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Essentially Equine Regenerative Oil

"Essentially Equine" is an Aberdeen based company committed to providing products and services in support of the horse. It has developed its own range of aromatherapy products. Formulations can be made for individual horses and their individual requirements. Only ingredients which are genuine (free of manipulation) and authentic (from a specific plant) are used. For further information contact (01224) 658233 e-mail:
A Range of Essentially Equine products.
Wendy Robertson and Benny The Regenerative Oil was tested by Wendy Robertson and Benny. Wendy has already gained an HNC in Horse Managementand is currently working for her BHS Stage 2, having passed her Stage 1 the day this photograph was taken.

Benny is a 16hh 6 year old dark bay Irish Draught cross gelding. He lives at Hayfield Riding Centre and is ridden by riders of all standards but excels at dressage. He has just started competing successfully at Novice level.
Wendy's comments:
Benny suffers from bald patches on his shoulders where his rug has been rubbing him. The regenerative oil should encourage the regrowth of hair, so to see if there is a difference I took regular pictures. The picture on the left was taken on 11th January 2000.
As you can see, Benny's shoulder is quite bald!
Benny at the start of the trial
The instructions for use are clearly marked on the bottle. To use, clean the affected area and apply the oil with light upward strokes twice daily for the first week and daily thereafter. Benny really seemed to like the oil as he continually tried to lick it off my hands! By the end of the first week it was obvious that the hair was starting to regrow.
Benny after treatment. A considerable difference can be seen. The picture on the right shows Benny's shoulder after 2 weeks of applying the oil. As you can see, there is a considerable difference.

At the beginning of this trial I was sceptical of the idea that an oil could promote hair growth. Benny continued wearing the same rug throughout, so there is no doubt that this product really does work.

Essentially Equine Regenerative Oil is easy to use and costs £5.25 for 50ml or £9.25 for 100ml
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