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New Drug-Free Pain and Lameness Therapy for Horses Announced

December 1, 2000 ...EquiMend, a new drug-free pain and lameness treatment for horses, was introduced to the horse industry today, according to Access Equine Inc., an equine marketing firm.

EquiMend is an innovative self-activating invention that holds therapeutic micro-currents within its patented cloth design and time-releases the treatment to the horse's injury over a 48-hour period, without the use of electrical connections, batteries, drugs or medications. The product's technology was awarded the prestigious gold medal for best invention at the 35th annual World Trade Fair in Brussels.

The high-tech product can be used on horses before, during or after competition. It works naturally within the horse's own body to encourage and accelerate healing. It does not mask the pain, but works to treat the cause of the pain

According to Access Equine president Claudia Alonso, "EquiMend represents a significant advancement in drug-free pain control for the equine athlete. There is no other product like EquiMend currently available to horseowners. . Our industry is long overdue for an effective treatment that can help horses stay in competition without the use of harmful medications. EquiMend is powerful enough for Breeders' Cup winners and yet safe enough for novice riders to use on their pleasure horses. We have set up a website, to answer questions about this new therapy."

EquiMend has been field tested at racetracks throughout Australia. Testimonials from veterinarians and trainers there reinforce the need for this product to be available worldwide so that horses of all performance disciplines can enjoy the benefits of this drug-free bio-analgesic. EquiMend has been used successfully to treat both acute and chronic pain in injuries such as sore shins, tendons, suspensories, sore backs, stiff muscles, hock pain, arthritic joints, splints, and hoof soreness.

Alonso has used the product's prototype since 1996 on her own horses and said "I have used EquiMend with great success for injuries on horses in my stable and I have seen exciting results when this product was used on racing injuries. I am most impressed by two unique qualities of this product that set it apart from other therapies. First, EquiMend can be applied to the horse during training and competition, which is not recommended or even possible for most commonly used pain relievers."

"Secondly, you can apply the product directly to a fresh, 'hot' injury. Magnet therapy, for instance, requires that the injury be cool at least 48 hours before applying the magnets. And it is not recommended that you school or compete your horse with magnets. With EquiMend, you can apply the product during a racing event or AHSA competition. EquiMend will not affect testing or increase risk of further injury. EquiMend is not only an effective tool in treating injuries; it is a giant step forward in prevention."

For more information contact: Access Equine Inc. 1-888-372-8886

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