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Essentially Equine Calming Feed Additive
"Essentially Equine is an Aberdeen based committed to providing products and services in support of the horse. It has developed its own range of aromatherapy products. Formulations can be made for individual horses and their individual requirements. Only ingredients which are genuine (free of manipulation) and authentic (from a specific plant) are used. For further information contact (01224) 658233 e-mail:
A range of Essentially Equine products.
The Calming Feed Additive was tested by Aileen McGuire and Missie. Aileen has completed her SVQ Level 2, BHS Stages 1, 2 and PTT and is currently working for her Stage 3.
Missieis a 16.1 TB cross black mare aged around 17 years. Missie has spent the last 8 years at Hayfield Riding Centre and is a great favourite despite her very nervous nature. Missie is scared of Polos, apples - in fact, practically anything you can think of, seemingly without any reason at all!
Missie demonstrating her typical reaction to something as terrifying as a Polo mint! Essentially Equine Calming Feed Additive is a liquid feed additive. The instructions were clearly written on the bottle and following these I added 20 drops to Missie's feed twice daily, increasing to 30 drops in each feed after 3 days. The oil had a strong smell and Missie is a fussy feeder but she ate it quite happily. If your horse does not readily take to the oil you can reduce the amount fed to 10 drops per feed, increasing to 30 when accepted.
I kept a diary of Missie's behaviour whilst she was being fed the additive. By the end of the first week Missie seemed to be spending more time looking out over her box door and tacking her up was easier. By the tenth day of the trial regular clients were commenting on the change in her behaviour, finding her much easier to groom and handle. Missie was also a lot easier to work with, seeming happier and calmer

I would recommend this product to anyone who has a horse that is nervous or "flighty", though I would say that it takes time for the treatment to have an effect and the additive must be combined with a lot of patience!
Essentially Equine Calming Feed Additive costs £13.90 for 100ml

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