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Friday - October 5, 2001

The NHJC National Finals continue at the Capital Challenge Horse Show this week in Upper Marlboro, MD. With the conclusion of the amateur divisions, the Junior and Pony riders took up the reins today. The NHJC National Finals awards have been well received, and many people are showing increased interest in the National Hunter/Jumper Council.

The NHJC represents hunter/jumper issues to USA Equestrian and its Board of Directors. The NHJC is very active in rule changes affecting the hunter/jumper sport, and works with a variety of committees to clarify existing rules and develop new ones to better the sport.

The Council has a variety of committees that address specific issues. For example, the NHJC Education Committee published an educational brochure title "Guidelines for Purchasing or Leasing a Horse." In conjunction with USA Equestrian, the Council's Ad-Hoc Safety Helmet Committee published a brochure regarding safety helmets. Both of these brochures are available at the NHJC booth at the Capital Challenge or from the NHJC directly.

Zone 9 worked with the NHJC to produce "More Than Just Ribbons," a short video highlighting the responsibilities and activities of juniors who ride and show. Many parents and trainers have purchased the video to show teachers to explain the nature of the hunter/jumper sport.

The National Hunter/Jumper Council also maintains a website ( where people can log on to find out the latest in the hunter/jumper sport. In addition to providing press releases from horse shows, associations, and the like, the NHJC also hosts the Show Hunter Hall of Fame, and soon the Showjumping Hall of Fame. The NHJC website is full of hunter/jumper information.

In addition, NHJC works with each of the twelve zones helping them develop programs beneficial to hunter/jumper members in their geographic regions. A number of zones have implemented horsemanship competitions comprised of riding, written and hands-on components. To date, Zones 1, 5, 6, 7 and 10 offer various horsemanship events, some with scholarships presented to the winners. These competitions have been well received by both riders and trainers, and more zones are planning these events for 2002.

The NHJC also works with each of the zones in developing the selection criteria for the North American Young Riders' Championships held in August, and the Prix des States Junior Jumper Championships held in October. The NHJC is working to educate more people, especially parents of younger juniors, about these exciting and challenging team events for top Junior and Young Rider aged jumper riders.

For more information about the National Hunter/Jumper Council, and to follow along with the action at the Capital Challenge Horse Show and the NHJC National Finals, visit the NHJC website at


The National Hunter/Jumper Council is the official hunter/jumper discipline organization of the USA Equestrian. As such, the NHJC seeks to represent the interests of all hunter/jumper competitors, horse shows, and organizations in the United States.
The NHJC is divided into 12 geographic zones, with the chairmen and vice-chairmen from each zone serving on the Council's 30 member Board of Governors. Each chairman of the six USA Equestrian hunter/jumper discipline committees serves also, rounding out the 30 member governing board.
In addition, the NHJC has many other committees dealing with specific issues relevant to the hunter/jumper sport, such as education, grass roots, stewards, judges, show management, show standards, drugs and medications, young rider and junior jumper championships, and planning.
The NHJC is also committed to communicating with its hunter/jumper constituency through a variety of media, including "Equestrian" magazine, the NHJC website (, and its quarterly newsletter, "The Council Connection." For more information, contact Marnye Langer, Director of Communications.

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