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20th Oct. 2001
The British Horse Society BHS Warns Of Dangers Of Fireworks
The British Horse Society has issued a warning about the dangers of fireworks close to horses. Anyone holding a firework display should make sure that it is not being held anywhere near fields containing horses or ponies.
Last year two horses died, and another was seriously injured as a result of a private fireworks party. The horses in question were out in a field adjacent to where the display was being held. The fireworks could be heard half a mile away. The horses panicked. Two of them collapsed and died due to stress and exhaustion; the third ran into a telegraph pole and suffered horrendous injuries. The owner lived some distance away, and by the time she had been told what was going on and had reached the field, it was too late to save them.
It is essential that anyone holding a firework display should inform their neighbours, and behave in a considerate and responsible way. All horseowners should try to see that their horses are brought in or moved if there is to be a fireworks display nearby.
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20th Oct. 2001
ILPH ILPH Supports Get Tough Stance With Dartmoor Commoners
Recent press reports on a possible RSPCA cull of Dartmoor ponies has yet again highlighted the perennial problems caused by overbreeding of the ponies on the moor.

The ILPH (International League for the Protection of Horses) have spoken out in support of the Commoners Council who, following a meeting in Tavistock on Monday 15 October, announced a new get tough approach to stop the commoners from overbreeding with their moor ponies.
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20th Oct. 2001
The British Horse Society BHS Launches New Careers Booklet
The British Horse Society has just published a new booklet: BHS GUIDE TO CAREERS WITH HORSES. This useful 40 page booklet is essential reading for anyone thinking of a career with horses, as well as being an invaluable resource for career advisors in schools and colleges, parents, training yards, riding schools and training establishments.

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20th Oct. 2001 CDB
CDB is the owner of a Country Inn located in an ecological region rich in Thermal water and Spas with excellent climate year round and far away from the world's troublespots and therefore ideal for persons wishing peace and tranquility as well as for those interested in a permanent or a seasonal second home or bungalow or a secure hideaway.
The Country Inn is located 900 feet (300 meters) from a large thermal pool and 2.5 miles ( 4 Km.) from the best and largest Spa in South America
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20th Oct. 2001
Saddletude :: Saddletude This Week ::
International Gold Cup Steeplechase Web cast coverage ;Far Hills Race Meeting Breeders' Cup Steeplechase ; The Radnor Hunt International 3 Day Event ;European Horse Trials Championship:: Highlights from Pau, France
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19th Oct. 2001
The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale News
18 October 2001
- FEI European Eventing Championship
- Final of the Top Ten of the FEI / Gandini World Jumping in Geneva
- Thomas Velin triumphant in World Cup Oslo (NOR)
- Eventing Committee Meeting
- Jerez 2002 test Event: dope testing results
- Jerez 2002 WEG, meeting of the Chefs de mission
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19th Oct. 2001
New Horslyx Respiratory Lick "Very Impressive" Say Trial Users
HORSLYX, the unique and extremely successful feed product offering both nutritional and psychological benefits, has just been launched by manufacturer Caltech in a new HORSLYX Respiratory Lick formulation.
Retaining all of HORSLYX's 21st-century 'cutting edge' advantages, the nutritionist leading the HORSLYX team, Dr. Cliff Lister, has researched the addition of very specific quantities of menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed into the new Respiratory Lick.
The HORSLYX Respiratory Lick will be manufactured in Caltech's own multi million pound bespoke plant, using the patented 'cooking' process that means HORSLYX begins to soften at 30 degrees centigrade, so is safe to feed ad-lib, without the risk of colic now associated with chemically-hardened molassed licks.
Product Manager Alison Jarman explains, "Respiratory Lick is the result of many months of research and the addition of menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed has resulted in an easily managed aid to maintaining a healthy equine respiratory system. It contains all of the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in the original HORSLYX and will be widely available through the network of HORSLYX stockists."
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19th Oct. 2001
Star Studded Evening For North American League
Harrisburg, PA—October 18, 2001—The highlight of the Pennsylvania National Horse Show on Friday evening, October 19, is the $25,000 North American League (NAL) Open Jumper Speed Finals. Some of the top riders in the nation will be showcased in this marquee event. Additionally, the North American League $2,500 Adult Hunter Finals will be featured Friday afternoon featuring the top 28 horse/rider combinations that have qualified throughout the previous year.
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18th Oct. 2001
Flight Commander Wins NAL Children's Hunter Finals
Harrisburg, PA—October 16, 2001—Sloane Coles of The Plains, Virginia won the $2,500 North American League (NAL) Children’s Hunter Finals riding Flight Commander, owned by her older sister Fraley Coles, at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show on Tuesday.
The pair bested a field of 29 finalists to capture the prestigious title, but the victory did not come easy.
“It was hard,” said Coles. “On the first course he was guarded because it was his first time competing indoors.”
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18th Oct. 2001
National Horse Show Presented By Budweiser To Host Olympic Riders
NEW YORK, NY—October 17, 2001—A star-studded line-up of Olympic show jumping veterans will headline the 118th edition of the National Horse Show Presented by Budweiser, November 2-4 at Madison Square Garden.
This year’s show features the nation’s top professional, junior and amateur-owner competitors vying for their share of the $335,000 in prize money offered in hunter, jumper and equitation championship competitions.
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18th Oct. 2001
Gambit Captures The NAL Chldren's Jumper Finals
Harrisburg, PA—October 16, 2001—Rhian Davies of Annville, PA won the $5,000 North American League (NAL) Children’s Jumper Finals riding her horse Gambit in a nail-biting jump-off at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show on Tuesday. Davies was thrilled with her victory.
“I am totally psyched,” said Davies. “I just wanted to have fun out there and we did, he was great.”
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17th Oct. 2001
BETA BETA Continues VAT on Riding Hats Campaign
BETA has put its weight behind a campaign to remove VAT from riding hats and helmets.
And the association is determined to carry on the fight despite government legislation blocking future zero rated goods.
The hard hitting campaign follows the decision by HM Customs to zero rate cycle helmets.
And BETA - the British Equestrian Trade Association - has put forward a case for zero rating riding hats on safety grounds.
It is also hoped the campaign will help to remove the anomaly which leaves horse riders at a disadvantage compared with cyclists and motor cyclists.
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17th Oct. 2001 'A rare opportunity to examine equine fertility issues with 2 world class experts'
On the 17th November a major seminar will be held in Oxford which will cover dramatic new developments in equine reproduction, including the most topical subject - Embryology. Major advances are being made in embryology, enabling breeders to use modern science to increase stock production by using non-surgical procedures.
Drs Samper and Pycock are acknowledged international experts in the field of equine reproduction and will present the most current information in lecture and discussion format. There will be an opportunity to raise related subjects during this informative and interactive day.
This important seminar will be of value to stud managers, private owners/breeders and veterinary practitioners/students. Information packs will be provided on the day.
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17th Oct. 2001 Upcoming Events At The College Equestrian Centre
The College E C, Church Road, Keysoe, Bedford MK44 2JP
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16th Oct. 2001
The British Horse Society Culling Of Ponies On Dartmoor
The British Horse Society is receiving dozens of calls from people who are concerned about the proposed cull of ponies on Dartmoor.
The core issues that need to be addressed are nationwide overproduction of ponies and horses and indiscriminate breeding. The BHS together with other equine welfare organisations is calling for a responsible strategy to overcome the problems caused by indiscriminate breeding. The BHS supports the long term strategy adopted by the National Park Authority and Commoners Councils to address the problems on Dartmoor.
Culling does not necessarily mean slaughter. Many of these ponies will go to good homes. The BHS is concerned that where animals have to be put down, this does not cause any unnecessary distress.
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16th Oct. 2001
Dialogue On Nutrition

2nd Annual Guelph Conference On Equine Nutrition
Designed to meet the needs of equine veterinarians and professional horse persons, this year's conference will address basic digestive physiology and anatomy, growth and development (with special emphasis on feeding of energy and minerals/mineral balance), and the use of specific dietary supplements in the management/control of musculoskeletal diseases. Keynote speakers are Dr. Laurie Lawrence, University of Kentucky, Dr. Harold Hintz, Cornell University and Dr. John Burton, University of Guelph. The conference will also feature Dr. Mark Hurtig and Dr. Henry Staempfli of the University of Guelph. The conference moderators will be Shannon Pratt, Equine Research Centre and Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard, University of Guelph.

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16th Oct. 2001
USA Equestrian
Sherman Wins 2001 AHSA/Pessoa & Miller's National Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Final
USA Equestrian (formerly AHSA) announced today that Randy Sherman from Pasadena, CA, beat a field of 270 of the nation's top junior riders to win the 2001 AHSA/Pessoa & Miller's National Hunter Seat Equitation Medal Final held October 14, 2001, at the Pennsylvania National in Harrisburg, PA.
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16th Oct. 2001
USA Equestrian Phillips Wins 2001 BET/AHSA National Junior Jumper Championship Gold Medal As Zone 3 Takes Team Title
USA Equestrian (formerly AHSA) announced today that Jonathan Phillips from
Potomac, MD, riding Jewel's Idiam won the 2001 BET/AHSA National Junior Jumper Championships at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show October 13, 2001.

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16th Oct. 2001
International Livestock Congress Launches New Web Site Online registration available for 2002 Congress
(Houston, TX) – The International Livestock Congress (ILC) announced today that it has launched a new web site designed for easier navigation and a higher level of customer service for those who plan to attend the annual meeting. The site, which can be found at a new address,, will offer complete program and registration information, as well as a secure online registration process.
Dr. Gary Smith Elected to ISEF Board
(Houston, TX) – Gary Smith, PhD, of Colorado State University was recently elected to serve on the International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation Board of Directors, announced ISEF Chairman Dan Gattis.“
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15th Oct 2001
Training Mythunderstandings
Learning to Master "Now"

When Meredith Manor students first begin to work a horse using the training system we call "heeding," they think they are teaching the horse to pay attention to them. Actually, heeding teaches the students to pay attention to their horse. Heeding brings the horse and trainer together in the only place where any communication or learning can take place--right now.
The horse is already there because horses are masters of now. Their attention is always on what's happening right now, right this moment, and how that makes them feel. Whatever is going on right now reminds them of something that has happened to them before. They're thinking about whether that thing that happened before felt safe and comfortable or whether it was something scary or uncomfortable they'd rather avoid.
For a horse, yesterday doesn't matter anymore and tomorrow isn't here yet so why bother about it. The horse isn't thinking about what he had to eat for breakfast or what's on the menu for dinner. He isn't thinking about how what's happening right now relates to whatever event or action is coming next or how it fits into a sequence of events.
People, on the other hand, are big on process. They're standing there right next to their horse but their mind is on the great session they had with the horse yesterday or the wreck the day before or the show they're trying to get ready for next weekend. Their minds flip back and forth from what the horse is doing today to what they hope he's going to be like with another week or two of work.
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14th Oct. 2001
LAPAROSCOPY: Advances in surgical techniques easier on horses
by Jennifer Lansdowne, Ludovic Bouré, Simon Pearce Department of Clinical Studies Ontario Veterinary College University of Guelph
Cryptorchidism is a developmental defect in both animals and humans that is characterized by failure of one or both testes to descend into the scrotum. Descent of the testes normally occurs in the male fetus. The testes move from within the abdominal cavity through a space called the inguinal canal, to a position outside the body cavity within the scrotum. In male foals, this process is generally completed by two weeks of age. Interruption in this process will result in one or both testis being retained anywhere along its route. Thus the testes may be located inside the abdomen, within the inguinal canal or under the skin in the inguinal (groin) area.
Retained testicles are not fertile (they do not produce viable sperm), but do produce male hormones (testosterone), causing the cryptorchid horse to have the behavioral characteristics of a stallion. Many veterinarians and breeders believe that chryptorchidism is heritable. This means that a stallion that has one chryptorchid testis and one normal fertile testis can pass on the trait to his offspring. Retained testes have a tendency to become cancerous in horses, and testes that are retained in the inguinal area may be associated with hind limb lameness in some horses. For these reasons, castration of cryptorchid horses is recommended.

A laparotomy is the typical procedure used to castrate cryptorchid stallions.

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14th Oct. 2001
Rescued horse to be a star at Haydock store
After being invited as a star guest at The Horse of the Year Show, Robinsons Country Leisure are delighted to announce that Bob the Cob will be visiting their retail store at Haydock, on Saturday 27th October 2001. From 10.00am until 4.00pm fans of Bob will be able to visit him in a marquee, next to the store.
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14th Oct. 2001
The British Equine Event The British Equine Event 2001
3 & 4th November 2000 - Don't Miss It!
Forum For All
The British Equine Event, 3rd and 4th November at the NAC Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, is staging a Business Forum looking at marketing equine businesses, the liabilities of livery yard owners and government action for the post foot and mouth situation.
The Business Forum, now in its 3rd year has proved to be invaluable as a business information resource, offering practical advice on key issues affecting the equine industry. It will appeal to professionals from across the whole sector.
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14th Oct. 2001 National Raceline Founders Launch
Eric Cherry and Maurice Chodash, founders of the National Raceline, which has supplied instant race calls and race results via the telephone to the horse racing community since 1989, have announced a new venture. The pair is launching, which through the power of the Internet, brings buyers and sellers of standardbred racehorses and breeding stock together with innovative features such as online video viewing of racehorses for sale, and state-of-the-art search capabilities.
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