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horse History of the Palomino Horse Association

The Palomino Horse Association is the Original Palomino Registry incorporated in 1936. Todays Palomino Horse Association is the continuation of the registry which originally began in the State of California in 1935, when Dick Halliday registered the golden stallion El Rey de Los Reyes to begin the records of his envisioned true Palomino Breed. To be exact, the Palomino Horse Association was founded in 1932, but it took so much time to study registry methods, the history of breed formation and many points of law that active field work could not start until February 1934.

Dick Halliday was a small man, presumably in his late 60's, when past PHA officer Mr. William Beanland first met him in 1940. Mr. Beanland made contact with Mr. Halliday shortly after he and his wife moved to the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. Dick Halliday lived about 75 miles north in a little town house in the middle of a dry wash at the foot of the Sierra mountains. Mr. Halliday maintained a small office in Ojai and he showed William Beanland his PHA files, much of his Palomino research efforts and he had just finished his 1940 Palomino Parade and Stud Book. Mr. Beanland wondered at the time how he could compile so much information, process registrations and publish a stud book when he had no obvious means of transportation. At the time all his printing and publishing was handled by a firm in Santa Barbara, thirty five miles from Ojai on the coast.

One day while Mr. Beanland was visiting Dick Halliday, he asked if Willard could take him to the Santa Ynez Valley to the Rancho San Fernando Rey, then owned by Dwight Murphy. Mr. Murphy had been breeding Palominos for several years and had several outstanding stallions, one of which became the first Palomino to be registered with PHA. His name was El Rey de Los Reyes. A cut of his head has appeared on PHA stationary and certificates for over 50 years. It is believed that Mr. Murphy was instrumental in Mr. Halloidays being able to incorporate PHA in the State of California.

Around 1943 Mr. Halliday moved to Santa Barbara to be closer to his publishers. It was at this time that Mr. Hallidays health was failing and every time Mr. Beanland visited he could see that his condition was getting worse. Due to his poor health Mr. Halliday was convinced to let the PHA offices be moved to Reseda, California. PHA was then placed in the hands of Jim and Edna Fagan, breeders of the famous "The Harvester". It was not long after the transition of the PHA to Reseda that Dick Halliday moved to Arizona in the hopes it would provide relief for his lung condition. Not long after Mr. Dick Halliday had passed away. To our knowledge he had no family.

Mr. Halliday researched the golden horses for many years. He did twenty years and more of research before he formed the PHA in California and it is to be assumed that his belief of a breed known as "Palomino" developing was based on sound foundations. Dick Halliday was a prolific writer as evidenced by the articles he wrote in magazines and each edition of his Palomino Stud Books which he published from 1937 through 1945 and titled them "The Palomino Parade and Year Book". The Palomino Horse Association was Mr. Hallidays whole life. As evidenced in some of his published articles, he had gone to great length in an effort to determine the origin of the Palomino.

We now realize more than ever that Dick Haliday was a man that had a dream. A dream that the Golden Palomino would someday become a part of the American horse world, and indeed it has. Today there are several Palomino Associations, even though they are different branches, it is due because of this man's dream and his founding of the original Palomino Registry. We should never forget this man or his dedication to the Palomino. As quoted by Mr. William Beanland "Those of us fortunate enough to have part of the embryonic stages of the development of the Palomino Horse Association and the Palomino it represents will always remember the little man who made it all happen, Dick Halliday."


In the early 1940's PHA reorganized and for the next 25 years the Association was under the direction of Jim and Edna Fagan. Mr. William Beanland was also executive Secretary of PHA for over twenty years. In 1972 The Palomino Horse Association was moved to Jefferson City, Mo under the leadership of Robert E. Dallmeyer, as many of you remember. It was at this time that we had the good fortune to have met Minnie Barnett, she was the heart of the PHA for quite a while. Steven D. Rebuck of Dornsife, PA became President of PHA in the 1980's and after the death of Robert Dallmeyer and retirement of Minnie Barnett the offices were moved to Pennsylvania in 1992. Raelene Rebuck is now executive Secretary of the Association.

The Palomino Horse Association is a registry that does not discriminate against any breed. We recognize all breeds based on color and conformation. If a particular horse is not registered with a breed registry and the color proves to be Palomino we will register on color. We have horses from every breed registered with PHA. The ideal color is that of a gold coin, but the shade can vary from light, medium to dark gold. The mane and tail should be white, ivory or silver, but we will allow 15% dark or sorrel mixed in. In the last few years we have opened our doors to the creme colored horse with blue eyes. It has been researched and proven that these light colored Palominos always produce a Palomino. Therefore, they are definite breeding stock for the Palomino,

The Palomino is a multi-purpose horse. They are admired not only for their beauty but their versatility, maneuverability and endurance. They are to be found in ranching, racing, rodeos, pleasure riding parades, shows, fiestas, jumping, trail rides and all other equine activities. We even have a few movie stars including Mr. Ed, Trigger and Trigger JR., which were registered with The Palomino Horse Association.

The Palomino Horse Association has many sanctioned shows and members throughout the US, Canada and around the world. We have horses registered with registered with us in many different countries. The fee for registering a horse is $30.00. Membership is $15.00 per year. US Funds and $20.00 Foreign per year. A bimonthly newsletter is issued to our members with much of the input coming from our readers. Contact person is Raelene Rebuck, HC 63, Box 24, Dornsife, PA 17823 - Phone is 570-758-3067. Fax is 570-758-5336 email is Website:

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