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May 2000

   Feature of the Month  
horse  Your Feeding Questions Answered
This new service is provided free of charge to Equiworld visitors by the nutritional experts at Dengie Main Ring.

Click here to take advantage of this offer.

 31st May 2000 Online Promise Auction
Top calibre equestrian items are among the promises in one of the first online promise auctions in the UK. Shropshire’s Walford College Jubilee Appeal has organised the auction to raise funds for a new IT unit and library, with all items open to online bids Click here for further details
 31st May 2000 THE ITALIAN DERBY,
Gr.1, 3 y.o. , metres 2400 – Roma, Capannelle, may, 28, good to firmFor the complete results and an analysis of this classic race, click here
29th May 2000  Getting Nutrition right for Performance
When things aren’t going to plan how do we decide what course of action to take? How many of us are guilty of trying to treat the symptoms rather than the cause – do we even take the trouble to establish what the cause of the problem is? Click here for some top nutritional tips for your horse
 27th May 2000
The Sorraia Horse
When the Sorraia horse was discovered in 1920, few could believe that a wild horse subspecies could have survived that long in Europe. The current population numbers around only 200 head and is extremely threatened by any biologist's standard. For the full story behind this incredible breed and some stunning photographs click here
 27th May 2000
A Perfect Gift!
JW ART F-X produce hand painted clothing (not transfers) Unique animal portraiture on Sweatshirts, T-shirts or Bags . Wear your pet!
Your favourite photo of your pet can be transformed into a painting that can be worn or carried. Visit the Gifts section for more details - click here
26th May 2000 Robert Oliver Gallops Away with BEIB Championship at Royal Windsor
British Equestrian Insurance Brokers Limited (BEIB) would like to congratulate stalwart showman Robert Oliver and Heavyweight Hunter "Hornblower" on winning the BEIB Novice Hunter Championship at Royal Windsor Horse Show. For further details please click here
26th May 2000 Charity Horse Show
12 students from Ridge Danyers College, Cheshire are holding a Charity Horse Show on Sunday 11th June 2000with all proceeds being donated to The Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund. There will be 38 ridden and in hand classes held with something for everyone and the show is also a BHS Qualifier. There are also many prizes on offer. Please click here for details
 25th May 2000  
 Feeding to Win
The key to a successful season is good preparation. Feeding influences condition and fitness so it is essential that the horse’s diet is right to maximise performance. Please click here for some expert advice

 25th May 2000
Finding a Riding Holiday Online?
Finding a Riding Holiday over the Internet can become a very complicated experience! Here we have Ten Top Tips for finding and booking your riding holiday over the Internet. Please click here!
24th May 2000 

Baileys New Handy Pack Size for Dogs
Perfect for the active dog, Baileys Complete Dog Mix is a fully balanced, palatable and nutritious muesli mix. Baileys introduced Complete Dog Mix last year. Now, after listening to dog owners, the company is adding a handy size – 2.5kg – to the range. For further details please click here.

24th May 2000   The Italian Oaks
A summary of the results of this famous race in Milan. Click here for details
 23rd May 2000
horse  Reintroducing the Prezwalski Horse
The Ecovolunteer Programme offers wildlife conservation projects worldwide, operated by local conservation organisations, open for hands-on participation by students and holidaymakers at a small cost. Among these projects is also the famous reintroduction project of the Przewalski horses in Mongolia. Click here for further details.
 23rd May 2000 On-Line Petition
More fatalities of horse and rider occurred last year than any other year in the UK, and the numbers are rising. A campaign has been organised to open up all bridleways and to keep, maintain and use existing bridleways regularly to ensure safe off road riding. The petition also campaigns to open old, overgrown bridleways and forge a network throughout the country for safe off road riding. Click here for details
22nd May 2000 
horse The Zweibrucken Warmblood
.The main goal of this breed is to preserve and expand the quality of sport horses in all disciplines. We believe in breeding for character, bloodlines and performance. To learn more please click here
 21st May 2000
horse  EquiEssence
EquiEssence can analyse a sample of your horse's hair and produce unique natural remedies tailored specifically for each individual animal. Natural oils are used to help restore balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. EquiEssence combines a knowledge of horses and essential oils to successfully treat many animals, particularly equines. Click here for details
 21st May 2000 October fun-ride
A fun ride is to be held on Sunday, October 8 at Walford College, North Shropshire, in aid of the College Jubilee Appeal to raise £100,000 towards a new IT unit and library. Click here for further details
 20th May 2000
horse   An Exhibition of Sporting Art
. A selling exhibition of sporting art, to include a collection of 18th and 19th century glass paintings of sporting and rural scenes is being held by Robin Sanders and Sons of Oxfordshire. For further details click here
 20th May 2000
Welsh Ponies & Cobs
The Welsh breeds are the most beautiful and aristocratic of all the native ponies and their influence is so widespread that it is not difficult to trace the presence of Welsh blood in many animals successful in equestrian events of all sorts throughout the world. To learn more click here
 19th May 2000
horse The Morab
The question most often asked about the Morab surrounds their status as a breed. Morabs (the progeny of Morgan/Arabian breeding) are neither half-Morgans nor half-Arabians, but rather are a very distinct breed.
Today's Morabs have proven over six generations that they transmit their distinguishing characteristics with a high degree of certainty to their progeny, putting the question of breed status to rest! To learn more click here
18th May 2000  Seaweed and the Horse
Does it make sense to include seaweed in horses' daily diet?
In the Orkney Islands, through simple observation, it was discovered that animals grazing on seaweed are generally in better overall condition, grow faster and have more resistance to illness, especially coughs and respiratory ailments. Click here to find out why!
17th May 2000 
horse  The Bashkir Curly
Have you ever seen a horse with a curly coat before? Find out more about this rare breed of horse - click here
 16th May 2000 A First for UK Horse Trials
News of yet another ‘first’ for UK horse trials was announced in February by the innovative organising team behind the ‘revolutionary’ Armathwaite Hall Strongid-P Horse Trials, which in association with Lloyd Landrover in Cumbria, will put up the first car ever offered as a horse trials prize in Britain.
Click here for details
 15th May 2000 Intervet Supports CWG Equestrian Burghley Sponsored Ride
If you've ever fancied following in the footsteps of some of Burghley's famous winners - such as Mark Todd, Blyth Tait and Ginny Elliott - now's your chance.Riders and driving combinations wishing to join in the fun can enjoy a leisurely 17km morning ride, with optional hunter trial jumps, in the grounds of Burghley and experience the thrills of riding part of the cross-country fences on the course. To find out how to join in, click here
Friday June 30, Saturday July 1 & Sunday July 2
The Armathwaite Hall Country Fair and Strongid-P Horse Trials was first held in 1999 and is again centred on the 4-star Armathwaite Hall Country Hotel bordering Bassenthwaite Lake. To find out more about this fantastic weekend click here
 12th May 2000
horse  Your Feeding Questions Answered
This new service is provided free of charge to Equiworld visitors by the nutritional experts at Dengie Main Ring.

Click here to take advantage of this offer.
 12th May 2000  Laminitis
The lush grass is now appearing in the UK bringing with it the age old problem of laminitis. Visit these pages to discover the true facts about laminitis and the best ways to control this painful condition. Click here
11th May 2000 
Aromesse   Amazing Natural Solutions
Natural and easy to use horse care treatments, allow you to safely & effectively treat: Mud Fever (rain rot, scratches, cracked heels) Sweet Itch (summer eczema, queensland itch) Wounds & Cuts - Essential for your tack box
Click here to learn why
10th May 2000 18 year old Emilie Chandler wins Armathwaite Hall Rider of the Future £2000 Scholarship
Emilie Chandler from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is the first recipient of the new Armathwaite Hall Rider of the Future Scholarship, which provides £2000 to be spent on agreed training opportunities during the 2000 season. 18-year-old Emilie, whose competition successes during 1999 included a win in the British Junior Championships at Windsor, a win in the final Junior selection trial, representing Great Britain at the Junior European Championships in France and taking fourth place in the Tweseldown CCN*, heard about her win just before Christmas.
Please click here for further details
10th May 2000 Bits & Bridles
Clean out your tack trunk! Or fill one up. Buy or sell new horse tack, used horse tack, saddles, horses, bridles, horse blankets, bits, riding apparel, riding boots, and more! If you don't see what you want place a wanted ad!
Click here
9th May 2000  Meet Equiworld's Boss!
John Crawford first conceived the idea of a world wide equestrian internet community over 7 years ago. To meet the man who made Equiworld happen, click here
8th May 2000 
 horse   Badminton Results
Mary King and Star Appeal win Badminton 2000
2nd: Leslie Law & Shear H20,
3rd: Rodney Powell & Flintstone
Congratulations to all competitors and horses!
7th May 2000 
 horse  New - Riding Holidays
Today sees the launch of the new upgraded, Riding Holidays section.

Remember, the summer holidays are just around the corner!
Click here to have a look round!
6th May 2000 The New Look Equiworld! 
Well, today is the day! The new look website is opened! Please come and have a look round!

Remember, all your comments are greatly appreciated, email
5th May 2000
horse   Meet the Skyros Pony.
A census last year revealed just 140 ponies left on Skyros! There is a great danger that this ancient breed will slowly but surely cease to exist. To find out more about the Skyros ponies and their plight click here.
 4th May 2000
Exmoor Ponies in Conservation
Discover how one rare species is helping the survival of many other rare species. Exmoor ponies are an ancient and endangered race of ponies that are ideally suited to their present day role as conservation grazers. Click here
 3rd May 2000
horse Meet the Shire Horse
The history of this breed goes back to the medieval "Great Horse" used in time of war to carry knights in armour weighing up to 400lbs. To find out more click here
 2nd May 2000 HorseBall
Horse ball is a exciting new sport for all horse and pony riders. It is a National leagues in several other European countries. It is an all action sport which at the top level is played mainly at canter or gallop, with fast exciting passes and tackles. Click here to learn more
 1st May 2000 Riders asked – PLEASE report accidents on the road
The British Horse Society is appealing to all riders, carriage drivers and horse owners to report road traffic accidents involving horses. For further details click here

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