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The latest instalment of Cathy Tindall's Equine Behaviour educational video series will be launched at the British Equine Event on the 4th and 5th November 2000.

The video, entitled Equine Shiatsu Bodywork gives a 'hands on' step by step guide to Shiatsu techniques that everyone can use on their horse or pony to create a calming and therapeutic effect.

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy based on pressure and stretches. It uses the 'meridian' channels of the body that acupuncture stimulates using needles and although it is an ancient art in Japan, it has only been in the UK for around twenty years. Its increasing popularity has brought it into the field of horse and rider.

Shiatsu works well for two reasons - firstly on a physiological level where we can see the result of pressure, stretching and percussion on the muscles, nerves and blood supply. And secondly how it addresses the balance of energy through the body - an oriental way of looking at life.

A Shiatsu Bodywork treatment can help your horse stay fit and healthy as well as address problems such as spookiness, anxiety, aggression, muscular tension, hormonal imbalances and low resistance to infection, to name but a few. It also works well for sore backs, sprains and strains, joint pain and poll, neck and shoulder stiffness.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of Shiatsu on horses, Cathy and her team will be giving neck and shoulder treatments to people who visit her stand at a cost of £5 per treatment. All monies collected will be donated to Lifeforce, a charity set up to save the Tigers of India.

The British Equine Event

For further information please contact Cathy on:

Tel: 01908 316 122 Fax: 0870 056 8605

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