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The Equitector Chill Master

Generally speaking most females complain about cold feet and when you are working on a yard during the winter when temperatures are often just around or below Zero, it is not easy to keep warm.

When working on a cold yard, standing still whilst holding horses for vets or farriers, or when riding for more than an hour, the feet quickly chill and once the cold has set in, it is virtually impossible to regenerate the heat.

There are few really effective boots on the market which help to prevent cold feet.
Almost all of the winter boots have furry or thermal linings that will warm the feet rather than prevent heat loss and even with best, after some time the effect will wear off.

We are introducing to the market at Beta 2002 a new type of boot guaranteed to keep your feet warm to minus 20 C.

The Equitector Chill Master boot (which will be equipped with new Easy Rider sole instead of the one shown) will have a special insulative lining and insole that will ensure that your feet remain at body temperature for any length of time irrespective of temperature.

The boot look like any conventional riding footwear and feel light and very comfortable.
Initially they will not feel exceptionally warm like those furry or thermal lined ones, which are designed to generate heat. The Chill Master is designed to keep your feet at body temperature rather than to heat them. The generation of heat can generate body moisture, which is a body cooler. Therefore if this sweat cannot or is slow to evaporate, it will speed up the cooling down of the feet.

A special membrane, which is laminated to the linings and the insole of the Chill Master, does not allow any of the body heat to escape.

As a result the body heat from your feet will heat " the insulated foot compartment " to your own body temperature and your feet remain at your normal body temperature irrespective of the outside temperature and without generating any body moisture.
Thus rather than generating heat, the boots are designed to prevent heat loss.
This makes it extremely comfortable for the wearer.

The Chill Master is constructed to the same standard as those boots which Shico manufactures for the use who work in Cold Storage facilities and are guaranteed to keep your feet warm to Minus 25 % Centigrade.

From a riding and work point of view, the boot has all the same qualities one finds in any Equitector boot. The Easy Rider balancing system prevents the foot slipping out of the stirrup iron and the waterproof leather keep your feet dry. The bellow tongue prevents bedding penetrating and the steel toe cap prevents feet injuries. The slip resistant sole is suitable for the weathers of all the seasons.

The Chill Master is the ideal riding and working as winter boot for yard staff and cold feeted people.


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