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Strongid P The Nation's Favourite Wormer at the Equine Event 2000

Strongid™-P, the nation's favourite wormer, made its debut at this year's Equine Event giving horse owners the unique opportunity to ask the experts about effective worming, hear more about the practical issues involved and learn about the benefits of using Strongid-P.

Available in either Original or Caramel paste, Strongid-P is a pyrantel based wormer that will effectively control tapeworm when used twice a year at double the recommended dose. It is also ideal when used routinely as a base wormer within a regular worming programme to control roundworms, redworms and pinworms, which is why manufacturer Pfizer Animal Health is encouraging horse and pony owners to make sure it's part of their worming programme.

"Worming is a complex area of equine management and horse owners need to understand why it is important to get it right. Planned and strategic worming programmes are a vital element of horse care, helping to maintain health and performance," explains Keith Smyton, Product Manager for Strongid-P. "Tapeworm infestations particularly dangerous because it is known to be a contributory factor in some cases of spasmodic and ileo-caecal colic, which can prove fatal," he adds.

Speaking at the Strongid-P Five series, an interactive lecture and quiz held at equestrian events during the summer, Dr Chris Proudman, lecturer in equine soft tissue at the Philip Leverhulme Large Animal Hospital, Liverpool University, said that his studies at yards recording a high level of colic showed significant improvements when a planned, strategic worming programme was introduced. Results showed that double dosing with a pyrantel based wormer such as Strongid-P, twice yearly, significantly reduced tapeworm burden and the incidence of colic.

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