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photograph taken when she first arrived at HorseWorld

Sweet Pea and Joanne Vaughan (Head Groom)" showing how well the nose is starting to heal
Pregnant Pony Abandoned With Rope Embedded in Nose

HorseWorld staff were shocked when they found a pony abandoned on wasteland in Avonmouth with a blue nylon rope embedded in its nose. The nylon rope appeared to have been used as a head collar, which is very dangerous as they can tighten and as in Sweet Pea's case, leave a very deep and painful wound.

HorseWorld staff rushed the pony back to their Welfare department in Whitchurch, Bristol, to remove the rope. The wound was obviously very painful for the pony, but she remained calm whilst grooms cleared out the dead skin. Staff at HorseWorld named the pony "Sweet Pea" - due to her prettiness and sweet nature.

All rescued animals are given a thorough health check at HorseWorld as soon as they arrive, and it was quickly discovered that Sweet Pea was also pregnant. Sweet Pea's condition will be carefully monitored over the coming months, to ensure she and her unborn foal receive all the nutrients and care they need. Staff predict that her foal will be born in March / April, although we do not know what breed the father is or how well Sweet Pea managed to feed in the early stages of her pregnancy.

Sweet Pea has now been moved from HorseWorld's Welfare department to the Visitor Centre, where staff are continuing her rehabilitation. Chris Kemp, Visitor Centre Manager, said; "We are pleased with Sweet Pea's progress. Her nose is slowly healing, although we still have to keep a very close eye on it. She has a lovely friendly nature, although a little shy and defensive, but we hope with love and tender care that she will make an excellent little riding pony. We now need to look after her and give her the time and space she needs to recover. We don't know any of her history, but we are really hoping her foal will be okay."

Sweet Pea's rescue was filmed by the Animal Hospital TV crew, and will be shown on Wednesday 26th November.


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