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The Friesian Extravaganza

On October 26th & 27th, Reno hosted the Friesian Extravaganza and "Friesians
on Stage" at the Reno Livestock Events Center.

Friesians came from across the U.S. to participate in the afternoon
competition events which included all disaplines of Dressage. There was
driving from single hitches to four-in-hand coaches and specialized classes
including the popular costumed event. The show was very colorful with some
classes having over 20 entries, a large turn-out for a breed that is rather

Four approved breeding stallions were presented and judged for Champion of
the show by the judges brought over from Holland. The champion chosen for
the Reno show was Wander owned by Checkerboard Farms of Norco, California.

Every evening at 8:00PM the arena was cleared and the two hour event
"Friesians on Stage" began to spotlight some of the most beautiful Friesians
in the Unitrd States and showcased the best trained dancing horses in the
country. The show was directed and chorographed by Dianne Olds Rossi, the
owner of The Magical World of Dancing Horses and featured some of her
superbly trained Royal Black Dancing Friesians. Over 30 Friesians were
presented in the show with chorographed routines and specially desiged

The opening was beautiful to behold with 2 coaches-of-four parading with 2
large American and Canadian flags mounted beside the drivers and led in by 2
outriders also carrying flags. Soprano singer Dorothy Donell rode in on a
stunning Friesian stallion, escorted by 2 flag presenters, to sing both
national anthems. The arena was full of colors of flags and costumes. It was
a beautiful sight.

The always popular Hollywood Horses brought applause and laughter as
characters from the movies were presented on galloping black horses.
Everyone was there, Darth Vader, Darth Mahl, Yosemite Sam, Zorro, Atar,
from The Planet of the Apes, the Ben Hur chariot horses, Wizards and much
more. The finish was the appearence of Black Horse Valley Ranch Approved
Friesian Stallion Lukas, presented by Dianne Olds Rossi as "Lord of the
Dance". This pair truly are an inspiration in the art of "Horse Dancing".

Clay Maier with the Knapp Friesians did his immpressive "Ride & Drive"
Friesian Spectacular presentation that is very popular with the audience,
then retured later in the show for an unusual Friesians by two.

Sabine Shut Kerry rode Proud Meadows Farm's Jorrit is a Symphony of Dressage
and totally won over the audience.

Dianne Olds Rossi was able to co-ordinate all the Friesians in beautifully
chorographed events presented with specially edited music. The owners and
riders of their Friesian horses were attired in beautiful medieval gowns and
suits of armour. Later on some returned in the Buffalo Bill segment
portraying Minnie Pearl, cowboys, Rhinestone cowgirls, Calamity Jane and
barrel racers showing the versatility of the Friesian as a western horse. In
this segment, Rex Rossi, retired Trick & Fancy Roping Champion spun a rope
completely around his Friesian Mystic Magic with the "Cowboy's Wedding

As a special presentation, Dianne Olds Rossi presented her faboulous act
with the Arabian, The Sheik, the only non-Friesian in Reno and her Friesian
Mystic Magic. The Sheik responds at liberty to Dianne while she is riding
Magic. This feat has never been achieved before and showed to a standing
ovation at Equitana's "Mane event" in Kentucky.

A twelve horse Friesian drill, all in matched coats thrilled the audience
with their precision work and they received thundering applause at the
finish. All this was by the amateur riders and owners of the Friesian
horses. A job well done.

The very serious and patriotic finale with a salute to New York's "Twin
Towers" brought all the Friesians back into the arena for their finale walk
around and all who saw this 2 hour show were treated to the "magic and
enchantment of the Friesian horses".

Video tapes of the Reno "Friesians on Stage" will be available in the next
few weeks and anyone wanted to purchase a copy can call 562-908-9332.

Aurthored by Dorothea Burt

Dianne Olds Rossi
The Magical World of Dancing Horses & Night of the Friesians

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