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Alternative Dog Roly is really jumping for joy

Manchester United Kingdom 23rd October 2002

Roly a Golden Labrador used to be fastest Postman catcher in all of England until sadly he was struck down with arthritis. From being the happiest dog in the world Roly had to be content with watching his doggy mates' race around the fields around his house. Inside he limped around with a very sad look on his face. Roly's plight affected the Clarkson family so much they sought ways to get Roly back on his feet, but after numerous visits to the vet Roly's condition continued to deteriorate.
In desperation Roly sent an email to alternative health specialists and much to his surprise received an immediate reply from the company dogs Poppy and Muffet. Muffet a 13 year old Yorkshire terrier, who like Roly used to have a bad leg. Muffet had been taking Dr Tolonen's Nivelamin Green Lipped Muscle extract to take the pain away and recommended that Roly try some.

Roly was sceptical, but he was so rough (sic) he decided to give it a try.

Muffet was so excited to receive an email from Roly just the other day

Thank you very much for your e-mail about your magic tablets. I have been taking them (in cheese portions) for about 2 weeks now and my leg joint is much, much better. I am again chasing crows and squirrels on my local park, although I don't catch them. I have started to play tug-of-war with my master, with my rope pull, again. Those tablets really are good, aren't they? My owners want to say a big thank you to your owners for their help. My master is thinking of starting on them himself to see if it will help his neck and shoulder (he says it's because of them that his golf shots always go off to the side instead of straight - personally, I think it's all to do with his swing, but still I'm only a dog). My mistress is also considering them to help her creaky hip joint. (They seem to be as bad as I was). That's all for now, so I'll say cheerio. By the way, I will send you a photo by snail mail as my owners call it.
Roly from Nottingham

Product Description: Nivelamin- Green Lipped Muscle Extract

Nature has created these wonderful sea animals called New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (Latin - Perna Canaliculus), and they have been eaten by the Maoris for centuries. In early 1970´s a New Zealand company, MacFarlane developed a patented method of extraction and is now sold in powder form as Nivelamin capsules. It is of great benefit for joints and asthma.

As it is not a chemically synthesized product, it contains everything that mother Nature has put in it! Amongst other things:
· about 10 % natural glucosamine + chondroitin sulphate
· antihistamines
· phenylanaline (amino acid)
· marine fatty acids including Omega 3 (EPA, DHA and ETA).

In the encapsulating process we also add vitamin B6, as it is anti-inflammatory, and works synergistically with the other constituents.

Green Lipped Mussels are believed to help the body rebuild lost articular cartilage and reverse the breakdown process thus aiding joint mobility. This is not a "rapid process" and we suggest treatment is undertaken for some months in order to fully appreciate the effects.


Dr Tolonen´s Nivelamin (It works for Humans too)

"It has been something of a miracle and I cannot speak highly enough of this quite remarkable natural remedy."
I'm in my late sixties, retired and living for most of the year in Spain where I indulge in a lifelong passion for golf, and as a low handicap player, enjoy some of the finest courses on the Costa del Sol.
Two and a half years ago I experienced severe pain and swelling in my right knee whilst playing in a match and was unable to continue. It became so persistent I began to think that I might never play golf again. The problem was that enemy of many older people: arthritis.
It was my good fortune that I had come to know Dr. Matti Tolonen <>, a golfing colleague. I spoke to him about this and he introduced me to "Nivelamin <>", an organic product designed to relieve this condition, which he had developed and was already marketing with some success in Europe.
Having suffered such extreme discomfort for some considerable time, and learned from friends with similar problems the difficulty of finding any relief, I must admit I was sceptical. Nevertheless, I was prepared to try anything to get back on the golf course! Dr. Tolonen suggested a variable regime of "Nivelamin <>" and I commenced with a dose of five capsules each day. And within weeks I was back playing golf; it was quite amazing.
Over time, I have adjusted my intake to one capsule a day which allows me to continue leading a normal active life again. It has been something of a miracle and I cannot speak highly enough of this quite remarkable natural remedy.
Clive R. Shuker - Costa del Sol, Spain

1st Vitality - Mission Statement

If you are someone who is considering turning to alternative and complementary solutions to your health, well-being, or have a particular problem that conventional medicine hasn't solved - then you've reached the right place. We are advised by one of the world's leading nutritional specialists Dr. Matti Tolonen <> and offer a wide range of products from his professional product range. Our goal is to provide you with a unique range of high quality health improvement products at the best possible prices.

Company History

1stvitality formed in November 2001 is owned by 41 year old Lynn Ferguson, a qualified podiatrist, who suffered from Arthritis and Asthma and turned to alternative remedies to re-gain her health.

A firm believer in natural remedies Lynn has formed a trading partnership with the World renowned Alternative Health specialist Dr Matti Tolonen from Espoo in Finland.

Lynn has set out to offer an information rich experience for visitors to the website dispelling the myths and claims surrounding AC medicine.

The site contains over 60 specialist products released following more than 15 years of research by Dr Matti Tolonen and his associates in Finland..

1stvitality is now one of the definitive information resources for alternative and complementary medicine on the Internet.

Dr Matti Tolonen

Dr. Matti Tolonen is assistant professor at the University of Helsinki since 1978, having graduated as a physician in 1968. From 1970 to 1984 he was Chief Medical Officer at the Institute of Occupational Health (Helsinki and from1978 to 1988 he also acted as Company Physician for IBM (Helsinki). He has been Advisor at the World Health Organization (Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen and in the Headquarters in Geneva) on several occasions.

Dr Tolonen took up Nutritional Medicine in early 1980s. Since then he has been both a strong proponent and vocal critic of alternative medicine and he believes that Nutritional Medicine has both strengths and weaknesses, just like conventional medicine. Dr. Tolonen has published a number of books and several papers on the effects of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutritional factors on health. His bestseller book Vitamins and Minerals in Health and Nutrition (Ellis Horwood, New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore) been published in English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

Dr Tolonen has been Member of the scientific board of several journals in the domain of Nutritional Medicine. He has published articles in numerous national magazines in Finland, Sweden and Spain. Based on his research and practical experience in Nutritional Medicine, Dr. Tolonen has developed a number of popular dietary supplements
"A content rich encyclopaedia of Alternative and Complementary concepts"


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