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29th Dec 2001

Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival Returns for 30th Anniversary
Tampa, FL—December 29, 2001—Thirty years after its founding, the Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival (CWEF) has grown to become the premier equestrian competition in the country, attracting champion horses and riders and offering $2.5 million in prize money. Recognizing the CWEF’s position as a world-class competition, the Fédération Equestre International (FEI) this year has chosen the Festival as the site of the United States’ first-ever outdoor Nations’ Cup, a prestigious international team show jumping competition.
The Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival, held from January 23 through April 7, is 10 weeks of non-stop competition for hunter- jumper and dressage riders at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington and at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.
Spectators will see the top riders in the world, including Olympic veterans Margie Goldstein-Engle, Laura Kraut, Lauren Hough, Nona Garson, Leslie Howard, Peter Leone, Anne Kursinski, Norman Dello Joio and Joe Fargis. But the Festival is also a showcase for young riders who are beginning their show ring careers, each with dreams of Olympic competition ahead. The Festival is an opportunity for them to test their skills and that of their horses against much more experienced riders.
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29th Dec 2001 Annual Exam For A Healthy Horse Business
The show season is over and resulting banquets are at hand. The holidays have also come and in the blink of an eye will be gone. The next two months frequently offer shortened ride time if any. What a great time of year this is to review your business and establish your 2002 operating goals. After all, your horse gets a routine health check-up every spring. Consider this an annual health check-up for your business. And just as your horse exhibits certain symptoms when it isn't quite right, so will your business. Keeping as close an eye on your business as you do on your horse allows you to get a head start on "treatment", often preventing a small problem from turning into a crisis.
As you can see, your annual check-up follows a pattern of reflect, plan, take action. With these steps you will be aware of what is likely to happen and be able to adapt to change as needed. Growing your business is a continuous process, just as monitoring your horse's health, training, and well-being is.
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29th Dec 2001

Interesting collection of horses at KWPN Select Sale
On Friday 1 February 2002 the second edition of the KWPN Select Sale will take place during the Central Stallion Approvals in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. The group of three-year-old stallions that the selection committee has selected for the auction is extremely interesting for both breeding and sport. The organisers feel that some of the best horses of the series will be made available for interested parties. All horses have been chosen for pedigree, type, movement and free jumping. What is more, the horses have had x-ray and clinical veterinary examinations and have all been given a Back Home microchip with a Virbac transponder code.
Twenty-six horses can be seen in the catalogue that comes out on Monday 7 January.
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29th Dec 2001

Garden State Horse Show
May 1 – 5, 2002
The Garden State Horse Show, presented by the Junior Essex Troop, Inc.,
celebrates its 51st anniversary at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ, May 1-5, 2002.
The Garden State Horse Show, New Jersey's largest hunter/jumper show and one of the largest shows of its kind in the country attracts the nation's best riders, including U.S. Equestrian Team and Olympic veterans such as Peter Leone and Nona Garson.
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28th Dec 2001
The Tiger Horse
Does it have stripes? Does it roar instead of neigh?
Well no, but the Tiger Horse is certainly worth roaring about!
El Caballo Tigre has a long proud history which stretches back into the mists of antiquity in Spain, and, in the New World, changed the course of history for Native Americans. These smooth riding, colorful horses have come down to today in sheltered pockets almost unchanged.
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28th Dec 2001

Three-Month Foot and Mouth Milestone Approaches
The three-month milestone since the last case of foot and mouth in the UK will be reached on Sunday - and a wave of relief will sweep across Britain's farming community, says the NFU.
The last case of the disease - which ravaged the British countryside for seven months - was recorded on 30 September in Cumbria.
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27th Dec 2001
Stress-Free Foaling
© Equine Management, Auction, and Appraisal Services, Inc
The prospect of your mare foaling is a highly anticipated one, but may also be an anxiety-inducing one. So much is invested in the foal - financially and emotionally - that it is difficult to relax and enjoy the event. Understanding the stages of parturition will help to relieve some anxiety and answer some questions about what is normal and when an owner should be concerned.
Before parturition takes place, it is important to recognize the signs of its onset. Some mares are obvious in their outward indications, while others simply lie down and have their foals. The first sign is distension of the udder about two to six weeks before foaling. The second indicator, about seven to ten days before foaling, is the shrinking of the muscles in the croup area due to a relaxation of the pelvic muscles and ligaments. Four to six days prior, the teats fill out their nipples. Next a waxy secretion builds up on the nipples two to four days before foaling; within twenty-four hours the wax may drop off and milk drips off.
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26th Dec 2001
Diseases of the Hoof, Distal Phalanx & Associated Structures -- Part I
© Equine Management, Auction, and Appraisal Services, Inc
I want to touch a bit on Diseases of the Hoof, Distal Phalanx and Associated Structures. The hoof/foot is very complex. "By definition, the foot of the horse includes the hoof and all structures contained therein, including the sole and frog. This hoof is only the cornified epidermis of the foot (wall, sole, frog), is no-vascular in structure, and has no nerve supply. Nutrition for the hoof is obtained from the combined coria".
The hoof is composed of the wall and it is approximately 25% water and is a modified cornified epithelium. It has three layers; the first outer layer is the periople, the second or middle layer composes the bulk of the hoof wall and is the densest portion of the wall. This is the layer that contains the pigment in pigmented feet. There is no difference in the make up of a pigmented hoof and a non-pigmented (white) hoof other then the pigments. The third layer or inner layer is the laminar layer that forms the epidermal laminae of the hoof.I want to touch a bit on Diseases of the Hoof, Distal Phalanx and Associated Structures. The hoof/foot is very complex. "By definition, the foot of the horse includes the hoof and all structures contained therein, including the sole and frog. This hoof is only the cornified epidermis of the foot (wall, sole, frog), is no-vascular in structure, and has no nerve supply. Nutrition for the hoof is obtained from the combined coria". The ground surface of the hoof is divided into sections called the toe, quarters and heel. Growth of the hoof wall is quite slow, about 6 mm or 1/4 inch per month. It takes about a full year for the hoof to grow down from the coronary band to the ground surface. This can be speeded up by feeding additional protein. You see this kind of growth when you feed supplements that have a protein base (bean meal, alfalfa meal, sea weed) or when you turn your horse out on lush pasture. Any change will be noted from the top of the hoof first. Not at the bottom.
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25th Dec 2001 The Dartmoor Pony
The Dartmoor Pony is a protected breed, recognised by the Rare Breed Society as a rare breed. Dartmoor ponies are renowned for their equitable temperament and are widely used in all disciplines
The Dartmoor Pony Society is the point of contact for information, membership, sales lists and all aspects of the Dartmoor Pony Society.
Please follow the link below to listen to John Crawford of and Samantha Grange of the Dartmoor Pony Society discussing the breed and the steps that are being taken with regard to the culling of the moor ponies.
Note: to listen to this file you will need Real Player. A free download is available at
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25th Dec 2001

Show Jumping Result: CSI-W Olympia 19-23 December 2001
THE HOLLY PAIR RELAY, International Jumping Competition
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24th Dec 2001 horse
Getting back in the saddle may be a potent tool for trauma recovery
The bond between horseback riders and their animals may be strong enough to help people recover from extreme fear and anxiety, say OVC researchers. And understanding the significance of the alliance between horse and rider may eventually provide some help for horses in recovery as well.
Prof. Cindy Adams, department of Population Medicine, is working with graduate student Janet Yorke to examine the "therapeutic alliance" of the human-equine bond. They think this attachment may help alleviate the suffering of people who have been through traumatic physiological or psychological stress.
"We know that fear and anxiety can be transferred to other aspects of a person's life, such as riding," says Yorke. "I think people could really be reached through the use of horses in therapy."
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24th Dec 2001 TNT Sires of the World 2001/2002 qualifier at Jumping Amsterdam (NED
With a second place in the third qualifier at Jumping Amsterdam AK High Valley Z - Sire of the World 2000/2001 - with Jos Lansink consolidated his first place in the 2001/2002 compitetion of Sires of the World. In a jump-off with 12 competitors (of a total of 32 participants) only René Tebbel with the 14-year old bay Hanovarian Stieglmaier's Radiator (by Raphael) was with a clear round faster than the 12-year old bay AK high Valley Z (by Ahorn). The same two horses - Stieglmaier's Radiator and AK High Valley Z - finished in the second qualifier in Hannover also first and second. In Amsterdam on third and fourth place finished French riders David Jobertie with the 8-year old bay BWP-stallion Quasimodo van de Molendreef (by Heartbreaker) en Edouard Couperie with also 8-year old bay Selle Français-stallion For de la Hardière (by Jalisco).
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23rd Dec 2001

Joint problems in Horses
Many horses at some point will experience injury either directly to or related to their joints, (eg. Osteoarthritis, Sprained ligaments, Tendon strains, etc). There are several complementary therapies that can be used to provide symptomatic relief for these problems including, magnotherapy, homeopathy and herbal remedies.
MSM, Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin Sulphate are 3 naturally occuring substances that have been used for several years in treating horses - indeed MSM is often found on many horse feed shop shelves. These key ingredients help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and restore mobility. However, unless these preparations are properly absorbed by the body they will be limited in their success. A new product is now available at Taranet - Forever Freedom.
Forever Freedom combines MSM, Glucosamine, Chrondroitin, Vitamin C with Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is an excellent carrier and enables better absorption to be achieved. In addition Aloe Vera gel by itself is an excellent anti inflammatory, natural pain killer, general tonic (rich in vitamins, minerals and important trace elements) and helps to boost the immune system. Therefore the combination of these provides an unique product suitable for use by your horse or yourself!
It can be used as a preventative measure to reduce wear and tear as well as being used for existing complaints. It has been found to combine safely with conventional drugs. Please remember to consult your Veterinary Surgeon for advice with any ailment (or your G.P. for yourself!).
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23rd Dec 2001
On eve of its tenth anniversary: Zangersheide sponsors Belgian horse sport
Ludo Philippaerts, Jos Lansink and Marc Van Dijck form the basis of Studbook Zangersheide Team
Studbook Zangersheide, on the eve of its tenth anniversary, has taken an important initiative for a Belgian jumping team. From now on Ludo Philippaerts, Jos Lansink and Marc Van Dijck will appear in the international arena wearing 'the yellow-rimmed blue coat'. These three riders will form, according to team-builder Léon Melchior, the basis of the Belgian Studbook Zangersheide team. The trio - Ludo Philippaerts and Jos Lansink in the top-ten of the world list and Marc Van Dijck not far from it - will be further expanded in the near future. First objective of Zangersheide and Léon Melchior is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Studbook by promoting and stimulating the jumping sport in Belgium as in the same way they have been supporting sport and breeding over the past more than thirty years. Jumping Mechelen will be the 'opening night' for the blue-coats.
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23rd Dec 2001

Irish Rider Wins Olympia's World Cup Qualifier
In an amazing double at London's Christmas Show in Olympia, Irish rider Peter Charles today (Saturday December 22) won the UK's only World Cup Qualifying Competition, after snatching the Puissance prize last night from a top-class field of international riders.
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