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Mosquitoes Away!!

Is Neem the successor to the Tea Tree? Well one major body of opinion, the United Nations no less, refer to it as 'the tree of the 21st century' because of its unique properties.

The U.S. government sponsored a research project that resulted in a book called 'NEEM: A Tree for Solving Global Problems'.

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and published by the National Academy Press, the book's introduction concluded with this thought:-

"To those millions in India neem has miraculous powers, and now scientists around the world are beginning to think they may be right. Two decades of research have revealed promising results in so many disciplines that this obscure species may be of enormous benefit to countries both rich and poor. Even some of the most cautious researchers are saying that 'neem deserves to be called a wonder plant."

The secret of Mosquitoes Away is that it's based on Neem Oil blended with carefully selected natural ingredients - there are no chemicals, preservatives or harmful additives whatsoever - so what you put on your skin it totally natural. And you don't need handfuls of the stuff, either - a reasonable dab of Mosquitoes Away really does go a long way.

Mosquitoes Away comes in a 50ml jar and retails at £5.75, but readers can try it for the special price of only £4.75 - and that's the all inclusive price, delivered to your door! Or you can get two jars for only £8.50, saving £3.00 on the normal price.

The Eighth wonder of the world?

The Neem Tree looks set to be even bigger than Tea Tree. If all the research is correct, the neem tree could become the most widely used, versatile natural medicine yet.

The Neem Tree has been grown in India since time immemorial. It's medicinal properties have been known for centuries; locals often refer to it as the 'village pharmacy, and .is used for the support and maintenance of healthy skin.

Neem also has very powerful insect repellent properties and is being used more and more as a natural head lice repellent in shampoos

Mosquitoes Away!! not only helps repel mosquitoes but also helps care for your skin.

Mosquitoes Away!! can help:-

Repel mosquitoes.
Keep your skin soft.
Support and maintain healthy skin.

Mosquitoes Away!! contains only natural ingredients, no chemicals or preservatives so what you put on your skin is what nature intended

Mosquitoes Away contains coconut oil, cold pressed neem oil and palmerosa essential oil. Each jar contains 50ml of the special oil blend.


In 1993 researchers carried out experiments focusing on the protection for individuals from mosquitoes. The researchers wanted to find out if neem could be used as an insect repellent for people when applied to the skin. The results surpassed all of their expectations.

Volunteers spent all night in the open with skin exposed to entice mosquitoes to bite. Half of the group of volunteers were covered with a special blend of coconut and neem oil. The other half were covered in coconut oil alone. By morning, those who were covered with the special blend were completely free of mosquito bites, whilst those covered with just the coconut oil had several hundred bites. (Sharma, 1993):

Mosquitoes Away!! Reader Offer

RRP £5.75 Readers offer price
(while stocks last) £4.75 inc p&p.
Buy two for £8.50. total saving of £3.00!!
Naturallyneem Tel: 020 8295 5511


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