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Almost One Year Already!!

The idea had been planted for a while in the minds of Jean d'Orgeix, Michel Henriquet and Christian Carde when they founded - less than a year ago - Allege-Ideal.
It had to become a reality and that was achieved with great enthusiasm since the support this initiative received was fabulous.
Honored by the patronage of Maurice Druon and a prestigious honorary committee, the association is proud to include today nearly 200 members, spread over 16 countries.

Wishing to gather under the banner of lightness riders from the four corners of the world and, from all the equestrian disciplines was the challenge to take up:
Allege-Ideal met it!
They are amateur riders, competitors, judges, breeders, equestrian arts enthusiasts, trainers, leaders …. The cosmopolitan and eclectic nature of the association contributes to its wealth and its strength.

During this first year, the activities of Allege-Ideal were essentially based on communication: representing the association in meetings and interactions with major equestrian organizations, participating to a variety of conferences and debates (in France and other countries), publishing the first issue of the association's newsletter, organizing the "Video consulting" service and creating a web site:

In 2003, we will expand our activities through organizing conferences, sensitivity meetings in equestrian centers, to benefit riders and instructors as well. We will very shortly provide a list of organizations and interlocutors - in France and in other countries - you will be able to contact on our behalf to establish all the practical and useful connections with Allege-Ideal.
We will continue to conduct clinics and participate actively to all the national and international events related to our objectives.
With the official organizations we will pursue vigorously and with conviction our efforts aimed at avoiding that Dressage competition falls into the traps strung by the temptation to obtain early results and by the neglect of the rules.
We rely also on you to continue to keep the forum of our site alive with your diverse, interesting, positive and constructive interventions. The numerous comments exchanged this year confirm the idea that lightness is an essential subject.

But to be heard, we must be many!

Then, to all those who discover our effort and who know that lightness is not just a simple technical notion but also an equestrian philosophy that consists into developing the physical and mental ability of the horse in a brilliant, harmonious and performing equitation, whatever is the discipline practiced, we say:


May 2003 be for all filled with equestrian joys through… lightness!

La Bergerie
76290 St Martin du Manoir - France


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