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The FEI Federation Equestre Internationale News

19 December 2001

- WEG Chef de Mission Meeting
- World Cup Driving: Harry de Ruyter (NED) wins in Amsterdam
- World Cup Jumping: Victory of Leslie Howard (USA) in Amsterdam
- FEI Waldfried Euro Future Cup Dressage Final
- FEI Rules and Regulations
- 2002 FEI General Assembly
- FEI Trainers Seminar. Warwickshire College (GBR)
- News from the International Equestrian Organisers Alliance (IEOA) and the Alliance of Jumping Organizers (AJO)

World Equestrian Games Chef De Mission Meeting

In view of the World Equestrian Games (WEG), which will take place from 11 through 22 September 2002, a Chef de Mission meeting was held on 12 December 2001 in the WEG host city Jerez de la Frontera (ESP). Among the organizational issues addressed at this meeting were accreditation matters, such as the maximum number of competitors, horses, grooms, National Federations (NFs) officials and horse owners, as well as accommodation facilities and transportation arrangements. Other topics, such as official and training facilities, periods free of charge, stabling, opening and closing ceremonies, and competition schedules were also discussed. The participants were given the opportunity to visit the WEG venues at Chapin and Garrapilos.

Representatives of 20 NFs attended the meeting.

World Cup Driving: Harry de Ruyter (NED) wins in Amsterdam

The third competition of the newly created FEI World Cup for Four-in-Hand Drivers took place in Amsterdam on 13 and 14 December 2001.

It was a first for the two times world champion and Dutch driving hero Ysbrand Chardon. He won the warm up competition with a huge margin ahead of his countryman Harry de Ruyter and Gert Schrijvers of Belgium. But he was less lucky in the World Cup competition. After an early knock down and following an attempt to make up for the loss, Chardon knocked over two additional balls. Victory went to 52-year old Harry de Ruyter ahead of the Stockholm winner Chester Weber (USA), followed by Schrijvers and Chardon.

In the overall standings Weber, who has competed in all three WC events so far, is in the lead with 22 points ahead of de Ruyter with 12. The next competition will take place on 27 December in Mechelen (BEL). Chardon, Schrijvers and Weber will again compete, along with Ludwig Weinmayr and Christoph Sandmann of Germany and the Wild Card Felix Brasseur of Belgium.

World Cup Jumping Victory Of Leslie Howard (USA) in Amsterdam

Former World Cup winner and Olympic champion Leslie Howard (USA) beat an impressive field to win Round 7 of the 2001/2002 World Cup Jumping Series (Western European League), which took place in Amsterdam on 13-16 December 2001 in Amsterdam (NED).

With nine horse and rider combinations going through to the jump-off it was Jan Tops (NED) who took the early lead from former Dutch international Jos Lansink, (now riding for Belgium) taking just two hundredths of a second off Jos’s time.

It was clear that Jan’s time could be beaten; the question was whether any of the remaining riders could go faster and stay clear. Experienced campaigner Leslie Howard had the advantage of a late draw and was able to make the most of her position, watching her competitors’ rounds and calculating where valuable seconds could be saved.

Following her recent close defeat in Berlin World Cup, Leslie was clearly determined to beat Jan Tops’ time. An impressive exhibition of speed jumping by Leslie and the French-bred Priobert de Kalvarie improved on Jan’s time by nearly five seconds thus securing Leslie first place in the Amsterdam World Cup.

The final results of the competition were as follows:

1. Leslie Howard USA – Priobert de Kalvarie 0 38:35
2. Jan Tops NED – Grand Dame 0 43:18
3. Jos Lansink BEL – AK Zandor Z 0 43:20
4. Rolf Goran Bengtsson SWE – Isovlas Pialotta 4 39:60
5. Jessica Kurten IRE – Paavo N 4 40:98
6. Malin Baryard SWE – H&M Butterfly Flip 4 41:06
7. Marcus Ehning GER – For Pleasure 4 41:07
8. Franke Sloothaak GER – Joli Coeur 4 42:36
9. Gert Jan Bruggink NED – Joel 8 41:88

After 7 of 15 competitions, the World Cup standings, Western European League, are as follows

1. Toni Hassmann (GER) 62
2. Rolf Goran Bengtsson (SWE) 59
3. Jan Tops (NED) 54
4. Malin Baryard (SWE) 45
5. Rene Tebbel (GER) 44
6. Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) 42
7. Eric van der Vleuten (NED) 36
Thomas Velin (DEN) 36
9. Jos Lansink (BEL) 34
10. Markus Merschformann (GER) 32

FEI Waldfried Euro Future Cup Dressage Final

The Final of the 2001 FEI Waldfried Euro Future Cup Dressage Series for Young Riders was held in Frankfurt (GER) from 14 to 16 December 2001. The final competition, the Prix St Georges Freestyle, was won by Nicola Giesen (GER) and Slow Fox V with a score of 77.13%. Second were Christian Ritter (GER) and Bernstein 49 on 73.70%, with Laurens van Lieren (NED) and Hexagon’s Rubiquil taking third place with 71.38 %. The FEI is pleased to announce that the Euro Future Cup Series will continue as an FEI development project in 2002, as will the generous sponsorship provided by Waldfried Dressage Stables.

FEI Rules and Regulations

The 2001 version in English of the Rules for Eventing will be published on the FEI website, section reference, chapter rules before the end of 2001. This version includes all updates and amendments made to date and supersedes the version published in the FEI Bulletin 10/2001. Amendments to the French version will be published in January 2002.

Moreover, the FEI is pleased to announce that as of 1 January 2002, the latest version of all official rules and regulations will be available on its website, section reference, chapter rules, in both English and French.

2002 FEI General Assembly

The 2002 FEI General Assembly will take place in April 2002 in Rabat (MAR). Below is a preliminary programme.

22 April

23 April

24 April

25 April

26 April

27 April



(Groups I to IX)




Executive Board Meeting


14:00 - 17:00
(Group I-II)
17:00 – 18:30

16:00 – 18:00


13:30 or earlier
Press Conference


Host NF Welcome Reception


19:30 – 22:30
FEI Prize-giving ceremony & fficial dinner


The FEI General Assembly meets to approve the agenda items within the functions and powers granted according to the Statutes, e.g. reports on elections, affiliations, budget, changes of statutes and regulations, proposals. Delegates are informed about the evolution and developments of the FEI (guidelines).

The Bureau Meeting consists of preparation of matters and decisions to be taken at the General Assembly and control of their implementation. Responsible for the general direction of the FEI and for all relevant matters not reserved to the General Assembly or to other bodies established under the Statutes.

Group Meetings are exchange of views between National Federations and Chairmen of Geographic Groups I to IX about structure, development guidelines, courses, seminars, support for shows, etc.

The Forum is an informal meeting between representatives of the federations, riders and organisers associations and the Bureau. The 2002 GA Forum will mainly be devoted to the future of the World Equestrian Games.

Detailed information, application forms and online registration are available on the FEI website, section reference, chapter working docs / various.

FEI Trainers Seminar, Warwickshire College (GBR)

The first Seminar for FEI Development Trainers took place in Warwickshire College (GBR) on 11 and 12 December. The seminar was held in conjunction with the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications and its purpose was to establish a list of experienced trainers who were prepared to work in developing countries as part of the FEI Development programs.

19 trainers from Europe and as far away as Israel and Australia took part in it. Many topics were covered including competition needs of developing National Federations, teaching through an interpreter or teaching mixed ability groups. David Mountford, Operations Director and representative of the International League for the Protection of Horses and the International Paralympic Equestrian Committee, explained these organisations work and gave an excellent demonstration of coaching disabled athletes.

An aide memoir will now be established for trainers travelling abroad and the FEI will maintain a database of these trainers for the use by both its development department and National Federations.

News From The International Equestrian Organisers Alliance (IEOA) and the Alliance Of Jumping Organisers (AJO)

The 2001 General Assembly of the International Equestrian Organizers Alliance (IEOA) convened on 10 November 2001 in Brussels (BEL).

Representatives from all alliances of organisers were present at the meeting as well as Michael Stone, FEI Assistant Secretary General, Eleonora Ottaviani, director of the International Jumping Riders Club (IJRC) and Emile Hendrix, riders representative on the FEI Jumping Committee.

Frank Kemperman, Secretary General, reported on the activities of the IEOA Board throughout the year. Important issues such as the Nations Cup Super League, a new concept for the World Cup Jumping, potential developments of the World Cup Dressage, the newly created World Cup Driving, the future of the World Equestrian Games and cooperation with the FEI were addressed.

Due to busy schedule, Klaus Pavel, founder of IEOA, has decided to hand over the presidency to Gerrit-Jan Swinkels, who has been involved with the IEOA from the very beginning. Gotthilf Riexinger was elected first vice-president in replacement of Mariette Withages.

Mr Pavel also stepped down from his function as President of the Alliance of Jumping Organisers (AJO). Tom Gordin was appointed in his stead.


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