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The Canadian Pony of the Americas horse
Wynsome Gold of Shekinah Valley Ranch POAs


AA's Sheza Foxy Devil shown by Crystal Mckay, CPOA National weaning Halter futurity Champion 2000 and Canadian Western National Champion Mare for 2000
On March 12th, 1975 the Canadian Pony of the Americas Association was recognized by Agriculture Canada to maintain a registry for CPOAs in Canada. Appaloosa coloured ponies had been bred in Canada prior to this date, but no one had maintained a record of them. Consequently, ponies with unknown background, which met the breed requirements could still be recorded and become part of the breed. Now there are CPOAs in most provinces.

Today our breed standard calls for a versatile performance pony exhibiting excellent conformation, working ability and durability combined with a good and willing temperament, which is suitable for the entire family, at home and in the show ring. The CPOA measures between 11.2 h.h. (46") and 14 h.h. (56") which has the appearance of a small horse, having sufficient body to be able to do a full day's work, while having enough refinement to make it attractive. It should have beauty and personality as well as stamina and stability.

AA's Braveheart of AA's POA Farm
Photo by Jill Hamilton
The CPOA started out as mainly a Western Pony but over years of breeding many have developed a long flat kneed forward movement and the breed has advanced to now being very capable in all disciplines including hunter, jumper, dressage, gymnastics and Three Day eventing, and are being ridden by youths and adults alike! They have now become the versatile using pony for the whole family

Over the past couple of years interest in the CPOA breed has increased considerably in most provinces in Canada particularly in the West. It is really rewarding for CPOA breeders to embrace today’s marketability that in turn enables the breeders to upgrade their stock to supply the demand for the CPOA’s goal of producing quality stock that focuses on the Olympic disciplines.

The POA has been in the unique position of being able to use other established breeds to improve the quality of the POA. During this time breed development has concentrated on producing a pony that has been specifically bred for a working, handy and sound saddle pony with a quiet nature, wonderful disposition, intelligence and beauty. CPOAs possess a lot of heart and will always give their riders that little extra when it is needed. horse
AA's Braveheart and Barb Hurtig showing "A" circuit Hunters.

There are several programmes available for CPOA owners and breeders to participate in. Breeders can enter National Futurities for their young stock and a 2 and under performance ROM to encourage owners to train and show their babies. There are ROM awards for Halter, Colour, Non-timed and Timed Events enabling CPOAs to try to achieve the highest honour, a Supreme Champion + Award. Points for these awards are collected at every CPOA point approved show.

The future for CPOAs in Canada looks exciting and now is the time to become involved with this rapidly growing breed. We can still register CPOAs of unknown background. If you have, or know of, an unregistered appaloosa coloured pony and would like to get involved please contact us for more information and clubs that may be in your area. horse
AA's Jelly Bean and Jessica Jeffery

CPOA Association,
24281 65th Avenue, Langley, BC, CANADA , V2Y 2H1;
Tel: 604-514-6517; Fax: 604-513-3406;
web site:

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