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Dodson & Horrell
Dodson & Horrell Ltd. guarantee that the following feeds do not contain any genetically modified protein.

"New novel protein used instead of Soya"

No company can offer a 100% guarantee that their feeds are GM free if they use Soya as a protein source. Some companies imply that their feeds are GM free, but please read the small print!

Working together with leading research centres, a novel UK protein source has been developed for Dodson & Horrell and we have replaced Soya in all the following feeds:

Horse Feed Dog Food
Pasture Mix Chudleys Classic
Pasture Nuts Chudleys Lite
Country Cubes
Extruded Barley
Alfalfa Chaff Traditional Feeds
Fiber Blend Beef Blend
Fibergy Beef Fattening

This protein is derived from home grown cereals along with the majority of our other raw materials. These ingredients are grown locally and specifically for us, meaning that they are all fully traceable making Dodson & Horrell feeds suitable for feeding horses kept on organic farms.

In addition Chris Gordon, Technical and Marketing Director confirms that "All Dodson & Horrell feeds are:

* Sourced from non-genetically modified ingredients
* Fully traceable raw materials
* Manufactured in our own medication-free mill
* Fully guaranteed to be free of prohibitive substances"

Dodson & Horrell continue to lead the industry in attention to quality and care.

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