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"Win The Horse Industry Career Game"

Equimax - Where Jobs and Horse People Find Each Other - announces a new CD ROM for job hunters and career builders in the horse industry.

Alpine, TX - Equimax USA, the leading employment service for horse people
since 1986, announces a new resource for job hunters in the horse
industry. The new CD ROM, titled The Career Game, includes an interactive
computer game that's fun to play and teaches good career building
skills. In addition, the CD provides advice on a host of employment-related topics and lists extensive employment-related resources.

After nearly 15 years of advising job hunting clients by telephone and
email, Equimax owner Seth Burgess has created The Career Game to
consolidate his best advice, tips, and resources into a comprehensive
production that is fun to use and highly informative. The Career Game
covers Preparing for a Job Search, Searching, Interviewing, Negotiating,
Performance on the Job, and Advancing Your Career. Special sections
include Common Mistakes and Frequently Asked Questions. An extensive group
of links to employment-related resources on the Internet is also
provided. The Career Game will teach you why "keeping your options open"
could ruin your career before it gets started, why mass mailing your resume
is a bad idea, and why most people fail when they try to jumpstart a
stalled career. The information goes beyond what most schools teach. It
also covers topics beyond the scope of what even experienced horse
professionals know about building a successful career.

The Career Game is geared toward people at all career levels and in all
kinds of horse industry work. The subjects are discussed in a
no-nonsense, straightforward way. Here is what the critics have to say
about The Career Game.

Bonnie Kreitler, author of 50 Careers with Horses
"Playing The Career Game is only half the fun! The inside information in
the accompanying resource files can make anyone who takes it to heart a
winner. Choosing and developing a career is not a game to be taken
lightly--the comprehensive advice in this fabulous resource is a "must
have" for horse-loving youngsters, parents, or those already in the
industry who want to move ahead."

Judi Barbour, Equine Sciences Career Counselor, Colorado State University.
"The Career Game is very detailed and informative for any student seeking a
career and learning how to professionally search. The more prepared you
are, the more likely you will be to get that ideal job."

Sue Stuska, EdD., editor of The Horse Specialist's Guide to Educational
Opportunities and Contributing Editor to Horse Journal.
"Everyone who aspires to a career in the horse industry, or is looking to
advance, should take advantage of this infinitely helpful planner. The
Career Game brings together all that advice most people figure out the hard
way (or don't find out, and that hurts their careers even though they have
the abilities). Plus, it's fun. "

The Career Game is provided free on request to all Equimax subscribers or
may be ordered separately by non-subscribers for U.S. $9.95 postage paid
from Equimax USA, Inc., HC 65, Box 271, Alpine, TX 79830. (Texas residents
add 6.5% sales tax.) Call 1-800/759-9494 or order with a credit card
on-line at Educational institutions are encouraged to
inquire about free copies of The Career Game for their equine
students. Questions and inquiries should be emailed to

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