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The British Horse Society


On Thursday 15 November 2001 the Master of the Worshipful Company of
Saddlers, Mr Michael Laurie, presented the British Horse Society Sefton
Awards to three people who have made a significant contribution to
equestrian safety. The ceremony took place in the historic Saddlers Hall
in the City of London by kind permission of the Worshipful Company of


The SeftonAwards are named after the cavalry horse injured in the IRA bomb
attack and are presented each year for services to the cause of equestrian
safety. This is the eleventh year in which the awards are made. It takes
the form of an engraved glass paperweight, and will be presented to the
following people:

Mrs JENNY COCKITT (Abergavenny, Monmouthshire)
When Jenny Cockitt moved to Abergavenny she was already heavily involved in
riding and road safety, having served the BHS in that capacity in Essex.
Such was her reputation that she was instantly snapped up by the BHS in
Wales. Her diligent work in the Principality led to her current role as
Riding and Road Safety Representative on the Welsh National Committee and
recently as a presenter at National Safety Examiner Training days.

There are many ways to describe Jenny. She is an instigator of novel
approaches and a solver of old problems. She is hardly ever at a loss for
words and her highly developed sense of humour leaves her well equipped to
deal with the wide range of people involved in the riding and road safety
world. Jenny can, and does, liaise with everyone - from the Chief Constable
down to difficult ponies.

Although she will always see another's point of view, her high standards -
so essential in safety work - are never lowered, whether she is training,
examining or merely administrating. In all these things Jenny continues to
keep the well-being and safety of horse and rider in the forefront of
everything she does. In difficult times Jenny is supportive and does not
allow those around her to lose heart. Her vision and strong commitment
inspire all those who know her.

As well as her involvement in safety, Jennie also runs a working farm with
her husband John. Despite the enormous demands that this makes on her time,
she has raised the profile of safety in Wales. She is always ready and
willing to represent the Society when asked whether it be at the Welsh
National Assembly or a Pony Club rally. She has proved over many years that
her commitment to ensuring safer riding for all has no limit.

Mrs JANE GOODWIN (Penrith, Cumbria)
Jane Goodwin has been a member of the British Horse Society for over 40
years. In that time she has actively and devotedly worked for the welfare
of the horse and rider.

She has been involved in road safety since the BHS first took up the issue.
In 1986 Jane was appointed County Riding and Road Safety representative for
Cumbria, going on to become Regional Riding & Road Safety representative for
the North region in 1994. Jane has organised and run numerous candidate and
examiner training days.

Jane's work in road safety has always been tackled with enthusiasm. She has
the ability to bring out the best in the trainers, examiners and candidates.
She has done much to encourage an excellent working relationship between the
British Horse Society and Cumbria County Council's Road Safety Officers.
Indeed, the Senior Officer for Cumbria has acknowledged his pleasure at
working with Jane and thanked her for encouraging his interest in equestrian
road safety.

Jane has recently retired as the BHS Riding and Road Safety Representative
on the Cumbria Committee and from the National Regional Riding & Road Safety
Representatives Committee - she has rarely been absent from either. Very
much a no nonsense person, Jane's skills at ensuring that everyone sticks to
the point and that common sense prevails have made her contributions on
committees invaluable.

Jane is very deserving of this award.

JAMES PARKER (Woking, Surrey)
James joined the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames as a trainee Road
Safety Officer in 1982 and progressed to his current post of Road Safety
Officer. He began equestrian road safety training in 1986 on behalf of
Kingston Council and he is now a highly experienced riding and road safety

>From 1990 until July this year James was the representative of both the
Local Authority Road Safety Officers Association and the Association of
London Borough Road Safety Officers to the BHS Riding & Road Safety Advisory
Committee. He was a member of the British Standards Institute High
Visibility Committee. He played a major role in the process of getting wide
ranging advice on horses included in the Highway Code, thus ensuring that
the training for new drivers includes how to react to horses on the roads.

James still rides whenever possible. He is always willing to help others
and has been a valued associate to the BHS London Regional Committee. As a
safety professional through and through, his colleagues on the BHS Regional
Riding & Road Safety Committee will miss his wisdom and judgement now that
he has decided to step down.

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