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Hilton Herbs
The Next Generation!!

Hilton Herbs is now recognised as the foremost supplier of herbal and complementary health care products for horses. Established in 1990 the company has built up a reputation for providing safe and effective top quality products, backed up by a customer helpline service. second to none.

The Complete Alternative

Never a company to let the grass grow under it's feet, Hilton Herbs has always responded to the very latest research into herbal medicine, whilst continuing to base its products on traditional tried and tested formulas. Over the last 10 years the companies range has evolved and expanded, and now offers the retailer a comprehensive range of complementary health care products for horses and dogs.

The Next Generation

The Equine Event at Stoneleigh saw the launch of Hiltons new and improved range of herbal formulations to the public. The trade can see the full range at BETA 2001, this will be accompanied by offers on display modules for retail shops and a range of videos to support the full product range. Your existing Hilton Herbs customers have not been forgotten and the original old favorites will still be available, however, the formulations have been updated to reflect the knowledge gained by our technical advisor over the last 15 years.

To help our retailers market the new formulations, Hiltons product packaging has undergone a complete change. Always innovative and with our usual attention to detail, we are the first herbal company to use the "Generation IV" resealable packaging favoured by the human food sector. The colourful and attractive, 3-ply, non slip laminated bags are easy to open and close even with cold, gloved fingers and keeps the product in excellent condition. This packaging will distinguish Hilton products from all other herbal supplements and will create an attractive and colourful focal point on shop shelving.
Conscious of both our retailers and customers concern with the environment, the packing is full recyclable and will have even less impact on the environment than the previous plastic packaging.

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