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1st - 24th February 2001

This section will keep you up to date with all the changes that are taking place. Please let us know what you think, your feedback is always appreciated,

24th February 2001
horse Federation Equestre Internationale
- Meeting of the World Cup Meeting Group Jumping
- FEI Annual Veterinary Meetings, Helsinki (Fin),3 to 6 February 2001
- FEI Continues Fight Against Doping
- Top Driver Award for Singles to be sponsored by Kuehnle
- 2001 Regional Championships
- In Memorium

- Development
- FEI World Dressage Challenge 2000
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24th February 2001
Stallion Grading, National Championship for Young Horses, Sale of Educated Horses, Gala Shows, auction of selected stallions and 250 horses will be competing in dressage, jumping and show.
Dansk Varmblod's stallion grading is taking place the 8th - 11th March 1999 in Herning.
Photo: Wiegaarden/Annemette Kristoffersen.
Danish horse breeders are highly skilled experts
The Danes have been breeding horses for centuries and have always been among the best in the world. Jan Pedersen, Chairman of Dansk Varmblod (the leading breeding society in Denmark), is also the chairman of World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses, which represents more than 100,000 breeders from 43 nations. Both societies have the Danish Princess Benedikte as patron and she is a skilled rider herself and warmblood breeder as well.

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24th February 2001
horse Seniors Day at the Horse Show Features Special Exhibits Annual Heritage Palms Seniors Day presented by KESQ-TV and The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies at the Indio Desert Circuit, Sunday, March 4, 11am-1pm
INDIO, CA (February 23, 2001)--Seniors will be admitted free to the Indio Desert Circuit horse show on Sunday, March 4, from 11am to 1pm for the annual Heritage Palms Seniors Day presented by KESQ-TV and The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies. Seniors Day is an annual event presented as part of the six-week Indio Desert Circuit hunter/jumper horse show. Exhibits and displays for Seniors Day will be set up in a special area and will include the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center, Rose Society, Electric Car golf carts, County of Riverside C.A.R.E. Program, and Joslyn Senior Center.
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24th February 2001 Endurance Cancels all Rides as a Precaution in Foot and Mouth Outbreak
As a result of the confirmed outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease in Essex this week, the Board of the British Endurance Riding Association (BERA), the Council of the Endurance Horse & Pony Society of Great Britain (EHPS) and the Committee of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC) have worked together to ensure that ALL events under their control to be held this weekend (Saturday 24 February and Sunday 25 February 2001) have been cancelled. This applies to both events in their official ride schedules and to training & pleasure rides being run by the local groups and regions.
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24th February 2001 At Last! A quick, safe, economical method of ventilating your stalls without tearing down a wall!
Armour Gates now offers our new "Airflow Vent-Panels" specifically designed to be compatible with stall walls of 2”X 6” or 2”X 8” lumber. Airflow Vent Panels can be installed into existing stall doors as well as stall walls. This product is a wonderful addition to your barn when a new "foal" arrives. This feature allows keeping tabs easier and gives the foal freedom to browse the isle while increasing ventilation.
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24th February 2001 Prudent is all about Power and Speed
WELLINGTON, FL -- FEBRUARY 23, 2001 - World Cup Veteran, Katie Prudent of Middleburg, VA was yet again in the winner's circle; this time aboard the 11 year-old Dutch-bred, Van Holland in the Zada Enterprises, LLC Wellington Masters Power and Speed Challenge at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club on Friday, part of the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival.
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23rd February 2001 How to Measure a Bale of Shavings
as taken from the Division of Measurement Standards 2000 Handbook, Department of Food and Agriculture
All animal bedding products, including baled shavings, are legally sold by volume - not by weight. Unfortunately, most people cannot look at a bale of shavings before they buy and determine if they are getting the amount of material for which they paid. This bulletin informs consumers how to measure a bale and what recourse they have if they have received undersized bales.

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23rd February 2001 Cooper-Garrod Vineyards To Sponsor International Event
SARATOGA, CA February 16, 2001 - Cooper-Garrod Vineyards has stepped forward to claim the title sponsorship of this summer's equestrian vaulting event featuring top international vaulters. "RIDE THE EDGE International Vaulting Challenge" will take place in Saratoga, California at the Garrod Farms Riding Stables from June 30 to July 1, 2001.
This sport of equestrian vaulting, gymnastics in harmony with the moving horse, is one of the seven recognized sports of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). This event will highlight Men's Individual, Women's Individual and Team divisions. Dozens of horses of various breeds, from elegant Warmbloods to magnificent Belgians and Percherons will canter on a circle as their human partners perform required exercises and free style routines choreographed to music.
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23rd February 2001
horse The Eriskay Pony Society :
Important Dates for 2001

The Eriskay Pony Society will be holding its AGM at Perth Mart on 21st April 2001.
Anybody interested in learning more about this rare and historic breed is very welcome to come along. For further details contact Mary McGillivray, Chairman Tel: 01764 670626.
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23rd February 2001
horse Kawasaki to Sponsor BHS Hunter Trials
Kawasaki Commercial Products Division have generously agreed to sponsor the BHS Hunter Trials 2000-1 series. BHS chairman Michael Clayton said: "We are delighted that a company of the stature of Kawasaki wants to sponsor the BHS hunter trials. It is evidence of the value they perceive in a partnership with the grass roots of equestrian sport."
The aim of the competition is to allow recreational riders at every level of ability to 'have a go'. The courses are designed to provide a challenge for riders of varying skills and at the same time to be well constructed and safe.
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23rd February 2001
horse The ”Horse Whisperer” is coming.
Monty Roberts is the guest of honour at the EQUITANA 2001
Monty Roberts is coming! On the first four days, the horse ”whisperer”, whose fame spread beyond rider circles and throughout the world with the publication of his book ”The Man Who Listens To Horses”, will demonstrate his famous Join-Up® method of accustoming young horses to people, saddle, harness and in the end to the rider and freeing problem horses from their difficulties in his own famous round pen in the large ring (hall 6) every day at lunch time. His undisputed successes have brought Monty Roberts an enormous fan following, and not only in Germany. Fans for whom about 5,550 places have been provided in the large ring for viewing his demonstrations over the four days – without any additional admission charge on the fair admission ticket.
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23rd February 2001
Wellington's Own Engle Captures $25,000 Zada Enterprises Challenge Cup
WELLINGTON, FL -- FEBRUARY 22, 2001 - 2000 Olympian, Margie Engle of Wellington, FL piloted her 2000 Olympic Mount the 11 year-old Westphalian, Hidden Creek's Perin to victory in the $25,000 Zada Enterprises,LLC Challenge Cup Friday at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club
Margie Engle & Hidden Creek's Perin courtesy of Ken Kraus
. Engle was fault-free over the final jump-off course in 44.164 seconds, barely beating veteran Kimberly Frey of Hume, VA, aboard Samoens, the 13 year-old chestnut gelding. Frey finished just splits behind Engle, in 44.750 seconds. Canadian, Laurie Bucci finished in third place aboard Lemir, crossing the timers in 44.477 seconds but had carried 2 time faults from the first round of the competition.
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23rd February 2001 Foot & Mouth Outbreak
The British Horse Society is advising riders to keep off bridleways and farm land until all danger of the disease spreading has passed. This is out of courtesy to farmers who are understandably worried and riders should take care not to add to those worries.
There is no danger to horses as such - they cannot catch it - but there will be a restriction on movement in the exclusion zones
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22nd February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Tools of the Training Trade: Keeping Logs.
Keeping a log is a powerful training skill a lot of people overlook. Without logs, you have to trust your memory. More often than not, your trusty memory gets to be a rusty memory and you wind up losing track of where you've been and where you're going.
Logs are proof of progress you can turn to on those discouraging days when nothing seems to go right. They can keep you focused and on track so you make the most of whatever time you have to spend with your horse. And they can be a powerful tool for people to develop a positive relationship with their horse.
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22nd February 2001
horse The Smoky Mountain Walking Horse Sale
The Smoky Mountain Walking Horse Sale will be held again this February on the 23rd & 24th at the "Smoky Mountain Expo Center located in White Pine, Tn.
The Sale will be conducted by Smoky Mountain Sales and this sale will be one of their finest. Top quality Walking Horses and other breeds have been entered.
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22nd February 2001
horse Portrait of a horse breed– Arabian Berbers in the Azzayani stud at the EQUITANA for the first time
The Arabian Berber is the most common horse breed In North Africa. In Southern Europe also these horses are enjoying increasing popularity
In Germany the crossbreed between the Arabian and the Berber will be presented at the EQUITANA 2001 for the first time. The Azzayani stud farm in Laubach in Hesse (run by Dr Susanne Geipert) will bring the offspring they bred themselves and horses specially imported from Morocco for the EQUITANA in Essen. The horses are to be presented by the two Moroccan riders Mimoun Ben Bouzza and Mohamed Oukhattar.
The Arabian Berber, with a height range of 15 to 16 hands emerged over 1,000 years ago through targeted cross-breeding between the Arabian and the Berber horse, which is indigenous to all of North Africa. Fans of this breed say that they unite in an ”incomparable way the advantages of both original breeds”: the courage, strong nerves, sturdiness and loyalty of the Berber with the speed, endurance and beauty of the Arabian.”
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22nd February 2001 Chapot Captures $5,000 Speed Class
WELLINGTON, FL -- FEBRUARY 21, 2001 - US Equestrian Team Veteran, Laura Chapot of Neshanic Station, NJ was in the winner's circle aboard the Dutch Stallion, Hamar in the $5,000 AmeriChoice Open Speed Stake at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Equestrian Club on Wednesday.
Chapot was fault-free over the jumping course in 56.173 seconds, defeating Jason McArdle, riding Nero Van Het
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22nd February 2001 IPWHR
If you want a smooth ride, you WANT a Walking Horse! If you want a Clean, Sound, Naturally-Gaited Walking Horse, then you NEED the

NO DUES! but ALL the services that an Elite Breed Registry can provide for your horse at LOW RATES!
Come visit us at for all the necessary information in order for you to put the PLEASURE back into owning a Walking Horse!
22nd February 2001 SierraEquest Online: Emerging Infectious Disease Network
Connecticut Equestrian Trainer Stricken with Spongiform Encephalopathy - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) or Human Form of Mad Cow Disease?
Jodi Tharp, a natural athlete and teacher of dressage spent many summers in Europe in the 1980s (Student of Nuno Oliveria) learning dressage. Questions remain whether she was infected there.

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21st February 2001 An introduction to Essential Oil Therapy for Animals
¥ Animals can't tell us in words what it is they need to get better but they do know instinctively what their bodies need to get well. If they were still wandering the prairies they would pick and choose the herbs and grasses they needed to maintain health, whether that be worm control or pain killers. We deprive them of that possibility in a domestic environment so they become dependent on us to figure out what they need, a hit and miss affair a lot of the time. The uniqueness of Essential Oil Therapy is that they choose which oils, how and how often, they are never forced on an animal. A qualified practitioner chooses the oils she thinks appropriate after taking a detailed case history and a kinesiology test, but the animal has the final choice and responds very clearly by licking, inhaling or turning away from the oils. The animal will be offered the oils once or twice a day depending on the initial interest shown until it no longer shows any interest in the oils at which time the animal will be re-assessed to see if the problem has resolved or if it needs different oils.
¥ Allowing the animal to participate in its own healing in this way returns some autonomy to creatures who are all too often at our mercy. This can lead to a greater sense of trust between carer and animal.

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21st February 2001
horse The Hucul – a horse breed in danger of extinction to be presented at the EQUITANA 2001
The Hucul, which is one of the horse breeds already on the ”Red List” of domestic animal breeds threatened by extinction, will be exhibited at the EQUITANA 2001. The Slovak National Stud Topolcianky will arrive with six of these rare small sturdy horses and present them at their typical work as draught and work horses, four and six in front of the carriage, with historic wooden packsaddles and led by hand during work with wooden boles. The Huculs will be on view in hall 2 during the fairs.
The Hucul which stands at 12.2 to 13.2 hands high is an indigenous breed of the Carpathians. Scientists assume that it is a direct descendant of the Tarpan, an Eastern European wild horse and accordingly a very old horse breed. Over the centuries the Huculs were used as pack horses to carry heavy loads over practically impassable mountainous paths in the Carpathians. Even today, these sturdy horses are indispensable on the high-lying mountain farms in the south of Poland. Nevertheless this old horse breed is in danger of extinction.
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21st February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Tools of the Training Trade: Equipment
There's a lot of mythunderstandings out there about training equipment. Some people seem to believe that using a certain piece of equipment guarantees their horse will learn something. Or they'll be able to learn it easier or faster. Other people flat out condemn particular pieces of equipment no matter when or how they're used. They can't see any way using the thing could be justified. Another bunch puts down riders who use certain kinds of equipment as ignorant, unskilled, or inhumane.
When it comes to training equipment, blanket statements about what is good or bad simply don't work. Training equipment has to suit the horse where he is at and the handler where she or he is. The goal in choosing or using any kind of special training equipment should be the safety of the person first, the safety of the horse second, then the comfort of the horse and finally the comfort of the person. The horse has no choice in the comfort thing so his comfort should come before the handler's but in safety, it's the other way around.
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20th February 2001
horse The Abaco Wild Horse.
GREAT ABACO, BAHAMAS...Once, they were a mighty herd, perhaps 200 strong: pinto, bay and roan horses rippling through thousands of acres of pine forest. They were as free as the sea winds that blew across the island they had conquered.
Their origins remained unclear until 1998. It was thought that some of their ancestors came from domestic animals brought by English Loyalists who abandoned North America during the American Revolution. When some of the colonizing attempts failed, the horses were turned loose and left behind.
Others were thought to have come with the logging operations that cleared Wilson city in the south of Great Abaco and Norman's Castle in the north. And these logging horses may have come from Cuba. When the logging company clear-cut itself into oblivion, the horses were abandoned.
In 1998 it was discovered that the horses probably are Spanish Barbs. Pending DNA testing, it is 99% certain that they are genetically pure - having been 'untampered' with for over 250 years. The pine forests of Abaco are something few visitors know exist.
In the Bahamas, the Caribbean pines (Pinus caribaea), exist only on Grand Bahama, Andros, Abaco and New Providence Islands. On Abaco, the forests provided a home for the tough, romantic and equally rare wild Spanish Barb horses.
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20th February 2001 Blow to Disabled Riders
A RIDING for the Disabled centre at Upper Beeding may be forced to close after heartless thieves stole all its specialist tack and equipment. THE owners of a charity centre that offers horse riding to disabled children are devastated after thieves stole all their riding equipment. The South Downs Riding for the Disabled Association in Upper Beeding had its entire tack, worth more than £10,000, stolen during the burglary over Friday night/Saturday morning (Feb 9/10). The centre, run by couple Jill and Rupert Blake for the past 25 years, could now be forced to close.
Anyone who would like to make a donation to the centre can call 01903 815 924.
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20th February 2001
horse Scott Hofstetter and Karat Top Field of 45 to Win $50,000 Rio Vista Grand Prix at Ocala Winter Festival
OCALA, FL (February 18, 2001)--Scott Hofstetter, 31, of Ocala, Florida, won the $50,000 Rio Vista Grand Prix at HITS Ocala II Winter Festival in Florida, today, riding Karat owned by Ri-Arm Farm. A field of 45 horses competed on the course designed by Ken Krome of Westminster, Maryland.
"It was my first Grand Prix win and it was in my hometown," said Hofstetter. "It was awesome. There were probably 1,500 people here and they were all screaming and clapping. They went crazy. It feels great. It was perfect."
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20th February 2001 Ultimate Pedigrees has announced their pedigree reference CD-ROM
February 19, 2001 - Ultimate Pedigrees has announced their pedigree reference CD-ROM with over 6 million registered horses is available on their website The perfect program for all types of horse owners from pedigree buffs to running a pedigree business; horse owners cannot afford to be without this powerful tool.
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20th February 2001 Saddletude Awards
Polo Player :: Prince Charles
Racing :: International Jockey :: Frankie Dettori
Jumping :: International Rider :: Ian Millar
Rodeo :: Barrel Racer :: Kelly Yates
Rodeo :: Bare Back Rider :: James Boudreaux
Racing/Steeplechase :: Amateur Jockey :: Anne Hambelton
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19th February 2001
horse The Dartmoor Pony.
The Dartmoor Pony is an attractive pony very much in demand for its gentle nature as a child's first riding mount. Dartmoor ponies have provided children and families with wonderful experiences due to their versatility and adaptability to riders of all ages. It is not unusual for the same pony to patiently carry a toddler on lead line, be used by an older child for 4H or Pony Club and then happily work in harness taking the parents for a Sunday drive.
Below are some of the top reasons Dartmoors are becoming increasingly more popular:
1) The pony averages around 12 hands thus making it easy for a child to groom, saddle and mount themselves.
2) They move with a low, smooth stride making their riders feel they are on a much larger mount.
3) They are not easily excitable like their cousins, easy to train and posses a gentle & kind heart like the family Labrador.
4) In the showring, the Dartmoor has competed with outstanding success against other breeds in jumping, cross-country and dressage proving that it is a breed to be reckoned with in competition.
5) When used as a harness pony, they can hold their own against much larger equines displaying toughness & courage allied with their calmness.
Typically, once a Dartmoor Pony makes it into a family, they are rarely sold. When the children outgrow them as riding mounts, they go on as harness ponies or are passed on to relatives to teach their young ones the love of riding and caring for a pony.
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19th February 2001
horse EQUITANA - As The Crow Flies 2001 – Renaissance of a very old form of travelling.
A journey on horseback on enchanting, natural tracks all over Germany in 101 days. The EQUITANA in association with the German Trailriding Academy intends to prove that Germany can be traversed on horseback along natural tracks in 101 days. Any trailrider can take part in this relay for one day, a couple of days or even a week.
One relay will start in Flensburg on the 20th May 2001. The second group will begin at Constance on 9th June 2001. The relays will meet at the Liebenstein and Sterrenberg castles on the Rhine on the 3rd August where they will have the traditional compass rose festival to celebrate the success of their journey on horseback.
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19th February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Tools of the Training Trade: Lesson Plans.
Horses are not born knowing how to be reining horses or dressage horses or driving horses. We train horses to play the games we humans like to play. We start with the horse's inborn mental and physical abilities. Then we gradually apply pressures to shape his behavior so he uses his physical abilities in the specific ways we want. (need to condition his body along with his mind)
In order to reach your goal of playing a specific game with your horse, you need to have some kind of plan for how you're going to take the horse from raw material to finished partner. A lot of people search for a one-size-fits all lesson plan, kind of like a recipe for a cake, that will guarantee fairly standard results if they just add the right ingredients and follow all the steps. There is no single lesson plan or training recipe that fits every horse.
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19th February 2001 Mark Leone Cruises in Ford Florida Classic
Wellington, FL - February 18, 2001 - Mark Leone celebrated his 39th birthday a week early.
Leone, aboard Pinkata De Longpre, a 9-year-old chestnut Belgian-bred, cruised into the winner's circle in the $75,000 Ford Idle Dice Classic Grand Prix at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club. It was Pinkata's first major victory and the first World Cup qualifier of the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival

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18th February 2001
The Patterns and Markings of Spotted Equines.
The ISHR was founded in 1990 as a color registry for all kinds / types / breeds of spotted horses, ponies, miniatures and is non profit.
Combinations of different "types" of breeds, mixed with the rainbow of color patterns, results in a special type of horse which is truely a great treasure. More people are seeking the recognition and prestige that these colorful horses possess by registering them with this unique registry and to be accepted as a true spotted horse based on the merits of the pattern markings and colors.
Several patterns of white hair occur on horses. Each one will be described by the appropriate pattern term that is accepted by the ISHR Association. These are the most complete and accurate variations that are used by this registry.
"ASYMMETRICAL" white patches are typical of Paints/Pintos, and consist of irregular patches of white on any base color. Learn the differences between Tobiano, Tovero, Tobiano, Sabino and Rabicano patterns.
"SYMMETRICAL" white patches are typical of Appaloosas and POAs. Several different patterns fall into these groups, each is a separate and distinct pattern. (On some Appaloosa's the patterns can be combined and grouped to form unusual pattern types).
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18th February 2001 Beyond Condition-Response.
The equestrian industry has been blessed with wonderful insight and advancements in the last few decades through the books and videos of todays prominent trainers. If you compare the starting of a horse in a round pen while allowing the horse to become a participant in the process to the old style of tying a horse to a post, throwing a saddle on it, and having a bronc buster ride it out, you find a world of difference. Through the continuing study of animal behavior and the growing understanding of how equine think, we are developing training techniques and styles that are increasingly effective, more humane, and safer for man and equine.
With "normal" horses, condition-response is much easier to achieve than with zebras, zorses, or "problem" horses. Mistakes or breakdowns in the establishment of a proper relationship are much easier to resolve with "normal" horses. It is the result of the natural social structure of horses. The herd instinct, with the importance of the role of domination in establishing social order, makes most horses comparatively easy to train. It is through the horses willingness to participate and to be dominated that provides for an attainable partnership with the human in control under most circumstances. Through the experiences of working with "problem" horses, zebras, and zorses, a unique insight can be gained into the understanding of equine behavior and thought processes, and an incredible partnership can be the end result. If you are thinking that it is not worth the risk, the extra time, or the trouble, consider the following story.
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18th Februay 2001 Zada Enterprises, LLC Florida Dressage Classic IMPRESSIVE
WELLINGTON, FLORIDA - February 17, 2001 - It was an impressive day during the featured Grand Prix Special today at the Zada Enterprises LLC Florida Dressage Classic, part of the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club on Pierson Road in Wellington. It was a dynamic comeback for Canadian Ashley Holzer, wife of Show Jumping's Rusty Holzer. She took first place in today's Grand Prix Special on board the 11 year-old Dutch Warmblood stallion, Imperioso with a score of 67.132%. The dynamic duo also took first in Friday's Open Grand Prix with a score of 66.000%. Lynda Alicki, of Wellington, partnered with 10 year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding, Impressario took second place today with a score of 66.977%. Alicki and Impressario won Friday's USET Grand Prix with a high score of 64.333%.
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18th February 2001
horse Sports highpoints with international participation
Cups at the EQUITANA
Sports highlights in almost all riding sports disciplines – that too is the EQUITANA 2001. Here an overview of cups and series:
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18th February 2001 The Brookhill Steeplechase Teams with the Carolina Hurricanes For an Exciting Opportunity!
The Brookhill Steeplechase and the Carolina Hurricanes have teamed up for a Brookhill Steeplechase/Raleigh Jaycees night at the Entertainment Sports Arena on Friday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. The Hurricanes are scheduled to take on the Washington Capitols for what is sure to be an exhilarating game.
The Brookhill Steeplechase and the Jaycees will have a display table on the main level concourse throughout the night where we will be promoting the Brookhill Steeplechase and the Raleigh Jaycees. A Brookhill Steeplechase promotion will run on the Jumbotron and Jaycees will have the opportunity to make a presentation on the ice between game periods. This game is expected to sell out and the Jaycees would like to help make this a memorable event. The Jaycees will also have an after-event social at The Arena Club. The Arena Club features music, dancing, and drinks.
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17th February 2001
horse Western Interview Video
Online video of interview after Western demonstration with Bob & Christine Mayhew and David Lloyd. John Crawford talks to Bob. The demonstration took place at the British Equine Event 2000.
Audio Only,
/archive/equiworld-net/video/ee-western-audio.ram 56k
Modem Users,
ASDL/DSL/Cable Modem Users,
Note, you will need to have the RealMedia, RealPlayer installed to play these files, you can get a free, basic version from,
17th February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Advanced Heeding:Teaching Your Horse to Longe
When you first start teaching a horse to heed, you use a corridor of aids or pressures to create a feeling in the horse of where you want him to move. As the horse's understanding increases, the handler can not only change the direction of the horse's strides but also their length, speed, and cadence.
Longeing in a circle falls into the category of advanced heeding for several reasons. First, the horse and the handler are working in a corridor at a distance from one another. Second, the handler is no longer doing simple, basic heeding with his or her primary line running parallel or perpendicular to the horse's primary line. The horse no longer just mirrors the direction and speed the handler is moving. And third, it is difficult to create a full corridor of aids that create the exact feeling of a circle.
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17th February 2001
horse EQUITANA 2001: Information, practical demonstrations, prizes
FN programme provides everything you could wish for
Practical demonstrations with reputable trainers, non-stop information, competitions with prizes, children’s grooming competition, introduction courses on different themes – the programme presented by FN (Fèdèration Equestre Nationale), which is the national association of German riders and the traditional partner of EQUITANA, will meet your every wish at the world fair of equestrian sport in March. Together with the FN publishers, DKThR (German Curators for Therapeutic Riding) and the DOKR (German Olympics Committee for Riding), FN will present itself at stand B07 in hall 10/11
Information will feature highly at FN of course. A host of employees will answer questions on horses and equestrian sport, training, youth work, popular sports and championship sport, the FN areas of breeding and personal members, on FN itself, the much-questioned theme of insurance and of course all the issues which associations and equine enterprises urgently wish to know about. Three PCs will also be available at the stand to answer questions on tournament successes. Two other terminals will show fair visitors what FN has to offer on the Internet.
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17th February 2001 Ward Wins Challenge Cup
WELLINGTON, FLORIDA -- February 16, 2001 -1998 AGA Rider of the Year, McLain Ward, captured his fourth win of the season in today's $25,000 Ford CWEF Challenge Cup aboard the 11 year-old Dutch Bred mare, Crazy You at the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival. "Crazy You jumped very well today. It was nice preparation for the world cup qualifier, which is one of the most important classes. Hopefully, she'll be in good form for Sunday's Grand Prix," said the 25 year old Ward, of Brewster, NY, who turned in the fastest clear round with a time of 70.12 seconds, edging Canadian Eric Lamaze up on the 11 year-old Hanovarian bay gelding, Millcreek Raphael. Lamaze finished the 13-obstacle course designed by Jose Gamarra of La Paz, Bolivia just over one full second slower than Ward with a faults-clear-round time of 71.44 to take the second slot.
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16th February 2001
horse Equiworld at BETA 2001
Equiworld will again have a stand at this years British Equestrian Trade Association (aka BETA) International Trade show being held on 18/19/20th February 2001 at the NEC, Birmingham, England.
Equiworld was the first equestrian internet company to have a stand at BETA. This year marks Equiworlds fourth year at the event.
If you are attending the event please come and meet the team at stand (C1.3) at any point throughout the event.
You can find more about the trade show on the web at,
16th February 2001 Minister to back Equine Welfare Ragwort Campaign
The Agriculture Minister Baroness Hayman is to give an address on the dangers of Ragwort at an equine welfare seminar that aims to advise landowners on the control of this lethal weed.
Organised by the National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) the seminar on April 4th will bring together leading experts on control measures while one local authority that has successfully implemented a control strategy will be sharing the secrets of its success.
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16th February 2001 The Sidelines Series Presents:
The Outback Equestrian Triathlon
March 5, 2001
Location: The Outback Polo Club on Southfields Rd just east of the Show Grounds and north of Lake Worth Extension off South Shore.
Each team will have one rider of each of the three disciplines, polo, jumping and dressage. Tim Gannon has graciously offered to host the event at his newly opened Outback Polo Club. The event committee, Samantha Charles, Neil Shapiro, Heather Crespo, David Lominska and Robin Dutoit have found top riders willing to donate their time and horses and put together the teams and sponsorship as a kick off for this first ever competition. Next year we are hoping to expand the event and everyone will be invited to enter their own team.
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16th February 2001 Olympic Gold Medallist Visits Festival
WELLINGTON, FL - February 15, 2001 - Show Jumping's 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist, Jeroen Dubbeldam of Holland, is on the showgrounds of the Ford Florida Classic, part of the 2001 Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club on Pierson Road in Wellington. In this, his first trip to the United States, Jeroen Dubbeldam, who earned a gold medal for show jumping in Sydney, Australia on October 1st on board his 12 year-old grey Dutch Warmblood gelding, DeSJIEM, arrived this week to see the festival first-hand. "I've always wanted to come here - it's just been a matter of finding the time," stated the very busy 27 year old. "I've sold a mare here, and that was my push to finally come and see for myself this incredible festival."
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15th February 2001
horse New relationship between horse and rider
GaWaNi Pony Boy at EQUITANA 2001
He also has an enormous fan following in Germany and in Europe. For many people the half Indian, GaWaNi Pony Boy, who set his mind on developing a very special relationship between man and horse, became a new idol in the horse whispering scene, at the latest after the great success of his book ”Horse, Follow Closely”. Now GaWaNi Pony Boy is touring through Germany again and will stop off at the EQUITANA 2001 in Essen from 3rd to 11th March.
GaWaNi Pony Boy, who has Cherokee blood coursing through his veins and prefers to be just called Pony, not only grew up with horses but from his earliest years he was given a distinct consciousness of his Native American roots and ancestors’ culture. After graduating from college, the young man from North Carolina devoted his attention to Native American traditions. For three years he travelled through the states with a Native American drummers’ group. From the oldest of the different tribes, Pony learned a better understanding of traditional knowledge and principles of belief. He put methods, ideas and techniques together and combined them with his own experience and used this as the basis for developing his relationship training with horses.
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15th February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Lead
Heeding uses methodically applied directional pressures to create shapes that the horse can understand. You create those pressures by changing the relationship between the horse's primary and secondary lines of influence and your own.
The primary line of influence runs from front to back. Yours runs from out in front of you through your chest and straight out behind. The horse's runs from in front of him down along his spine and out to the rear. The secondary line of influence runs from side to side through the shoulders for either one of you.
In the beginning, you use arena walls or a fence lines and corners to help you create corridors of pressures using these lines of influence. These corridors of pressures should horse logically allow the horse to move in the direction you want him to move--forward or left or right or not moving at all. You can also use those pressures to a create a shape or feeling such as straight or curving and even a speed such as walk or trot.

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15th February 2001 Wellington's Holly Hayes vies for 5th Consecutive Circuit Championship
WELLINGTON, FL - February 14, 2001 - Holly Hayes, of Wellington, FL, is in contention for her fifth Circuit Championship aboard a stable full of hunters here at the 2001 Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival. Hayes, 25, partnered with the chestnut gelding, REGALL, placed second out of a total of 16 in today's Regular Conformation Hunters. "Today we showed in the Grand Prix field. He was awesome. He was wonderful," says Hayes, who comes from a family of Hunter Riders. Originally from Chatanooga, TN, Hayes has been riding since she was 2 years old. Now riding for Leo Conroy Stables of Coltsneck, NJ and Wellington, FL, Hayes and her mount, OVERDRESSED, took the CWEF Regular Working Hunter Circuit Championship in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Last year, she and SPECTACULAR RULER won the Secong Year Green CWEF Circuit Championship.
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15th February 2001 GlaxoSmithKline Continues Tradition of Sponsoring The Brookhill Steeplechase in 2001
Raleigh – Continuing their long tradition of community support, GlaxoSmithKline agreed to help sponsor the Brookhill Steeplechase for the ninth year in a row.
GlaxoSmithKline joins sponsors Time Warner Cable, RTCI, Spectator, and Killer Creative Group. The Johnston County Visitor's Bureau has also provided support by approving a grant. "We are excited about the progress we've made with our sponsor selection and delighted to have some new organizations join us this year," states Co-chair Karey Martin. “The Raleigh Jaycees and the Brookhill Steeplechase are honored that GlaxoSmithKline is continuing their sponsorship of this event,” according to Co-chair Glenn Seitchek, “GSK has sponsored us every year since the beginning of the Brookhill Steeplechase nine years ago and we are honored and pleased to accept their continued support.”
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15th February 2001 Arab Canada
Arabian Horses Canada is pleased to announce the launch of our new Web site at This site is about promoting the Arabian Breeders of Canada and their amazing stallions. You will find links to breeders, stallions, Trainers, Equine Products & Suppliers, and Arabian Associations, all located in Canada. This site is at its infancy stage but is growing quickly.
14th February 2001
horse Equitana and the Side Saddle Association horse
The Side Saddle Association is sending a team of five horses and riders to Equitana, the largest equestrian trade exhibition in the world, to perform a side-saddle quadrille, as well as to give side-saddle jumping demonstrations, from March 3 to 11, 2001.
The team is also scheduled to take part in a grand international parade centred on the history of Chantilly, on March 4, 7, 9 and 10 in the Hop Top Show, as is a detachment from the Household Cavalry.

Equitana's links with The Side Saddle Association began in 1985, when the Association was first invited to provide a display for the Hop Top Show.
The Team, which comprises some of the top side-saddle riders and instructors in Britain, performs a quadrille to music composed by Sir Arthur Sullivan.

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14th February 2001
horse Camel Racing Tops the Bill at Armathwaite Hall Cumberland News Country Fair - Organisers Appeal for Jockeys
Four racing camels, magnificently arrayed with fringes and tassles, will take centre stage at the Armathwaite Hall Cumberland News Country Fair over the weekend of July 20th - 22nd - and organisers are already on the look out for potential jockeys!
Running in conjunction with the Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials, the Cumberland News Country Fair will stage three days packed full of rural entertainments, with the busy trade stand village and top class horse trials competition providing something for all the family.
Camel racing is a popular sport in the Middle East and Australia and is a superbly entertaining spectacle. If you are a reasonably experienced horse rider, over 18 and would like to apply for possible selection as one of the camel racing jockeys at the Armathwaite Hall Cumberland News Country Fair, please click here for further details
14th February 2001
horse Abandoned Pony and Friends Move to New Home
A new tailor-made equine Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre for the North of England will be taking in its first residents next Tuesday, 20 February. Bobby, an abandoned pony and his friends will be moving to Penny Farm, Nr. Blackpool, the sixth Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre of the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH).
Formerly a dairy farm the new Centre has accommodation for 65 rescued horses and ponies, together with an isolation unit, spacious veterinary treatment area, and a large covered exercise arena, all nestling in 110 acres.
Tony Fleming, Centre Manager says, ·The new Centre is a superb place for the horses to come to for specialist care and to start a new, happier life - it is indeed the ILPH Flagship. The purpose built Visitorsµ Centre will allow us to get our message across to a far greater audience in a busy tourist area where up till now we have been relatively unknown, and having the campsite nextdoor is an extra bonus.
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13th February 2001
A Horse, of Course
with Don Blazer
If there are a million ways to buy a bad horse, there must be at least five ways to buy a good one.
To get a good horse, you have to use a little horse sense. Hard to do, being human. Emotion usually gets the best of us.
Its natural to be anxious and excited by the thrill of owning a new horse. But whoa, hold it, shorten the reins!
I know the horse is beautiful, and the story that goes with him is reasonable, and he may be sold tomorrow. But you asked, so accept this fact: buyer beware!
Before you start looking for a horse, determine what it is you want. Write down your requirements. Your list should include breed, age, size, amount of training, color, sex, price and suitability for performing in your area of interest. Only you know the answers, and you are the one who must be satisfied.
Knowing what it is you want gives you a direction in which to search.
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13th February 2001
horse Jill Henselwood and Toyz R Us Win $50,000 EMO Grand Prix at HITS Ocala I Winter Classic
OCALA, FL (February 11, 2001)--Jill Henselwood, 39, of Oxford Mills, Ontario, Canada, won the $50,000 EMO Grand Prix at HITS Ocala I Winter Classic in Florida, today, riding Toyz R Us. A field of 35 horses competed on the course designed by Conrad Homfeld of Southampton, New York. Eleven horses had clear first rounds and moved on to the jump-off. Five riders were fault-free on the short course, but Henselwood was almost two seconds faster than even her closest competitor, Aaron Vale, of Rembert, South Carolina, riding Elan Coriana owned by Elan Farms, who placed second. Jonathan Millar, 27, of Perth, Ontario, Canada, riding his Fine Line, was just fractions behind Vale and took third. Jonathan bested his father, eight-time Olympian Ian Millar, who placed sixth on Mont Cenis and seventh on Dorincord, both owned by Millar Brooke Ltd. Henselwood took home $15,000 for Toyz R Us' owner, Jupiter Farms Ltd. Toyz R Us is a 10-year-old, 16-hand, bay Dutch Warmblood mare imported from Emile and Paul Hendrix of the Netherlands.
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13th February 2001 The National Pony Society (Devon Area 10) Spring Show 6th May 2001
The show will be held at Poltimore Indoor Equestrian Centre. Many PUK Qualifiers. Non-members welcome .
National Pony Society (Devon Area 10) Summer Show 22nd July 2001 at Westpoint.(Devon County Showground). Many NPS Qualifiers and Welsh Medal Classes (all sections).
email for details.
13th February 2001
horse Dick Carvin and Sam Malone Win $75,000 Bayer/USET Grand Prix presented by at Indio Desert Circuit
INDIO, CA (February 11, 2001)--Dick Carvin, 44, of La Canada, California, and the 12-year-old Holsteiner stallion Sam Malone, went double-clear today at the Indio Desert Circuit in California to win the $75,000 Bayer/USET Grand Prix presented by The win moved Carvin up to the top of the West Coast League standings to qualify for the World Cup Final that will be held in Goteborg, Sweden, in April. Three riders were faster in the jump-off--Richard Spooner on Bradford, Olympian Lauren Hough riding Clasiko, and Ray Texel on Fleur--but they all had faults and placed third, fourth, and sixth respectively. Second place went to Nicole Shahinian-Simpson on El Campeon's Jo Jo--the only other double-clear--whose performance was edged out of the win by just 0.84 seconds. Carvin took home $22,500 for owner Debbie Burrows. The event was filmed by Winner Communications and will be broadcast on ESPN2 on March 25 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm EST.
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12th February 2001 Analysis, Correction & Retraining Technique for Elite Dancers Yields Immediate Changes in Functional Performance of the Sporthorse.
During the 1980's, a specialized analysis, correction and retraining program was developed to enhance the joint flexibility and technical performance of competitive international level dancers in Soviet ballet training. The technique was next used to successfully help a 12 year old basset hound.
Shortly after realizing our capacity to improve the functional performance of a quadruped, we were interested in exploring applications to increase the speed of race horses and performance of high level sporthorses. Our first case was a Hanovarian jumper at the Franktown Meadows Equestrian Facility in Northern Nevada. According to the trainer, the horse was the most flexibility restricted in the facility, requiring over a one hour warm up period prior to lessons or longer for competition. The assessment of muscle-tendon relations of the spine and extremities resulted in our isolation of restrictions and hypersensitivity which contributed to numerous compensatory patterns.
The same procedure was used to increase the elasticity of the affected structures, a number of which exhibited hardening or fibrosis due to trauma or a chronic condition in which compensatory changes resulted in stabilization. As with the basset hound, we were able to immediately increase the elasticity of these structures, decrease the hypersensitivity and observe an immediate increase in functional joint range of motion.
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12th February 2001 Jeffrey Welles Wins His 1st of the Season
WELLINGTON, FLORIDA -- February 11, 2001 - Jeffrey Welles of Pound Ridge, NY rode the 9-year-old Holsteiner, Riviera, to victory in the $75,000 Kilkenny Internationale Cup Sunday at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club. It was Welles' first grand prix victory of the season and he earned $22,500.The 38-year-old Welles, who was the first rider to go, bested a field of 45 entries by turning in the fastest double-clear rounds, including a jump-off time of 42.422 seconds.
Chris Kappler of Pittstown, New Jersey was the only other rider to finish with double-clear rounds, finishing second in 44.322 seconds, almost two seconds behind Welles. The difficult first round saw 20 starters knock down at least one of the planks at jump 6 and 14 more receive faults on at least one leg of the triple jump finale.
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12th February 2001
horse HawkMaster with horses and birds of prey are guests at EQUITANA
Hunting scenes from the not so dark Middle Ages
Hunting with birds of prey was one of the leisure pursuits at medieval courts. Today falconers tend to be rare in European latitudes. The daily programme at EQUITANA 2001 resurrects medieval falconry. Each day, HawkMaster from England shows enormous steeds, hawks, falcons and eagles in a show which has enthused the public, not only in the home countries of the protagonists Eileen Gilmore and Chris Tuffrey.
Almost 15 years ago Chris Tuffrey founded his HawkMaster falconry show. Traditional falconry with hawks, eagles, owls and falcons was the focus of the presentations with which Tuffrey starred at the most important open-air events in England and quickly became very popular.
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11th February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Back
When you are trying to get a horse's attention, the first thing you go for is his ears. Once an ear swivels in your direction, you've got his attention. It may take a little longer before he turns and faces you or before he walks up to you. But those bigger movements start with that little tiny movement of his ear.
The same principle applies to teaching your horse to back up. A lot of people make the mistake of going after the big moves before they've gotten the smaller ones. All it takes to back a horse is just the beginning of a movement backwards. That tiny bit of motion gets a little momentum started that eventually builds to the bigger movement you're after.
Backing is an illogical movement for horses. It is not a natural defense or play maneuver. The horse backs by moving its legs in diagonal pairs, just like it does at the trot. So it has to shift its weight from side to side in order to back.
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11th February 2001 Canadian Wins in Wellington
WELLINGTON, FL - February 10, 2001 - Canadian Equestrian Team Veteran, Eric Lamaze was in the winner's circle aboard the 12 year old Dutch Bred, Husker Du at the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival for his first win of the 2001 season. Lamaze rode a clear jump-off track against 18 qualifiers out of a field of 60 starters in 37.33 seconds, edging Ramiro Quintana into second place. Less than one second kept Quintana and his Danish Bred mount, Graefin Du Barry, from the victory circle; they clocked in a penalty-free time of 38.12 seconds. Third place went to Olympic Gold Medallist, Joe Fargis aboard the 12 year old Hanovarian gelding, Edgar after they turned in double clear rounds in 38.36 seconds, less than 2/10's of a second behind Quintana
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11th February 2001
horse Spooner Wins His Third Grand Prix at Indio-- $25,000 Ariat Is First Grand Prix Win for Bradford
INDIO, CA (February 9, 2001)--Richard Spooner, 31, of Burbank, California, riding Bradford, bested a field of 46 to win the $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix today at the Indio Desert Circuit in Indio, California. Bradford, a nine-year old, 16-hand Thoroughbred gelding, started his Grand Prix career last year and today's class was his first Grand Prix win. This is Spooner's third Grand Prix win in three weeks of competition at Indio. During Indio Desert Circuit I, Spooner won the $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix with Robinson and the $50,000 EMO Grand Prix with Southshore. Spooner was not in the winner's circle Week II and dropped from fourth to sixth in the World Cup Final West Coast League standings. For today's win, Spooner took home the blue ribbon, an engraved silver pitcher, an embroidered cooler, and $7,500 for Bradford's owner Tracey Kenly and Kenly Farms. The Course Designer was Dave Ballard of Toronto, Canada. Mr. Ballad was one of four Assistant Course Designers at the Olympics in Atlanta and in Sydney. He will be the Technical Delegate in Goteborg, Sweden this year for the World Cup Final.
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10th February 2001
horse EQUITANA meeting at Euro-Star in the new hall 3
Celebrities up close

Celebrities up close – is the guiding slogan of EQUITANA meeting at euro-star in the centre of the new fair hall 3. On the large stage there will be stars in the flesh four times a day, Stars from the riding sports scene, who are well-known far beyond the borders of Germany.
Two current Olympic winners are already firmly on the euro-star guest list: Ulla Salzgeber, who returned form Sydney highly decorated with team gold and individual bronze, and Otto Becker who with the grey stallion Cento played a decisive role in acquiring victory for the German team in the Olympics show jumping competition. In the individual evaluation Otto Becker just missed a medal by a hair’s-breadth and landed in fourth place.
Also Helena Weinberg, the world’s most successful equestrienne, her husband Peter and four-times Olympic champion Nicole Uphoff are expected at the EQUITANA meeting at euro-star. In panel discussions these prominent personalities from the sports scene will report not only on their experiences ”down under” but also on the day-to-day work with their horses. They may even reveal the odd personal success tip. And they and other stars will be available to sign autographs – as we said, celebrities up close.
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10th February 2001 Dumbo De Chapelle Flies
WELLINGTON, FL -- FEBRUARY 9 -Dumbo De Chappelle, the 9 year-old gelding who just last week captured the Bayer/USET Gold Coast Classic, once again proved he can fly. Teamed with Amateur Rider, Colin Syquia of Forrest Hills, IL, the dynamic duo flew over the 12 obstacle course with a double-clean ride and blistering time of 29.96 seconds, besting a field of 34 starters in the Kilkenny Internationale Modified Jumper Competition. Second place went to 2000 Olympian Margie Goldstein-Engle of Wellington, FL on board her Olympic mount, Hidden Creek's Perin with a time of 32.05 seconds. Just splits from Engle to garner third position was Ainsley Vince up on Kafka with double-clear rounds and a time of 32.85 seconds.
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10th February 2001
horse Grand Prix Riders Autograph Signing Session at Indio Desert Circuit, Sunday, February 11, Following the $75,000 Bayer/USET Grand Prix
INDIO, CA (February 9, 2001)--Following the $75,000 Bayer/USET Grand Prix Presented By on Sunday, February 11, a Grand Prix Riders Autograph Signing Session will be held in the Grand Prix ring at HITS Desert Horse Park in Indio, California. After the winner of the Grand Prix is announced and the riders take their victory lap, the jump crew will bring tables and chairs into the ring and set up in front of a jump. The Grand Prix riders will spend time with their fans signing the Official Indio Desert Circuit Show Programs, Posters, and Calendars, as well as posing for photos. Spectators will be allowed to walk the Grand Prix Field and inspect the jumps.
Sunday is also the Indio Desert Circuit's annual Kids Day presented by Fox Kids Club and KDFX-FOX TV from 11am until 1pm. The Autograph Signing Session is an opportunity for children to speak with the riders and take home a souvenir. Kids Day is an annual event presented as part of the six-week Indio Desert Circuit hunter/jumper horse shows.
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9th February 2001 EquiMend Expands to the Middle East
February 8, 2001 Bend, OR......Access Equine Inc. announced today that it has reached agreement with a company in the United Arab Emirates for the export and distribution of it's new drug-free pain and lameness product, EquiMend, throughout the Middle East.
StableForce Trading, an established Dubai-based firm has acquired the exclusive rights to market EquiMend in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates according to Access Equine Inc. president, Claudia Starr Alonso.
EquiMend is an innovative self-activating invention that holds micro-currents within its patented cloth design and time-releases the treatment to the horse's injury over a 48-hour period, without the use of electrical connections, batteries, or drugs.
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9th February 2001
horse EQUITANA Adventure World
New worlds are being created and an information platform of extraordinary quality is coming into existence - an atmosphere in which all horse lovers will find the answers to all their questions. The EQUITANA 2001 sets striking accents in fair activities.
When the Essen fairgrounds' gates will open on March 3rd - March 11th, the visitor will see the fair in a completely new light. Thanks to a new exhibitors hall providing an additional area of 20,000 m², topics can now be grouped. The motto is "Orientation Problems Impossible". Special halls for topics such as medicine and health, keeping, sports and gait horses, Western and Iberian horse breeds, as well as driving, and leisure offer a broad spectrum for all fields of interest.
Information Platform
The EQUITANA will inform and train more than ever: Technical novelties on the market, the latest scientific developments, rare horse breeds, training concepts, training analysis for various riding methods - everything is presented under one roof. Panel discussions guarantee excitement, specialised lectures guarantee explanations. Special projects, such as the equestrian veterinary surgeon, or the training farriery, are well established, but will be presented in a completely new way. Special exhibitions, for example for covered yards, widen the spectrum of information.
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9th February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Advanced Heeding: Teaching Your Horse to Stand
Getting a horse to stand still is all about getting its attention. Heeding teaches you to keep your attention on the horse so that the horse will keep his attention on you.
Once you have the horse's attention, you use your body position to create pressures or shapes that, in turn, create a feeling in the horse that he should move forward or left or right or stop. You can also direct him to stand still in one spot while you work around him or the farrier works around him or you want to put on his saddle.
The first place this giving and receiving of attention starts is in grooming. So that's where standing still also starts. You must pay attention to the horse while grooming. This is very important in terms of horse logic. The horse allows itself to be groomed and you honor the horse by grooming him. In the horse's mind, grooming is about a whole lot more than brushing off dirt.
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9th February 2001
More excitement at Equus…
Equus 2001 is set to be huge success providing lots of chances for all horse lovers, owners and riders to buy products for the season ahead. The demonstrations have now been finalised with 3 new additions:
Working Equitation, excerpts from the new performance of The Legend of Spain and the Chase me Charlie competition for the Equus Charity Shield.
Equus is clearly making its mark in the equine industry and is being considered as the venue for next year’s FEI World Cup Dressage Competition after narrowly missing out this year to Denmark.

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9th February 2001
horse Tack Room Judging Contest at Indio Desert Circuit,
Saturday, February 10, 10am-12pm
NDIO, CA (February 8, 2001)--On Saturday, February 10, from 10am-12pm, four judges from the interior design and gardening community will be touring the HITS Desert Horse Park, marking their ballots for the winners in this year's Tack Room contest. There are more than 3,000 stalls on the grounds, many of them--and sometimes an entire barn--are grouped under one trainer's barn name and serve not only as stabling for the horses, but as an office for the professional riders and trainers, and their clients and horse owners. Creating a professional and attractive look for their business while at the six-week hunter/jumper horse show is part of setting up and living at the event. Most barns have a special color or décor that is carried out through all the accoutrements, from buckets and blankets to flowers and draperies, and themes that range from antiques to psychedelic. These elaborate trappings and landscaping designs will determine the winners.
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9th February 2001 Olympian Wins: Making Patriotic Debut
1st w/ Liberty and 4th w/ Anthem

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA -- February 8, 2001 -- The 8 year old Dutch Bred mare, Liberty and 2000 Olympian Laura Kraut of Oconomowoc, WI just edged their way to victory in the $25,000 Kilkenny Challenge Cup by less than 1 full second at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club. Kraut bested a field of 61 starters, turning in a clean ride and the fastest time of 61.75 seconds. US Equestrian Team Veteran, Jeffery Welles and the 9 year old Bay Gelding, Hurricane crossed the finish line in less than one second behind Kraut and Liberty with a time of 62.27 seconds. Lynn Little of Frederick, MD and the 8 year-old Brazilian Warm Blood, Pico De Gallo finished in third place with an even closer split of 62.35 seconds.
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9th February 2001 Saddletude Equestrian Award Winners
Announcements to date
Mark Todd :: International Eventer
Christine Traurig :: US Based Dressage Rider
Anna McKnight :: Young US Jumper
Tony McCoy :: International Steeplechase Jockey
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8th February 2001
horse Refreshingly Effective!
New from Baileys Horse Feeds, No.17 Top Line Conditioning Mix has been developed for those horse owners who need a non-heating feed to put weight and condition on their horses and ponies and who prefer to feed a coarse mix.
Top Line Conditioning Mix is a highly digestible blend of micronised grains, oils and fibre and is fully balanced so can be fed as the only concentrate source. Alfalfa and soya provide quality protein for muscle development and function whilst optimum levels of vitamins and chelated mineral are included for a healthy coat, hooves and immune system.
A yeast culture is also included, whose benefits to hind gut function are now widely recognised. Poor-doers may be prone to loose droppings as a result of food passing through too quickly with fewer nutrients being absorbed. Improving hind gut function and, therefore, fibre digestion can slow the overall passage of feed through the system thus allowing more nutrients to be taken up along the way.
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8th February 2001
horse Desperately Seeking Hotels for Horses!
Does your bed and breakfast offer an extra special service to visitors who arrive on the hoof? Can you accommodate guests keen to spend their time out in the field? Do you want your business to be recommended straight from the horse's mouth?
The British Horse Society is currently compiling the eighth edition of its unique publication, Bed and Breakfast for Horses and aims to ensure that horses on the move can find safe and comfortable accommodation across the British Isles. Accommodation for accompanying humans is also sought but is not always essential. (Dedicated horse owners will often happily pitch a tent in the corner of a field or sleep in their car if they are satisfiedthat their four legged friends are enjoying sweet dreams.)
If you can offer overnight accommodation for horses in a field or a stable then you could be included in the next edition of Bed and Breakfast for Horses. An invaluable reference guide for holiday makers, competitors and anyone else away from home with a horse, it makes sense to promote your special facilities in this very special publication, which has sold over 15,000 copies.
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8th February 2001 Ward Wins Aboard Four Seasons
WELLINGTON, FL -- FEBRUARY 7 - World Cup Veteran, McLain Ward of Brewster, NY, piloted the 9 year old German bred, Four Seasons, to victory in the $5,000 Americhoice Open Speed Stake at the 2001 Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival. Ward jumped his way across the eleven jumps on course without touching a rail in 56.49 seconds, less than two seconds faster than 2000 Olympian, Todd Minikus of Lake Forest, IL up on the 8 year old German bred mare, Pandora. Minikus finished a clear round in 58.08 seconds, followed by 2000 Olympian, Margie Engle of Wellington, FL and the 15 year old Holsteiner, Hidden Creek's Alvaretto, who clocked in at 62.37 seconds and pulled an unlucky rail at fence 9
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8th February 2001 Dressage at the CWEF
Amber Heintzberger

The Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL, February 1-4, 2001,offered four days of dressage right in the midst of the showjumping action.With the generous sponsorship of Zada Enterprises LLC and Windsome Farms ,there was $21,000 in prize money offered at the FEI levels and $25,000 in prizes for the dressage-showjumping spectacular, the show was as rewarding to its competitors as it was for spectators.
Beginning Thursday with lower level rides, the show culminated with the crowd-pleasing Grand Prix Musical Freestyle, won by German rider Hubertus Schmidt,who was in the sixth place slot for going to Sydney last year.
Winner of the Grand Prix Special was Israeli rider Oded Shimoni, riding hisDutchgelding Glenstern (by Kaisterstern, out of a Saluut mare.) Their test showedconsistency and fluidity combined with the precision necessary for a score of 68.667%.
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7th February 2001
The Home of Rest For Horses.
Registered Charity 231748
A BRIEF HISTORY 1886 - 2000
Over a Century of Support for Equine Welfare
The foundation of The Home of Rest for Horses was largely due to the efforts of one lady, Miss Ann Lindo, who was appalled at the treatment of many of the working horses on the streets of London. She canvassed support and on 10 May 1886, it was agreed that a home of rest for horses, mules and donkeys should be started. The first patient was an overworked cab horse that Miss Lindo arranged to be cared for at a farm at Sudbury, near Harrow.
The Homes support of equine welfare projects has not been at the expense of The Home itself that continues to function as a sanctuary for cases of hardship and as a final dignified resting place for a number of old favourites who, after a lifetime of service provide a living example to the public of exemplary care and responsible ownership. As the Millennium comes to a close, The Home can be justifiably proud of its achievements and the way in which it has adapted to the changing demands of welfare of the horse.
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7th February 2001
horse Federation Equestre Internationale

News 6 February 2001
- Executive Board Meeting in Madrid
- 2000 FEI World Event Rider Rankings
- FEI/BCM World Dressage Riders Rankings New Rules Effective 1st January 2001
- FEI World Cup Jumping on Television
- In Memorium

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6th February 2001
horse New Acting Chief Executive for Horse Welfare Charity
Monday 5th February sees a new Acting Chief Executive at the International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH).
Jonny McIrvine, Charity Hon.Treasurer and Trustee for the last three years, will be taking over the reins at the ILPH following the retirement of Dr. Douglas Munro.
Mr. McIrvine, who will resign from the Council of Trustees and his position as Hon. Treasurer, will be the League’s Acting Chief Executive on a part time basis.
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6th February 2001 Kids Day presented by Fox Kids Club and KDFX-FOX TV at the Indio Desert Circuit, Sunday, February 11, Features Family Fun
INDIO, CA (February 5, 2001)--Kids Day presented by Fox Kids Club and KDFX-FOX TV will be held at the HITS Desert Horse Park in Indio, California, on Sunday, February 11, from 11am until 1pm. Kids Day is an annual event presented as part of the six-week Indio Desert Circuit hunter/jumper horse show. Children 12 and under are admitted free and an adult accompanied by a Fox Kids Club member also enters at no charge. Kids will be treated to pony rides, face painting, a petting zoo, games, prizes, miniature horses, bouncy house, and crafts. A special demonstration in the Grand Prix field by the Santa Fe Hunt, complete with a pack of hounds and riders in full hunt attire, will be featured. Ice cream, hot dogs and a variety of snacks and beverages will be available. More than 1,000 kids and their parents attended last year's Kids Day.
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6th February 2001
horse The Annual Show and Sale of the Clydesdale Horse Society
The Annual Show and Sale of the Clydesdale Horse Society will be held on Saturday 7th April in Lanark Auction Market, Muirglen, Lanark, where in the heyday of the breed hundreds of Clydesdales would be sold over the course of a few days.
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6th February 2001 Designated son of Ferro sold to the U.S. for 300.000 Dutch guiders:
First Edition of KWPN Select Sale Huge Success

On Saturday afternoon 3 February the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch was packed to the rafters. For the first time, for the closing of the yearly stallion approvals, the KWPN SELECT SALE took place. Twenty one three-year-old stallions were auctioned, seven of which were designated by the stallion approval committee for the performancetest in Ermelo. The average price rose above 80.000 Dutch guilders; only one stallion went back to its owner.
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6th February 2001
horse Michelle Parker and Happyness Win the $50,000 Cosequin Grand Prix at Indio
INDIO, CA (February 4, 2001)--Michelle Parker, 29, from Tucson, Arizona, riding Happyness, owned by JR Farms, won the $50,000 Cosequin Grand Prix at the Indio Desert Circuit in Indio, California, today, edging out Olympian Lauren Hough's double-clear ride on Clasiko by just 0.37 seconds. Hap Hansen on Maloubet had the only other double-clear score, but was almost two seconds slower than Parker and had to settle for third. The event was one of four World Cup Final qualifiers to be held during the six-week Indio Desert Circuit. A field of 36 horses competed and 26 of them were declared World Cup horses. Though Parker had not declared Happyness, after today's class she said, "Happyness excels in an outdoor arena and the World Cup is indoors. But let's see what happens over the circuit." Parker took home the blue ribbon, an engraved silver tray, an embroidered cooler and $15,000 for owner JR Farms.
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5th February 2001
horse . Riding Hats, Tests and Consumer Standards.
Riding hats have been traditionally produced from a combination of gossamer and shellac and although many are still made using these materials, the nature of the materials used prevent the hats from conforming to any of the British standards which are now in place. Gossamer is formed from linen, coated with a shellac based paste which makes for a better fitting hat. However when exposed to water has a tendency of becoming soft preventing sufficient protection. Riding hats have since 1963 undergone a number of rigorous tests to ensure that they afford maximum safety to the wearer.
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5th February 2001 Wellington Cup Captured by South Carolina Rider
WELLINGTON, FLORIDA -- February 4, 2001 - Aaron Vale of Rembert, South Carolina proved he was a quick study, winning the $50,000 Bayer/USET Wellington Cup Sunday in only his second week competing at the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival. The 32-year-old Vale, riding Elan Coriana, a 12-year-old Holsteiner gray mare, turned in double-clear rounds with a jump-off time of 36.865 seconds to earn $15,000. Gabriella Salick of Thousand Oaks, California, aboard 16-year-old Dutch-bred gray mare Sandstone Dorina, finished second by eight-tenths of a second and earned $11,000. Only five riders out of 47 advanced to the jump-off.
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4th February 2001
The Standardbred.
The Standardbred is often described as "honest". He is robust, plain, rugged, capable of performing any job, and is one of the equine world's best kept secrets. Not only is he the fastest racing breed in harness, he also excels off the racetrack. He is a medium-build horse, ranging in size from 14.2 to 17.2 hands and weighing 900 to 1200 pounds. Colors are bay, brown, black, chestnut, and occasionally grey, without spots or patches.
The Standardbred is tractable and steady, with great stamina. He is popular with Civil War re-enactment groups because he is "bombproof" -- mock battles with cannons and muskets don't disturb his equilibrium. He is a willing partner in most endeavors and enjoys human companionship.
He is sadly underrated as a riding horse and can perform well in jumping, western pleasure or reining, and can be impressive in dressage. Standards are also used extensively in movies.

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4th February 2001 Syquia Wins Classic
WELLINGTON, FL -- FEBRUARY 3, 2001 - Amateur Rider, Colin Syquia of Forrest Hills, IL has captured the Bayer/USET Gold Coast Classic with his bright 9 year old gelding, Dumbo De Chapelle. From a field of 60 starters, only 3 horse and rider combinations turned in double clear rounds. Syquia and Dumbo De Chapelle crossed the timers with the fastest time of just 41.60 seconds, edging out Canadian, Yann Candele aboard Kartouche in 41.86 seconds. Third place went to Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, who resides in Germany, up on the German-bred horse, Perina with a finishing time of 45.47 seconds.
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4th February 2001
horse Hap Hansen and Maloubet Win $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix at Indio
INDIO, CA (February 2, 2001)--Hap Hansen, riding Maloubet, bested a field of 48 riders over Course Designer Michel Vaillancourt's $25,000 Ariat Grand Prix course at the Indio Desert Circuit in Indio, California, today, adding another victory to his career record of more than 90 Grand Prix wins. Hansen, 49, from Encinitas, California, rode three horses in Round One and was clear on all of them. Maloubet, a 12-year-old Belgian warmblood owned by Linda Smith, was last to go in the 10-horse jump-off and snatched the lead from Ray Texel on Fleur by 0.471 seconds. Hansen also placed fourth on Magnetic, a horse he owns with The Magnetic Group; and seventh on Jaguar, owned by Linda Starkman Burke. Richard Spooner, who won the first two Grand Prix classes at Indio, rode four horses in today's class, but had only one clean for the jump-off, Prestige owned by Hanover Meadows. The pair earned 12 faults in 35.661 for tenth place. Lauren Hough on Clasiko, her horse for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, had four faults in Round One and placed 12th.
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3rd February 2001
horse Training Mythunderstandings - Applied Heeding: Handling Stallions
One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make in their relationships with horses is failing to pay complete attention to the horse they are handling. That's why heeding is the best program I know of for working with a stallion
Heeding quietly establishes the handler as the alpha presence in the herd, the one everybody else in the herd has to pay attention to. You gain the respect of the horse because you consistently ask for each new thing in a fair and horse logical way. The horse learns to pay attention to you because you are always telling it what to do next. Walk, trot, forward, backward, turn, stop, stand or whatever. The horse never takes its attention off of you because you never take your attention off the horse.
There is a mythunderstanding in the horse industry that men can handle stallions more effectively than women because they're stronger. The reality of it is that horse training is a mental game played in a physical medium. It is not about strength at all. It doesn't matter if the horse is five times as strong as you or ten times as strong as you. There is nobody strong enough to match strength with a horse. Heeding is a mental game that gets the horse on your side and working with you. It is not about physical strength

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3rd February 2001 Californian Wins Speed Challenge
WELLINGTON, FL - February 2, 2001 -Gabriella Salick of Thousand Oaks, CA blistered the track aboard 12 year-old German stallion Sandstone Laurin in a double clear round with a time of 36.76 in the jump-off to win the $2,500 Bayer/USET Gold Coast Classic Modified Jumper at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington. Christine Tribble of Sheffield, CT moved into both second and third place aboard 10 year-old German mare Graefin Du Barry, and After Eight, an 11 year-old Swedish warmblood, with clean jump-off rounds of 38.79 and 41.36 respectively.
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2nd February 2001
horse Beloved Horse Killed by Ragwort
The British Horse Society has learnt that yet another horse has died of ragwort poisoning. Scirocco, a 16.1hh dark bay gelding belonging to Mrs Wendy Harrow of Llanelli, died a slow and painful death earlier this month.
Vets treating the horse for liver damage did not initially suspect ragwort poisoning, and by the time the staggering symptoms appeared, it was too late.
Mrs Harrow said: "It was devastating to watch Scirocco die. I would never want anyone to go through that. I could not believe it was ragwort poisoning as I have always kept our fields completely free of it. But this year I bought in hay from a different source, and the ragwort was in that. Blood tests show that my two other horses were also affected, but I am treating them with NAFF detox and pink powder and they are okay".
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2nd February 2001
horse Stolen Horse ! Can You Help ?
Sadie was sold for 5 years her junior and in the name of Misty. Please, if anyone can give anyinformation on the whereabouts of Sadie/Misty, 15.3hhThoroughbred x Irish Hunter, Grey mare, freeze mark K542, sold as 15 years, but is 21 this year .
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2nd February 2001 BERA and BEIB Join Forces
British Equestrian Insurance Brokers Limited (BEIB) are delighted to announce their appointment as official insurance broker to the British Endurance Riding Association (BERA).
Said Simon Mackaness, London Broking Director of BEIB, "We are thrilled to become the official broker to BERA. Endurance riding is a sport at which Great Britain has recently achieved excellent international results and is probably becoming the fastest growing equestrian sport worldwide. As the only independent Lloyd's equestrian broker in the world we are able to look after the needs of the Association and its members with our 'One Stop Insurance Solution', offering a personal service on insurances including horses, homes and horseboxes.
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2nd February 2001 Prudent Repeats Sunday's Performance
WELLINGTON, FLORIDA - February 1, 2001 - Three time Rider of the Year and US Equestrian Team Veteran, Katie Prudent of Middleburg, VA placed first and second in today's $25,000 Bayer/USET Challenge Cup at the 2001 Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival. Prudent placed first and second just this past Sunday in the $35,000 Farr Legacy Grand Prix. Prudent bested a field of 60 starters aboard Landato, an 11 year-old Oldenburg mare, with a time of 37.89 seconds in the jump-off round. Prudent also placed second aboard Mr. Blue, a 13 year-old Dutch-bred gelding, just splits behind herself and Landato with a finishing time of 38.40 seconds. Third place went to '96 Olympic Team Silver Medallist Leslie Howard up on S'Blieft, who crossed the timers in 39.23 seconds.
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1st February 2001
horse The Azteca--A Horse Custom-built for Performance, Style and Tradition.
"Azteca...El Caballo Supremo"
What would you do if you wanted a horse that no longer exists?
If you were Don Antonio Ariza Caadilla and his fellow horsemen living in Mexico in the late 1960's, you would be starting to create the horse of their dreams. Don Antonio and his colleagues wanted a horse that would fulfil their expectations, including:
* a horse which would be reminiscent of the horse originally brought to the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors;
* a horse which would be symbolic of Mexico,
* a horse which would be a superb and brilliant athlete and artist, and
* a horse which would be an accomplished performer in the world of the charro and other typical Mexican events, including fiestas, parades, and the bullring (i.e, mounted Portuguese- style contests). After several years of research and experimentation by experienced horsemen and equine scientists, a new breed of horse was created which met their criteria. The name of the new breed of horses is AZTECA.
The AZTECA excels at activities which require: intelligence, spirit, agility, power, strength, elegance, style, and speed.
The AZTECA is accomplished at: classical riding (alta escuela, haute ecole, high school); doma vaquera; la garrocha; charro; dressage; bull fighting (rejoneo); reining; cutting; team penning; working cowhorse; cattle roping; polo; pleasure riding; and driving.
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1st February 2001
horse Federation Equestre Internationale

31 January 2001

- date World Cup Dressage Final confirmed
- Gandini is the new sponsor he Jumping Riders Rankings
- First 2001 FEI/Gandini World Jumping Riders Rankings
- Mediterranean Games without Equestrian competittions
- Invitation to Eventing Open Forum "the future of Eventing"
- Eventing: new distances for cross country
- New MCP approved laboratory
- New section press service on

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1st February 2001 Tremendous Support Shown for Equestrian Cornwall Health and Safety Evening
Two-hundred representatives from shows, events and equestrian organisations travelled to the Crossroads Motel, Scorrier, from all over Devon and Cornwall in support of equestriancornwall's Health and Safety evening to take advantage of the unique opportunity to listen and also have their questions answered by a top-class panel of experts. The significance of the evening was confirmed by the attendance of Jacky Wood the Chief Executive of the British Showjumping Association who travelled down from Warwickshire in support of the evening also giving her an opportunity to gain an insight into the problems experienced by show organisers at the grass route level of the sport.
Panellists Christopher Riddle (Royal Cornwall Show Secretary/Vice Chairman of the Association of Shows & Agricultural Organisation); Jane Phillips (Solicitor specialising in Personal Injury and Equine Law); Bill Cook (Risk Assessor for the Pony Club at Branch, Area & National Level) and George Harvey (BSJA Course-builder) began the evening with a short address each of them covering various aspects of Health and Safety at Events and Shows. Jacky Wood joined the panellists for the second part of the evening which gave everyone an opportunity to ask and receive an answer to their own specific concerns.
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1st February 2001 Pandora Proves to be a Winner
WELLINGTON, FL - January 31, 2001 - Bull rider and US Equestrian Team Veteran, Todd Minikus of Loxahatchee, FL, captured the AmeriChoice Open Speed Competition of the Bayer/USET Gold Coast Classic aboard the 14 year-old Oldenburg mare, Pandora at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington. Minikus bested a starting field of 35 by turning in a fast, clean ride of 56.23 seconds. Laura Chapot of Neshanic Station, NJ and the 16 year-old Thoroughbred, Star Twist finished in less than one second behind Minikus, turning in the second fastest time of 56.99 seconds. Minikus and Chapot shut out McLain Ward and Margie Engle, the first and second place winner's of the Open Speed competition on Jan. 24, opening day of the 2001 Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival.
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