horse, Dan proceeded to put on the saddle which was accepted eagerly. Dan then played with the horse again before he introduced the rider. The rider then mounted the horse and the horse stayed totally relaxed. IT WAS AMAZING!!! The audience was silent as Dan asked the rider to walk out then pick her up to a trot which the horse did freely.

.This troubled horse finally felt safe and comfortable. Dan had accomplished an impossible dream for the horse's owners. They were very pleased with the outcome of Dan's gifted talent.

Mr Franklin then asked Jenny (the horse's owner) if she would like to ride her horse, which she proceeded to do. Jenny had waited four long years for this evening.

I think all of the audience knew Dan Franklin is a different clinician with a totally different unique approach.

Dan is looking forward to returning to England next year where he will help more troubled horses and help their riders obtain a different approach through "Equine Communication".

.Dan Franklin, ( Canada )

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