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Ten years of Studbook Zangersheide

Next year our Studbook will celebrate its first jubilee year. Together with the breeders, we want to make our 10 year anniversary something special. Since Jumping Indoor Maastricht 1992, when I received the prize awarded to the breeder of the world’s best showjumping horse - which was, of course, our Ratina Z - so much has happened, so many people stuck out their neck and so many breeding issues have been changed for the better, that we have good reason to be proud of this.

Studbook Zangersheide has set many things in motion. In ten years time we have grown into a flourishing organisation in charge of an officially recognized studbook, a renowned assortment of breeding stock, a large number of top-class sires, a magazine in four languages and amongst other things an annual official World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses held at our domain.

Studbook Zangersheide is a studbook with by now more than 5,000 registered mares and an autonomous growth of 25 percent per year. We can not only look back with satisfaction at our Zangersheide-bred horses which have claimed high places in world rankings, but also confidently look forward to the increasing number of Z-products which we encounter frequently in the international jumping arenas.

We intend to celebrate our 10th anniversary with a terrific breeders-party during the FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships 2002 on the Friday-night after the Z-Auction, when we will put our loyal breeders and our most successful breeders in the limelight.

Studfarm Zangersheide has always offered the use of its top-class stallions to its members against very fair stud fees. But Zangersheide would not be Zangersheide if we did not have much more in store for our breeders. As a crowning touch we offer all our existing and future breeders a once-only 50 percent reduction on the stud fee for the next season (2002). After registration (in 2003) of the relevant foal in our Studbook this reduction will be refunded to you. Please note well: this offer is a ONCE-ONLY JUBILEE REDUCTION which EXCLUSIVELY applies to stallions from Studfarm Zangersheide and on the condition that you apply for membership of Studbook Zangersheide before 1 January 2002. In that case you only pay 45 Euro when you are living within Europe or 65 Euro when living outside Europe. You can than profit from all the advantages of membership of Studbook Zangersheide up to January 2003. You will, for example, receive Z-Magazine in one of the four languages six times a year. You can participate in the annual Z-Festival: the show-window for your Z-products with an opportunity to sell them at Z-Festival or at Z-Auction held during the World Breeding Jumping Championships for young horses.

Studbook Zangersheide is a studbook where breeders come first.


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