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September 2000

This section will keep you up to date with all the changes that are taking place. Please let us know what you think, your feedback is always appreciated,

horse Your Feeding Questions Answered
by the nutritional experts at Dengie Main Ring.
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29th September 2000
horse The British Equine Event
Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th November 2000
The NAC, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, England

The British Equine Event is THE indoor equestrian event for everyone with an interest in horses or ponies.
It’s your chance to rub shoulders with the stars and learn from displays, demonstrations and lectures. You can gain advice from Europe’s leading exhibitors and equestrian personalities and much more.
Please click here to learn more
28th September 2000
horse Texas Ollie the Singing Cowboy and Silver the Wonderhorse

A highly talented team of trick horse performers and Country - Western music inspired by Roy Rogers and Trigger.
Demonstrations of outstanding tricks both for the entertainment of audiences at shows and parties and in advertising and film production.
Please click here for further details
27th September 2000 Shaping Behaviour in Small Steps
Clicker training was first developed by marine mammal trainers who shaped performance exclusively with positive reinforcement. In shaping you take a small tendency to perform in a desired way, and by reinforcing that behaviour you gradually shift it towards a more complex behaviour. Dolphin training is the easiest way to view this. You have a dolphin swimming in a tank. You want it to swim through a hoop you have hung in the middle of the tank, so you blow a whistle and throw it a fish every time it turns in the direction of the hoop. By gradually delaying the whistle, you can train the dolphin to swim through the hoop.
Please click here to learn more
27th September 2000 The LXI Gran Premio Merano
International steeplechase over 5000 metres in Merano on the 24th September 2000 over soft going.
For the full results and analysis of this race, please click here
26th September 2000 Breeze's Story
Breeze is a 7–year-old chestnut mare of hunter type. She suffered from a number of problems - 1)Cold back when the saddle was put on 2)Left hind leg not being brought through adequately. 3)Miserable moods, greeting her owner with ears flat back in the morning.
Please click here to learn how Reiki helped Breeze
25th September 2000
horse Not just "The luck of the Irish".
There is no doubt that it takes a lot more than luck to win ten competitions in this years Samsung Nations Cup series, which is just what Irish show jumping teams have done. The list of their triumphs is long and distinguished -
Please click here for details
23rd September 2000
horse The Place to be this weekend!
Cavan Equestrian Centre, situated just an hour and a half West of Belfast in Ireland is the place to be this week to see a real top class selection of quality Irish horses.
The six day indoor showjumping event which started on Tuesday 19th and finishes this Sunday the 24th has attracted a whole range of horses ranging from four year olds to Grand Prix.
Please click here for details
23rd September 2000 Champion Horseman misses the BEIB £20,000 Festival Challenge Prize by a Pole
17 year old Robert Whitaker, having won both the Gentleman's Championship and the 1.40m Grand Prix at the Festival of Showjumping at Arena UK, was all set to take the BEIB (British Equestrian Insurance Brokers) £20,000 Festival Challenge prize if he could win the final element - the Champion Horseman competition - with a clear round on all four horses. Please click here for further details
23rd September 2000 Lecture Demo with Geoff Billington & Richard Davison
20th October 2000 at Limes Farm Equestrian Centre, Folkestone
Limes Farm Equestrian Centre just outside Folkestone is proud to present a unique opportunity, for all showjumping and dressage enthusiasts, to attend a lecture/demonstration featuring Geoff Billington and Richard Davison - both riders hopefully making a triumphant return from representing Great Britain at the Sydney Olympics. Please click here for further details.
22nd September 2000 THE COLLEGE Equestrian Centre
Church Road, Keysoe, Bedford
The Winter Competition Dates for 2000-2001 are now available.

Please click here
22nd September 2000 Online Petitions
Sign the Online Petitions to support a number of worthwhile causes.
Petitions to save our Bridleways, Ban Ragwort and to have more Equestrian Sport TV coverage are currently underway.
Please click here
21st September 2000
horse The Gotland Pony
In Sweden, on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, lives a herd of semi-wild horses, the Gotland Pony or 'Russ', as they are called locally. The breed has lived in isolation and has kept its moderate size and attractive, relatively primitive look since the Stone-Age.
These versatile ponies reap great success in the show ring as well as in three-day eventing, show-jumping, dressage, driving, and harness racing. (No other horse of comparable size can out-trot a Russ!) A 12 year old Gotland mare, Snaeckan, holds the world record for harness racers category B (ponies up to 130 cm). The Russ is a great companion, for young and old alike. Because of its longevity, versatility and friendly disposition, a Gotland pony is sure to become a family favorite. They are curious, brave, people-oriented, even-tempered, and quick to learn
Please click here to learn more
19th September 2000
horse Emergency Gathers Underway to Save Wild Horses and Burros
Severe drought conditions and recent wildfires throughout the western United States have destroyed thousands of acres of habitat for America's wild horses and burros, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is conducting emergency gathers to save as many of these animals as possible.
Please click here
19th September 2000 HorseLinks
Is your site listed in the HorseLinks Search Engine?
Please click here to add your site free of charge
18th September 2000
horse The Importance of Conformation
The head should be in proportion to the rest of the horse. If it is on the large side, the horse will be very difficult to raise off the forehand. A slightly roman nose may indicate some common blood such as that of a cob, whereas a dished face will indicate the presence of Arab or welsh blood, depending on the size of the animal.
The teeth in the front of the mouth should meet evenly. If the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth, it is called parrot mouth. If the lower teeth protrude from the upper teeth, it is called sow mouthed or undershot jaw. Both of these faults are an unsoundness, it only effects the ability to bite food such as grass but not the ability to chew.
Please click here to learn more
17th September 2000
horse The Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials
Video clips from 2000

Watch the prize giving ceremony
Click here
See the winner doing the showjumping,
Click here
Note: a fast connection is required for the best view
16th September 2000
horse Find out how Equine Reiki helped Smokey.
Smokey is a 7-year-old, Welsh Section D pony The main problems that he required help with were; -
1) Behaviour at shows- Described as a ticking bomb ; 2) Aggression towards other horses in the field and while passing his box ; 3) Dislike of strange people around him ; 4) Nipping – very colty ; 5) Sweet Itch.
Please click here to learn how Reiki helped Smokey
16th September 2000
horse In Search of the Perfect Saddle
Results can be seen in St Albans on 10 Nov. 2000
Riders in the M25 catchment area will have the opportunity to discover the secret of a perfectly fitting saddle and how to achieve a naturally balanced seat with ease - at a special saddle fitting clinic to be held at Oaklands College Riding Centre in St Albans on Friday 10 November 2000 at 7.30pm.
Please click here for further details
15th September 2000
horse Introducing your Horse to a Clicker: Targeting.
There are many different ways you can do this, but it is generally suggested that you introduce the clicker by teaching the horse to touch a target. Small orange cones, for example (the kind you buy, as lane markers for sporting events) are a good idea.
You can also use lids off of supplement cans, cider jugs, anything that's handy and horse safe. Start with targeting because it's a very simple game, plus it's not part of the horse's normal training.
Please click here to learn more
15th September 2000 Armathwaite Hall Rider of the Future £2000 Scholarship Award - Longlist Announced
Armathwaite Hall, generous sponsor of the annual Armathwaite Hall Rider of the Future Scholarship that provides £2000 of funding for approved training to a junior rider, has just announced the longlist of riders under consideration for the 2000 award.
Please click here for further details
14th September 2000
horse The Sulphur Springs Mustang
The North American continent was the birthplace of the horse. Equus Caballus grew strong and multiplied on the vast, rich prairies . But for reasons still unknown the horse disappeared from this continent around 10,000 years ago.
When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived on the shores of the New World they did not come alone. They brought with them some of the finest horses the world had ever seen. The horse had returned The mustang of today has very little, if any, Spanish links as most are the results of domestic stock escaping or being turned loose.
But not the Sulphur herd
Please click here to learn more about these amazing horses
14th September 2000
The Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials Video Interview from the Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials
John Crawford explains how to successfully navigate the water jump
Please click here
13th September 2000
horse Equine Sports Massage
Massage is not a new concept it has been around for thousands of years.
As with so many of the complementary therapies that have been revived in this 21st century, the benefits to humans have long been known.
Although massage appears to be a ‘fairly’ modern concept in the equestrian world, little did the horsemen of previous centuries know whilst strapping their horses with a hay wisp, they were actually massaging them!
Equine Sports Massage is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques applied to the horse. The key to a good massage is in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, gait analysis and the pattern of movement. A masseur looks at the horse as a whole and attempts to consider all possible causes and effects of any tension whilst interpreting the horses reaction and expression.
There are many reasons why a horse would benefit from a massage - Please click here to learn more.
13th September 2000 Saddle Squad Could Take Home Own Prize
The winner of the two day 100 mile race ride class at the EHPS Red Dragon endurance Ride at The Royal Welsh Showground (29 September - 1 October 2000) will take home a Free ‘n’ Easy saddle.Explains Les Spark of Free ‘n’ Easy: “We look like having a strong hand of entries from Free ‘n’ Easy endurance riders so it certainly isn’t out of the question that the winner may claim their second saddle.Please click here to learn more
12th September 2000
horse The Mountain Pleasure Horse

For more than 160 years, Eastern Kentuckians have enjoyed their homegrown product, the Mountain Pleasure Horse. Generation after generation of Kentuckians have stories to tell of their easy gaited, hard working, good disposition, reliable Mountain Pleasure Horses.
The Mountain Pleasure Horse is the old-time gaited breed of horse that existed in Kentucky 160 years ago and from which selective breeders developed the Tennessee Walking Horses, American Saddlebred Horses and more recently Rocky Mountain Horses. The Mountain Pleasure Horse quietly existed in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky where the Breeders maintained the old-time horse, by selecting for their basic criteria-- GAIT and DISPOSITION
Please click here to learn more
11th September 2000 Upgrade for Allerton Park
Allerton Park Horse Trials runs this year over the weekend 16-17 September, coinciding with the start of the Olympic Games. The British Horse Trials Association (BHTA) affiliated event takes place in beautiful landscaped parkland near Knaresborough, which has for generations been the home of the Lords Mowbray, Seagrave and Stourton - the premier barony of England. Please click here for details of the event
10th September 2000 TTEAM - The Touch That Teaches.
The Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method is a training system for horses that incorporates body work, ground, and riding exercises to help improve co-ordination, balance, and athletic ability whilst deepening further understanding between the horse and its carer. Developed by American horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones, TTEAM is used widely in many countries across the world by competition and pleasure riders, veterinarians and trainers to educate and rehabilitate horses of all ages and breed types. Please click here to learn more
9th September 2000
horse The Haflinger
Originating from the South Tyrol, Haflingers were the native ponies of the Alpine farms of Austria. Arab blood, brought back from the Continental wars with the Turks was crossed the native Tyrolean Pony - thus establishing the Haflinger Horse Breed. Stallions have been registered for over 100 years, with government-organised breeding for the past fifty years. Haflingers are now established in all five continents, within many different countries.
Please click here to learn more
8th September 2000
The Members Photo Gallery.

The aim of this section is to allow you to meet the people, horses and ponies we all hear so much about through the Message Board.
Pup owned by Zulu
Fiver, owned by Random
To add a picture of yourself or your horses please send an email to with the images as jpg or gif attachments and any text you would like to include. You must include a note of your membership number and you must own the copyright for any pictures submitted and give permission for them to be used.
Please click here to visit the Photo Gallery
7th September 2000
horse Breeding Pointers for Mare Owners
Although the 2000 covering season is barely over those of you who are considering breeding a foal in 2001 should already be giving some thought to what sort of foal you want to breed from your mare and what sort of stallion would suit her best.
Over the next few months some stallions will change hands or decisions will be made to stand them at stud in different parts of the country. With this in mind it may pay to make contact with any potential stallion owner so that you know where the stallion will be standing in 2001.
Every breeder should set himself a target as to what he wants to breed and why!
Please click here to learn more
7th September 2000
horse Lottery Success for Pendle Riding for the Disabled.
Earlier this year, Pendle Riding for the Disabled Association was awarded a Lottery grant under the Millennium Awards for All scheme so that they could refurbish their outdoor sand school.
"We were extremely excited when we were awarded the grant, because it is important for our members to be as safe as possible when they are riding" explained a spokesperson for Pendle RDA.
Please click here for details
6th September 2000
horse The Kiger Mustang
When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived on the shores of the North American Continent over 500 years ago they did not come alone. With them they brought some of the finest horses the world had ever seen. It was from the horses of the conquistadors that the huge herds of mustangs descended.
Most of today's mustang herds are of mixed breeding. The result of horses being turned loose or escaping from ranches. This is not the case with the Kigers. They are one of only four herds in the United States that are managed as Spanish Type Mustangs.
Please click here to learn more
6th September 2000
The Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair The Bowmore Blair Castle International Horse Trials & Country Fair
Video of an informal interview with John Crawford and Lorna Alexander the Blair 2000 Cross Country Course Controller. Please click here
5th September 2000 Biggest Ever Prize set for Horse of the Year Show
- BEIB £100,000 BONUS CHALLENGE –A massive £100,000 challenge has been set for this year’s Horse of the Year Show (Wembley Arena, 27 September – 1 October 2000), making it the biggest ever show jumping prize to have been offered in the UK.
Over 40,000 people will visit the Horse of the Year Show this year, the climax of the British equestrian season. Visitors can experience the raw nerves of the competitors as top riders battle it out, the crowd at fever pitch, the awesome equestrian displays, the roar of the commentator, shopping with over 150 stalls, and much, much more … please click here
5th September 2000
horse The British Hanoverian Horse Society Annual Breed Show and Licensing 2000
The British Hanoverian Horse Society 11th annual Breed Show and Licensing is on the weekend of the 23rd & 24th September at Addington Equestrian Centre, Buckingham.
Please click here to learn more
4th September 2000
horse Clicker Training
Clicker training began with dolphin training. Thirty plus years ago when dolphins were first put on display in marine aquariums, people had no idea how to train them. Just imagine what you would do if you had to teach a dolphin to jump through a hoop on command.
None of the traditional training methods people knew thirty years ago seemed to apply to an animal that could just swim away. That training depended too much on restraints and punishment, things you just can't use with dolphins. The system that was developed can very easily be adapted into horse training.
Please click here to learn more
3rd September 2000
horse The Friesian Horse
As well as being a very old breed, the Friesian horse has to be seen as the only surviving indigenous breed in the Netherlands. Friesian horses were probably the foundation for the "Old English Black", the ancestor of the Shire horse and of the Fell Pony.
Much attention has been given to the quality of movement in breeding Friesian horses. .Through hundreds of years of severe selection these movement characteristics are deeply rooted in the genes of the Friesian horse. This also goes for the unique nature of the Friesian horse: lively, intelligent, honest and loyal, always willing to work, but proud like the Friesian people themselves
Please click here to learn more.
2nd September 2000 **** The Members Photo Gallery ****
Equiworld is setting up a photo gallery! This will give everyone the opportunity to post pictures of themselves and / or their favourite horses along with a brief description of each. Now we will be able to meet all those well known characters from the Message Board! All you need to do is send your photos as jpg or gif files along with your descriptive text to .
Note: Please include your membership number. (if you have not yet obtained a number please visit to register) Pages will be identified by screen name and general location only - no personal contact details will be posted.
You must own the copyright for any pictures submitted and give permission for them to be used.
1st September 2000
horse Saddle Up for Spinal Research
A little known Surrey based charity is launching a nationwide campaign calling for pony clubs, riding schools and riders from all disciplines to support a pioneering new research project to mend broken necks and backs.
The risk of serious injury is never far away from activities like horse riding and until recently there was no hope for those who damaged their spinal cord in a fall. Spinal Research has been researching treatments for spinal cord injury since 1981 and has had a great deal of success in the past few years. New therapies are almost ready for testing on paralysed people but the high costs of staging clinical trials for pioneering treatments like these is way beyond the resources of the charity. To help them raise enough money the charity is appealing to riders to raise some money while doing what they enjoy the most – riding.
Please click here for details
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