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SPILLERS Senior- the first complete senior feeding system

SPILLERS have launched a revolutionary new way to cater for the special nutritional requirements of the senior horse by introducing the first ever, complete senior feeding system, which will be available from January 2004.

Like people, horses age at different rates and are considered older by their owners at very different stages. In general most senior feeds are designed to provide condition, but all horses differ in their energy requirements and don’t always need the extra calories these feeds offer. However, the aging process itself places extra demands on the body that will benefit from specialist nutrition to support health and activity during later years.

SPILLERS have used their long-standing expertise in equine nutrition to develop SPILLERS Senior feeds, which are the first to be designed to meet the needs of older horses requiring extra calories and for those that maintain their condition well. SPILLERS Senior Condition and SPILLERS Senior Maintenance both contain a specially designed nutritional support package which includes the proven joint supplement glucosamine to help support joint mobility, Yea-Sacc1026 a live yeast that has been shown to increase fibre digestion and a complete micronutrient package including antioxidants and chelated minerals, that supports all round good health, but especially coat and hoof strength.

Recommended by Redwings horse charity, an authority on older horse care, SPILLERS Senior feeds can actually help your horse stay healthy and active for longer.

Clare Lockyer, Technical Manager at SPILLERS who developed the feeds explains: “The older horse population is increasing, and following feedback from our customers we have identified a real need for specialist senior products that support joint mobility, digestion and all round health for all older horses, not just the ones requiring extra condition. We believe SPILLERS new Senior products provide the very best of equine nutritional health in later years”

SPILLERS Senior Condition and SPILLERS Senior Maintenance are both highly palatable coarse mixes that contain a careful balance of energy sources from oil, steam flaked cereals and high digestible fibre and supply good quality protein from soya bean meal . SPILLERS Senior Condition also has the added advantage of a smaller particle size to make eating easier for horses with worn or missing teeth.

If you would like to discuss your horse’s diet with one of our qualified nutritionists telephone the SPILLERS Care Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626 or send an email to For further information visit the SPILLERS website at


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