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Spillers Horse Feeds The Spillers Feed Finder

There is a vast range of feeds for horses on the market today and making the correct choice for your horse can be difficult. Spillers have developed a way to make that decision easy - the Spillers Feed Finder.

Their Feed Finder is based on a simple Slide Rule principle. You move the slide up or down, until the description which most closely resembles your horse or pony appears in the window; then turn over and the Factor number appears of the feed you should choose for your horse. All the feeds are listed by Factor Number, together with their full analysis. If your horse is fizzy, choose an HDF feed option with lower starch to give controlled energy from fibre.


* Horse needs fittening after summer at grass = Factor 4
Suitable feeds are HDF Horse and Pony Cubes, Showing Chaff, HDF Horse and Pony Herbal Mix, Meadow Herb Blend.

* Horse is overweight; resting or in light work= Factor 2
Suitable feeds are High Fibre Cubes, Happy Hoof

Spillers applied their unique Factor System to horse feeds some five years ago. All Spillers bags carry a Factor No. and are colour coded i.e. the cooler the feed, the cooler the colour of the bag. For example, cool feeds such as HDF Horse and Pony Cubes and Cool Mix are in the green/blue range ; while the higher energy feeds such as Stud Cubes and HDF Power Mix are in the red range.

Phone the Spillers Helpline today 01908 226626 to obtain your free Feed Finder

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