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Peter Maddison-Greenwell & John Crawford The British Association of the Purebred Spanish Horse

Despite a hectic schedule, Peter Maddison-Greenwell, President of the Society, found a few minutes to talk with John Crawford at the British Equine Event

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The Spanish Horse
At first sight he takes your breath way with his sculptural beauty, proud bearing, natural high action and docile loving temperament. He is strongly built, yet extremely elegant with cat like agility and whilst he presents a picture of splendid animation he is at all times amenable to the person riding or handling him. He is a horse of extreme character and his eagerness to please in all he does makes him a truly magnificent mount or driving horse. These magnificent Spanish horses are once again becoming very sought after and are proving themselves in competition dressage, driving, showjumping, demonstrating great versatility.

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The Spanish Horse
A Pure 'Cartujano' stallion from the BOCADO Stud, Spain

Peter Maddison-Greenwell is the Director and co founder with Danielle Lawniczak of El Caballo de Espana (The Horse of Spain)
El Caballo de España has produced shows and exhibitions for both the general public and corporate business entertaining thousands in over four hundred performances. El Caballo de España has a long established reputation for training horses. Peter has been training horses for over thirty years.
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