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J. Anne Butler Studios J. Anne Butler. Bronze sculptor

" Parting is such sweet sorrow.." but no this is definitely not the end rather the dawning of another life within an already very eventful life. Yes, Anne and her husband, Ray, are about to move, as they have promised a largely disbelieving public, to the USA. Dotting and crossing of those final famous letters remain: but yes, your valuables can be taken out of safe deposit, great sighs of relief heaved and those States we are not settling into can send their tithes to oh so lucky, lucky Arizona. There is still no forwarding address, so those good people who need accommodation around Scottsdale show time will just have to wait a little longer. I naturally speak on a sliding scale starting with collectors of fine Arabian horse art; incidentally of which I have it on good authority a limited supply remains available prior to Anne's impending departure.

This is a time for taking stock. Anne's life has changed dramatically since courtesy of Annette Hedley she discovered in 1995 that Arabian horses not only existed but that they are different to any creature living, mythical or mystical. The resulting mental state thus engendered has inspired her to sculpt Arabians for collectors in twenty-six countries.

Anne and Ray have enjoyed their travels and labours as they have been to Malvern, Towerlands, Group shows, County shows and other events too numerous and interesting to name. They have had so much pleasure and made more good friends than most can in a lifetime. Every venue and show has produced wonderful unique memories that will be forever treasured. Visits to our former colonies has opened up unbelievable new opportunities, especially in Limited Edition Bronzes, and to not grasp this tremendous chance to enhance her career would be sacrilege. Moving on from "those little fun things" to quote a notable member of the American Arabian horse scene Anne's art has evolved dramatically and since 1997 she has become well accepted in the USA and the Middle East. Close personal friendships and business relationships with those leading bronze sculptors she could previously only admire from afar has been an ongoing marvellous experience.

She expects to be at Scottsdale 2001: whether as an observer or as an exhibitor remains to be seen. Currently Anne is sculpting small bronze foals and may, in between packing, and oh yes there are 124 trophies for Region VII IAHA (for an important show at "Westworld", Scottsdale, Arizona) manage some exciting two dimensional art. Few people appreciate what an accomplished artist she is but our 16th century farmhouse walls testify vividly to this truth. Some framed, some rag rolled! Anne has had so much fun around British and North American shows, meeting many wonderful new friends and engaging in new learning experiences. More than once Ray has had to umpire as diplomatically as possible those vocal individuals who just knew their horse, and no other inferior equine was immortalised in a particular sculpture before their very eyes. The phrase "I cannot possibly comment" often proved more than useful!

How Anne approaches her art fascinates. She adopts a very hands on approach to her sculpting, liking nothing better than to stroke and touch her subjects as she sculpts from a combination of actuality, memory and feeling. Early experiences down on her father's farm and later as part of a large agriculturally based veterinary practice stand her in good stead. Anne believes that unless a sculpture is anatomically correct it cannot have life, grace and beauty; indeed all the attributes of her world class art come from this very basic premise. Like a great novel or play it all appears to be so easy, but great art to misquote Einstein, " is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration". Flying clay maquettes are an occasional occupational hazard in the Butler-Tweedie household. The inspiration for her wonderful art comes from a diverse range of sources. Anne has a great love of nature, literature, people and life in general. These all combine with a natural flair and imagination to produce unique art. Anne often comments, " there are no limits to art the only limiting factor is our imaginations".

Anne and Ray (the one of whom some ask, and possibly others are too polite to enquire "and what do you ACTUALLY do?) are looking forward greatly to their new challenge. They are quietly confident that having been there, done that, they can go on to new heights, have a lot of fun but know deep down that parting does not involve any real sorrow because like the Almighty true art is divine, and friendships are eternal. Absent but not forgotten - you haven't seen anything yet, nor have you rid yourselves of this true English rose. We will be at Malvern even if only in spirit.

Please click here to visit J. Anne Butler Studios

Copyright R. Tweedie
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